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TSA Finding More Credit Card Knives at Airports

6_410692Credit card knives are convenient, with their ability to fit inside a wallet and hold different types of tools. However, credit card knives are also really easy to forget about.

In a recent post published at the TSA Blog (which we’ve linked to several times over the course of the blog), it was reported credit card knives have been discovered with increasing frequency at security checkpoints at airports across the country.

Two weeks ago, the TSA seized 186 of these credit card knives, so they put out a bulletin warning passengers to put their knives in checked luggage or leave them at home.

Knives on planes have always been a contentious subject since 9/11. At one point, it seemed like the TSA was going to allow smaller knives that were less than two-inches long back on places, but many groups were up in arms over the decision and it was ultimately stopped.

Since summer is the prime season for traveling, we highly recommend you do a thorough check of all your belongings to make sure all your knives are either left at home or in checked luggage because you’ll get the items taken away.

It’s not clear exactly why more people are taking these to the airport, but it’s possible credit card knives are simply becoming more popular. If you’re interested in picking up a credit card knife for yourself, I wrote a post a few months ago about some of the best thin knives that can fit in your wallet. Just make sure you take it out of your wallet it before going to the airport.


  1. I wanna have credit knives card

  2. Paul Southerland

    July 8, 2014 at 9:12 am

    Put address envelopes at TSA station with my adders and ill return the knife they pay postage both ways Let me know ill do it We need our knives Makes me sick to think I have to loose my knife to them So pass it along !

  3. Had one taken from me at OHare in Chicago. Completely forgot I had it, and as an aside, have brought it through security several times previously. Ok, my bad, however they treated as though I was trying to sneak it through and gave me a hard time for several minutes. I kept saying, ” Lady, if I was trying to sneak it by, you would never have found it! ” I honestly forgot I had it, why would I leave it in the most obvious place for you to take it away. They finally chilled and let me go, but I wont forget to leave it home again.

    • Tim

      July 8, 2014 at 10:51 am

      Thanks for commenting, Scott. Did you ever get it back or was it lost to them forever?

      • To me, it was gone forever, I would not be surprised if it went home with the agent. I say this because I had a turbo lighter taken from me in Missoula, Mont. and it didn’t even work. This is after clearing OHare in Chicago and Denver. I swear I saw agent in Montana pocket my lighter, and when I said to him to enjoy it, I was one word away from trouble, so I shut up and got on plane. To the best of my knowledge they keep no official records of the smaller items taken so whats to stop them from taking a little something now and then?

        • Tim

          July 8, 2014 at 11:19 am

          Good thing you didn’t say anymore because some TSA agents are a little too into their job. Since they mostly auction the items off, I would also assume that some agents pick and choose some of the smaller items, so it’s very possible that was your lighter.

  4. What I want to know is what happens to all the stuff the TSA seizes…anybody?

    • Tim

      July 8, 2014 at 10:50 am

      I briefly wrote about what happened to TSA seized knives a few years ago. Basically they sell them at auctions by the bin. For example, two years ago a bin of 80 Gerber Knives was solid for $810.

    • As I stated on my own reply, I have seen the smaller stuff just thrown in a box for any agent to pick from later on. There was no paperwork from the two items I have had taken at OHare and in Missoula Mont.

  5. I dont think you will ever convince the majority of Americans that a couple of sand people took over an airplane carrying several hundred passengers, most likely at least half men, using box knives! NO WAY! I can see something like that happening to me and my guys. HEADLINE: “Sand People Eat Box Knives on Flight Out of NE Corridor.”

  6. This is actually an interesting new problem. I went on a flight the other day and I personally didn’t bring my credit card knife but I saw two people having to give theirs up before going through security.

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    I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the advice!

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