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Check Out Our Top 5 Badass Bear Grylls Scenes, Win a Sweet Knife

This post is part of our week-long Bear Grylls contest.  If you can give the best survival advice to Bear, in a detailed scenario involving camouflage briefs, Budweiser beer and anacondas, you’ll win a Bear Grylss Ultimate Multi-Tool.  Click here for the full scenario and contest rules. Good luck!

Bear Grylls is the quintessential badass outdoorsman. His insanity and advice for surviving in extreme situations has literally saved people’s lives, so if you’ve ever wondered why he puts himself in these dangerous conditions, it’s for our own benefit. In honor of Bear Grylls, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 coolest Bear Grylls moments. Here they are.

#5 Bear Climbs a Bridge and Dodges a Train

There are few people that truly have nerves of steel, but Bear Grylls is definitely one of them. In this clip, Bear climbs to the top of a bridge and dodges a train. He gets a lot of flack for staging scenes to demonstrate what to do in certain situations, but there’s no doubt that this feat of survival is absolutely badass.

#4 Bear Kills a Reindeer and Eats Its Heart

The wild is brutal, so it shouldn’t be a shock that surviving in the wild requires doing callous things like stabbing a reindeer through its head and drinking its dripping blood. This scene is definitely not something Santa Claus would want to watch, but it shows Bear’s skill in capturing, killing and utilizing an animal for survival. This also would have been nearly impossible to do without a good knife.

#3 Bear Creates an Urban Explosion

One of the best things about Bear is his resourcefulness. He can take ordinary tools or items found in the wild and use them for new purposes, so it’s no surprise that he can do even cooler things with items found in abandoned urban environments. In this scene, Bear is trying to get into a derelict building by using explosive gases to burst through a door.

#2 Bear Eats a Rhino Larvae Beetle

There’s almost nothing n the wild Bear hasn’t eaten,  but this clip may take the cake. If you ever find yourself stranded in the bush, it might be wise to pass over giant larvae as a meals

#1 Any “Polar Bear” Swim

This might be a cop-out, but there have been several scenes where Bear has put himself in the situation of being in the water at subzero temperatures. This feat is amazing for anyone, but Bear has done it a couple times and in the clip below, even swims underneath solid ice where he could potentially get trapped. If you stay in the water long enough, your body could shut down and you could die very quickly, not to mention what could happen to your extremities once you’re out of the water. That’s why his propensity to jump into the icy waters tops our list of most badass Bear Grylls scenes.


  1. I was hoping to see the scene where he opens up a dead moose and sleeps in it’s torso to stay warm. Definitely badass.

  2. William b Stauffer

    April 30, 2011 at 7:36 am

    Me too that was an awesome scene!!!

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