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Court says Knives Protected Under 2nd Amendment


The U.S. Constitution is an amazing document. The whole thing has been interpreted and studied countless times, but no part of the Constitution has caused more grief and political turmoil than the Second Amendment:

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

People over the centuries have read and made countless inferences from the poorly worded amendment, but the Connecticut Supreme Court recently and unequivocally stated that knives are protected under the Second Amendment.

To be clear, it was always assumed that knives are protected under the U.S. Constitution, but as Knife Rights puts it in a press release, “actual court rulings on this issue are always appreciated.”

The Supreme Court of Connecticut reversed the conviction of a man who was transporting his collection of weapons, which included knives, to a new place in Bolton, Mass. As you might guess, Connecticut has pretty stringent knife laws and any weapon inside a motor vehicle is in violation.

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Knife Rights Releases Rankings of 10 Worst Anti-Knife Cities


Since its inception in late 2006, Knife Rights has worked hard to lobby against those with an anti-knife agenda. The organization has done a ton of advocacy for knife rights and has made a huge impact with knife legislation. We covered just a little of what they’ve done in an older blog post.

At the NASC Annual Sportsman-Legislator Summit in Oregon, Knife Rights released their first annual review of the worst and best knife laws in America.

Here’s more from Knife Rights on the ranking:

The ten worst anti-knife cities stand out for their outright persecution of honest knife owners and extraordinarily restrictive anti-knife ordinances, far more severe than even the state laws in those areas.

You can see the rankings over at Knife Rights but we thought we’d share it here as well. Some of the information about the laws in the cities are taken from Knife Rights.

Here are the 10 worst cities for knife owners.

10. Aspen, Colorado

In Aspen, it’s illegal to carry a concealed knife of any type in a car, unless you have a concealed weapons permit. It’s perfectly legal to buy marijuana in Aspen, but don’t even think about driving with your pocketknife hidden somewhere.

9. Corpus Christi, Texas (Update: removed from list in 2015 with the passage of Texas’ knife preemption law)

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Say Hello to the Brand New Spyderco K-2 Folder

There are countless reasons why you’d want a nice small folder. They’re portable, convenient, and legal to carry openly in most places. But sometimes a small folder simply won’t cut it.

For those heavy duty tasks, the new Spyderco K-2 is your knife. Spyderco continues to make its foray into the large folders market with this hefty knife designed by Farid Mehr.

Mehr is a British custom knifemaker whose knives are known for being downright tough. His first collaboration with Spyderco continues that trend. The K-2 boasts a 4.54-inch full-flat grind blade made of CPM 10V steel. Here’s what Spyderco says about the steel: “the first high-vanadium tool steel made using Crucible steel’s Powder Metallurgy process.” The high-vanadium levels give it a much stronger wear resistance.

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See the Wenger-inspired ‘Delémont Collection’ of Swiss Army Knives from Victorinox

Last year, we reported that the Wenger brand of Swiss Army knives was no more. After absorbing Wenger, Victorinox decided it was retiring the Wenger name and would only sell knives under Victorinox.

Since many people lamented the loss of the unique Wenger knives, Victorinox decided a selection of Wenger knives would be integrated into the Victorinox collection.

In August, the new Victorinox/Wenger models were introduced. These new models, which undeniably take cues from Wenger, are from the new Delémont Collection. (Delémont is the name of the city that housed the old Wenger factory.)

The Delémont Collection features rebranded Wenger knives with a few modifications and the Victorinox shield. The main things that really set the two Swiss Army knives apart was Wenger’s unique ergonomic handles, blade serrations, a button locking mechanism, and different tools like pliers.

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These Stealth Kitchen Knives Only Need Sharpening Once Every 25 Years

You’ll never get far in life if you don’t harbor a healthy dose of skepticism, and it’s only natural for your skeptic senses to tingle with a claim like only having to sharpen a knife every 25 years. But that’s what a company called TB Groupe claims of their knives.

Although the Furtif knives in the Evercut series — which consists of a Chef’s Knife, Santoku Knife, Kitchen Knife, and Paring Knife — look like they could easily be something found in a cave thousands of years ago, these hyper modern kitchen knives boast some pretty impressive specs.

They feature a geometrically unique handle (that almost looks like a folded up Cardsharp) in a “stealthy” deep gray.

The true innovation in the Furtif knives is the blade, however. Laser-bonded titanium-carbide surface on the blade can apparently last 300 times longer than standard steel and 5 times longer than ceramic. Since there is underlying steel, the blade is also much less brittle than ceramic.

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Buck Unveils New Compadre Series for 2015

Buck Knives is set to debut a new series of knives called the Compadre Series.

The Compadre Series, which goes on sale in 2015, will consist of a camp knife, hatchet, and chopping froe. Designed with the outdoor enthusiast in mind, the products in the series have an instantly noticeable red powder-coated blade made of 5160 steel. The more underrated aspect of the line is the Heritage Walnut Dymondwood handles.

Here’s a little more info about the products in the series, which will make its official debut at the OR Show.

104 Camp Knife


The Compadre Camp Knife features a full-tang construction and an overall length of 9.5 inches. MSRP $80

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Knife Falls From Sky Right Into Man’s Head

knife in head
We’ve all heard that expression about how you shouldn’t try to catch a falling knife, but a recent news story takes that saying to a whole new level.

A man in China was taking a stroll around his hometown when all of a sudden his head started feeling heavy and strange, according to Malcolm Moore of the Telegraph.

It wasn’t until someone spotted the man and pointed at his head with incredulity that he realized something was way off. A 5-inch knife was firmly lodged into his head after falling from the eighth-floor balcony of a high-rise building.

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TSA Finding More Credit Card Knives at Airports

6_410692Credit card knives are convenient, with their ability to fit inside a wallet and hold different types of tools. However, credit card knives are also really easy to forget about.

In a recent post published at the TSA Blog (which we’ve linked to several times over the course of the blog), it was reported credit card knives have been discovered with increasing frequency at security checkpoints at airports across the country.

Two weeks ago, the TSA seized 186 of these credit card knives, so they put out a bulletin warning passengers to put their knives in checked luggage or leave them at home.

Knives on planes have always been a contentious subject since 9/11. At one point, it seemed like the TSA was going to allow smaller knives that were less than two-inches long back on places, but many groups were up in arms over the decision and it was ultimately stopped.

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Kids Should Play With Knives, Says Bear Grylls

Bear Grylls Survival Knives
Everyone’s favorite TV adventurer and badass outdoorsman Bear Grylls is stirring up some controversy in Britain with his comments that letting kids play with knives helps empower them and teaches them how to be responsible around dangerous tools.

In an interview with Radio Times, the Man vs. Wild star revealed that he lets his 6-year-old son, Huckleberry, use a sharp knife. That stance was only made worse to some by the fact that he followed up by saying that his son recently cut himself pretty badly.

But he was adamant that “if you try to negate risk in children’s lives, you do them a disservice. You teach them not to be afraid of risk. You cannot negate risk. Risk is everywhere.” He also said, “My six-year-old cut himself on a knife and had blood pouring everywhere. But he’s not cut himself again. He has learnt how to handle a knife.”

bear gryllsHere at Knife Depot, it’s probably not surprising that we agree with Bear Grylls that kids can become empowered by using tools (which admittedly can be dangerous if used incorrectly) at an early age. But is 6 years old too young?

The answer is a little complicated and may sound like a cop-out, but it depends.

As a parent of the child, you must make an informed decision based on the maturity and comfort level of your child, but sometimes even pushing a child out of their comfort zone will have positive ramifications later on.

Here’s more from Bear Grylls: “You empower kids by teaching them how to do something dangerous but how to do it safely. I say to Scouts, ‘We’re going to climb this, it’s going to be scary and dangerous, but we’re going to do it together and look after each other to stay safe’.”

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Student Faces Consequences For Having Father’s Knife in his Car at School

Suspended Student
To any adult, using or carrying a knife is part of daily life. Most people never think twice about using a knife for activities like opening packages or even fishing.

But, as 18-year-old honor student David Duren-Sanner learned, mixing a knife and school can turn your whole life upside down.

A few weeks ago, David’s car was selected for a random search (which itself seems pretty outrageous), and Tennessee police found a small knife in the car.

The kicker of the whole thing was that the knife wasn’t even his. His father, a fisherman, had recently given him his car and accidentally left the knife in it. Needless to say, school officials did not buy the excuse and immediately suspended David for 10 days.

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