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Check out the new Gerber multi-tools of 2012

The pliers multi-tool is a staple of the well-prepared handyman who is able to pull out the right tool for any job at any time. While Leatherman truly pioneered that style of knife, other companies have made some notable designs of their own, particularly Gerber. Gerber has its own line of well-respected multi-purpose tools. Here’s a look at some of the new Gerber multi-tools of 2012.

Crucial Black Multi-Tool

This multi-tool is one of the best-looking tools released by Gerber with its slick black design and ergonomic shapes. The stainless steel tool comes with two types of screwdrivers, a wire cutter, a strap cutter and a blade. Although not packed with all the tools multi-purpose knives have become known for, it cuts down on weight for easy carry. It costs $50.

Steady Tool

One of the great things about knives is that they’re always being improved and adapted with technology. The Steady Tool is one of the most innovative designs in a while because it functions as both a multi-purpose tool and a tripod for your camera. That means you’ll be able to film yourself in the wild Man vs. Wild-style with this tool. Aside from the tripod, it has needlenose pliers, various types of blades and screwdrivers and a bottle opener. The Steady Tool costs $64.

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Repurposing Knives and Guns for a Sustainable Cause

Of the many concerns for Olympic host cities, safety is one of the top priorities. For London, a city in full preparation for the upcoming Summer Games, this has been an even hotter topic than in past Olympics. London is still dealing with the global focus of their violent summer riots, in addition to rumors of terrorist attacks.

With that in mind, it is interesting that there will be an estimated 14 tons of guns, knives, and ammunition in the Olympic Stadium. That’s right: 14 tons. You will not be able to carry them in, nor will they be any help in protection. Rather, you might be sitting on them or using them to help yourself up the stairs. Continue reading

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Teen fights off burglar by hitting his head with sword

When burglary suspect Jeremy Olson kicked open the door to someone’s house late at night, he probably never expected to have the epic battle that ensued.

As Olson was rummaging through the house looking for valuables, a teenager who had already pushed the alarm’s panic button was patiently waiting in his room armed with a sword

While the kid was undoubtedly frightened at what was going on, it’s great to see someone take the initiative to do everything to defend themselves.

Here’s what happened next according to Tulsa World:

The 17-year-old victim hid in his bedroom until the suspect entered the room, at which time the victim used a sword to try to stab the intruder, said Cpl. George Frye.

Frye said the altercation moved into the living room, where the victim smacked Olson in the head with the sword, causing a gash.

Fortunately, for the burglar, the sword was an imitation and was likely very blunt. Had it been a real sword, the intruder would probably be in a box somewhere. Still, despite being an imitation, his mugshot shows a pretty bad cut on his head.

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World’s oldest Swiss Army knife made by Romans

Some 1,800 years before the production of the first official Swiss Army knife the Romans built their own multi-tool that both stands the test of time and is really cool.

Many times people (myself included) get so pumped up and excited about latest and greatest inventions that we fail to reflect on history, but this ancient knife is truly something to marvel at.

This multi-tool, which dates back to sometime between 200 AD and 400 AD, features a spoon, fork, blade, spike (probably for eating snails), toothpick and spatula. The surprisingly well-kept tool is made entirely from silver except for an iron blade.

According to the History Blog, multi-tools like this one weren’t uncommon in ancient Rome, but they were typically made from bronze and had significantly fewer parts. That’s why it appears as though the owner of the knife was probably much wealthier than others at the time and may have even been a traveler.

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Student suspended after accidentally taking knife to school

A while back, I took an informal survey on Facebook of whether there should be any laws restricting the use of knives in the United States. While a couple people thought there should be none, a large number said that schools are among the few places that should have restrictions on knives (for obvious safety reasons). However, no one could possibly support what happened to a boy at a Georgia school.

According to WSB TV, seventh grader Jack Persyn was suspended for accidentally bringing a 1.5-inch knife to school. Here’s a description of the incident from the Atlanta Journal Constitution:

Jack Persyn discovered a pocket knife in the military-style backpack his aunt had bought second-hand at a yard sale and had given to him for Christmas. The teen reported the knife and turned it in to his teacher.

But even though the 7th grader admitted having the knife, and his parents contend it wasn’t his fault it ended up at school, the boy was given a four-day in-school suspension for violating the Gwinnett school district’s policy on weapons.

Knife groups are up in arms over what they’re calling a zero tolerance policy gone awry. It’s hard to disagree with the knife groups.

Had the boy knowingly brought the knife to school, things would have been different. Had the knife been discovered by a peer or a teacher, it might have even been different. However, it was an accident and he did the right thing by turning it in to school officials. Punishing him for telling the truth  is simply wrong.

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Afraid of a zombie apocalypse? Get the Apocalypse Survival Kit from Gerber

Imagine this scenario. You wake up from a coma in an abandoned hospital. You can’t tell how long you’ve been out, but things seem to be completely different from what you once knew. As you’re exploring, you come across a group of hideously decomposed bodies. The only problem is these dead guys aren’t really dead at all. They are actually flesh-eating zombies looking to kill you. What could you possibly do?

Well, in the likely event of a zombie apocalypse (2012 is just a few weeks away, you know), Gerber is selling an Apocalypse Survival Kit, which comes equipped with three types of machetes, an axe, a fixed blade knife and a folder. Gerber knives, which is a brand that’s no stranger to exposure on television (see Bear Grylls), supplied these items for the season opener of AMC’s hit series The Walking Dead.

Since Gerber was able to help out the characters of the show with some amazing tools, they figured it would also benefit the greater population to offer the tools as a proactive measure for that inevitable zombie invasion. Unfortunately, the kits sold out quickly, but you can still buy each of the tools individually. For example, no apocalypse survivor or self-proclaimed zombie hunter should go without this badass Gerber Gator Machete Pro or awesome Survival Series Bear Grylls Parang.

If you’re having any doubts about the usefulness of these tools against an army of undead, check out the descriptions found on Gerber’s site.

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Knife Rights takes on Boston council over proposed ordinance

For most knife enthusiasts, careful attention is paid to the physical knife itself. They focus on what type of steel the blade is constructed from, the durability of the handle, blade thickness, etc. However, an important aspect of the knife involves the convoluted state of affairs in the political and governmental spectrum because they determine what people can buy and own. It’s times like these when we can be thankful for those who fight the good fight for knife rights.

Few groups are doing more of the dirty work to protect our rights than Knife Rights. Founded with the intention of stopping the United States taking stances against knives similar to countries in Europe, Knife Rights has gone on a crusade to defend the rights of knife enthusiasts through legal channels.

Recently, Knife Rights and the American Knife and Tool Institute (AKTI) went up to Boston to advocate against a law requiring convenience stores to get a license to sell knives. While this might not seem like a major deal, this is a political move to demonize knives and gain points from constituents for being “tough on crime.” There is really nothing in the new legislation that would make Boston any safer from crime. There seems to be a concern that minors get knives from these stores to use with criminal activity, but there is already an ordinance that prohibits the sale of knives to minors. This new legislation is redundant and will only inconvenience small business owners.

Knife Rights and the AKTI offer a glimpse into the complex world of government by going to hearings and voicing opinions. Take the recent hearing in Boston for example. Only two councilors were at the hearing and they were the sponsors of the anti-knife bill. They contradicted their own statements and cited inaccurate news, which is very telling.

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NYC District Attorney tries to dismiss case against him but Knife Rights fires back

After posting a question to our Facebook page about whether it’s ever a good idea to have restrictions on knives, there were a variety of responses with some people arguing there should never be restrictions and others arguing there should be a few, like no knives at school and no knives longer than 6 inches for everyday carry. All of these are valid statement and a point of contention within the knife community.

However, one thing nearly all knife aficionados can agree on is that current knife laws should not be skewed or interpreted to crackdown on perfectly legal knives. Fortunately, Knife Rights is constantly running campaigns to defend knife owners’ civil rights and encourage safe use of knives. Knife Rights’ current lawsuit against New York City is the most important case the organization is working on, but the city is not going down without a fight.

In case you haven’t heard about the lawsuit, there’s been a crackdown on knives in New York City at the bequest of District Attorney Cyrus Vance, Jr. A number of people have been arrested for carrying knives that should not be considered gravity knives, which are illegal in New York City.

DA Vance recently filed a suit to dismiss the lawsuit on the basis that there is lack of standing and failure to make a claim. Although these motions are simple formalities, Knife Rights came back with a scathing response. Here’s part of what it said:

It is literally possible for one knife to be simultaneous legal and illegal, and a person has no means of conforming his or her conduct to the law’s expectations. While the DA’s motion necessarily fails because it relies on selectively construing the facts in the DA’s favor, rather than in the Plaintiffs’ favor (as Rule 12(b)(6) mandates), a consideration of the merits shows how far off the mark the DA’s self-serving characterizations are.

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Boston considering blanket restrictions on the sale of pocket knives

In events reminiscent of the gun control hearings of the 90s, council members in Boston are considering putting more restrictions on the sale of pocket knives to fight the high rates of knife crime in the city.

According to Knife Rights, which sent a representative to speak at the hearings, Boston lawmakers are thinking about licensing the sale of knives because there have been more than 1,300 knife attacks over the past two years. Instead of going after the criminals, the logic here is to go after the “weapon” and make it harder for people to get.

Here’s an excerpt of what Knife Rights representative and Executive Director of Gun Owners’ Action League Jim Wallace said at the hearing:

“I urge the City Council to review what it is about to do and reflect on the failures of gun control,” said Wallace. “Over a decade ago I had to testify before committees in the state house with grieving families in the background. Now I sit before you a decade later with grieving families behind me again. If you proceed down this path and get it wrong again, ten years from now we will likely repeat this scene yet again.”

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Without a knife, a life is lost to a burning vehicle

It’s tragic when there’s an article in which a pocketknife could have led to the story being featured in our Knives Save Lives series. Unfortunately, what happened on a Los Angeles Freeway a week ago did not end as well as the other stories.

According to the Los Angeles Times, which we found via Knife Rights, an 11-month-old girl died in a burning car Aug. 28 after no one on the scene had a knife to cut her out of a car seat.

An SUV crashed into a stopped Nissan Altima on the freeway, which caused the vehicle to burst into flames with a woman and child inside. Nearby neighbors heard the crash and screams, so they immediately headed over to the area that sees quite a number of accidents.

According to the article, Salvador Martinez went to the scene and saw a curly-haired child in the backseat with flames quickly growing. Others tried to help out by tossing buckets of water on the flames and looking for a water hose, but it was to no avail. The fire was not dying.

Martinez broke the window and tried to pull her out, but the seat wouldn’t budge and the fire was searing his arms. He yelled for a knife or scissors, but no one on the scene had anything. By the time someone came back with a knife, it was too late.

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Teacher punished for demonstrating use of tools, including a pocket knife, to class

A Chicago elementary school teacher is being charged with possessing a weapon at school after he was teaching his class about garden-variety tools and displayed a box-cutter and small pocket knife to students, according to The Rutherford Institute.

The story, which was brought to our attention courtesy of Knife Rights, is an example of the “zero tolerance” policy gone too far. The public school teacher was giving a lesson to his second graders on “tool discussion,” which is part of the curriculum, when he showed the class examples of such tools as a 2.25-inch pocket knife, box cutter, screwdriver, pliers and wrench.

There’s no doubt it could have been a potentially dangerous and irresponsible situation if he passed them around to students, but he kept them out of students’ hands and merely displayed them as part of the lesson. Doug Bartlett, a 17-year veteran teacher, now faces strict disciplinary action and even possible termination because of his thorough lesson on widely used tools.

Attorneys of the Rutherford Institute, which is a strong advocate of free speech and constitutional rights, sent a letter insisting that disciplinary action against Bartlett be stopped immediately.

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Check out the Texas Roadhouse Meat Cutting Competition

Beef. It’s what’s for dinner, or in the case of competitors at the Texas Roadhouse Meat Cutting Competition, it’s their life’s work. Each year, the Texas Roadhouse Meat Cutting Competition hosts meat cutters across the country in a series of competitions to pick the nation’s best meat cutter.

In the video below, which was filmed at a semifinal event in Louisville, KY, earlier in the year, contestants had an hour to carve four muscles up into nine different cuts.  Many confessed to having butterflies and being flustered by the high-intensity event, which will feed into a final competition where the winner will walk away with $20,000.

Check out the video below.  Do you think your meat carving skills would match up to this crew of carvers?

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Match your gun grips to your knife handle with the M1911 knife

The M1911 pistol, designed by Utahan John M. Browning, was the standard-issue firearm for the military between 1911 and 1985.  It was carried in World War I, World War II, the Korean War, The Vietnam War, and by some special operations units in Iraq and Afghanistan.

It is, undoubtedly, one of the most badass guns ever to exist, a slim, single-action, semi-automatic, magazine-fed, recoil-operated stunner, good enough for capping guerillas in the jungle or protecting your home from intruders.

Now, you can buy folding knives and tactical knives with the same grip designs that the M1911 has.

Made by Ultimate Equipment, these knives come with standard 1911 pistol bushings, grip screws and grip panels, allowing you to customize your knife with whatever grips you need.  You can even match your gun grips to your knife, like this:

M1911 gun with knife with matching griop

m1911 knives with m1911 gun

The knives are available in three different types: standard folders, officer compact knives and fixed blade knives.

For every blade type,  you have a choice of satin-polished or black-titanium-nitride finishes, and a variety of grip panels. Additionally, the knives come with a hammerhead lock, which enables users to open and close the knife with only two fingers.

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Bid on a Buck knife and support the American Knife and Tool Institute

The American Knife and Tool Institute, one of the leading organizations protecting knife-carrying Americans, is holding an auction for a Buck knife to support its ongoing work.

The auction features a Buck Model 119 Special fixed-blade hunting knife – one of Buck’s most popular knives. This knife, which measures 10-1/2” in overall length, is ideal for outdoorsmen who need a durable, reliable stainless steel blade and features Advanced Edge2x™ blade technology.

Enter your bid before 11:59 ET on August 31, 2011. The highest bid received will win the auction and will be notified after the auction closes. All proceeds go directly to AKTI’s legislative work to promote the responsible use of knives throughout the United States.

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Knife Depot’s ultimate guide to buying a pocket knife

Every man should carry a pocket knife.  It’s a primal right of manhood, up there with NFL football, beer and buffalo wings. Yet, picking out a pocket knife is harder than all three of these fundamental man-skills.

Why is picking out a pocket knife so tough?

Because the pocket-knife market is filled with thousands of different models in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes, blades and brands.

There are clip-point blades, tanto blades and drop-point blades, stainless-steel blades and carbon steel blades, serrated blades and non-serrated blades, not to mention Swiss Army knives with enough tools and attachments to aid your escape from a maximum security prison.

What’s a knife lover to do?

Well, aside from buying every knife you see (not a bad idea if you have the dough), the best approach to finding the right pocket knife is to know A TON about them. Since you don’t have time to do that research, we did it for you.

Below, you’ll find the link to Knife Depot’s “Official Guide to Buying a Pocket Knife, which includes a wealth of information on pocket knives, including chapters on:

  • pocket knife blade materials
  • pocket knife models
  • pocket knife blade shapes
  • pocket knife locks
  • pocket knife handle materials

We’ll be publishing excerpts from the guide on the blog over the upcoming week, but click the image below to check out the whole thing.

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Challenge Bear Grylls and win 10K

Bear Grylls Eating a Fish

Whether you find his feats of wilderness survival awe-inspiring or his heavily-accented narration downright irritating, Bear Gyrlls is undoubtedly a survivalist star.

Back in April, we ran a contest in which our readers were asked to give Bear a hand in a sticky situation (he was stuck on a rock in the Amazon River) in order to win a Bear Grylls signature Gerber multi-tool.

Now, the folks over at Solo (it’s a lemon soda, in case you didn’t know) are holding a contest in which you can face off with Bear for a chance to win 10k.

The contest rules are pretty simple.  All you have to do is find something you can do better than Bear and challenge him on the Solo website. Users will vote on the best challenges and a handful of winners will eventually be chosen to face off with Bear in Sydney, Australia.

The man above (Tom) is a gymnastics instructor who will be going one on one with Bear in a gnarly handstand competition.

The contest is only open to Australia residents, but,there’s 10k on the line, so if you’re thinking about expatriating, this is probably the time.

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EOD and tactical knives from Les George

“You can do everything right and still get killed.”

That’s what knife maker Les George had to say about working as an explosive ordinance disposal (EOD) expert in Iraq.  As an EOD team leader for the Marines, he oversaw over 300 EOD responses, disarmed 114 EODs and had four detonate on him (he suffered only minor injuries).

Based on his experience, George has designed a new model of EOD probe, which he currently supplies the Marines with, and a EOD combat knife.

A knife maker from an early age, George made his first knife from scratch from instructions in a book, after his parents refused to buy him one.

He made knives continuously until he joined the Marines in 1997, where he worked as a heavy-equipment mechanic and an embassy guard before beginning his career in explosive removal.

George, who was previously deployed in Laos, Thailand, North and South Korea, Peru, Mozambique, South Africa, Iraq and many other locales, returned stateside in 2007 and began manufacturing knives full-time.

He said that the EOD tactical tools that he constructs are just a small portion of his business, the majority of which comes from his heavy-duty tactical knives.

Check out a few of his designs below and on his website



Rockeye Knife Les George


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Knife Depot Sponsors The First Louisiana State Throwing Knives and Tomahawk Competition

We love throwing knives, that’s for sure, which is why we jumped at the chance to sponsor the first Louisiana State Throwing Knives and Tomahawk Championship.  The event, which was held on May 14 and 15 in Arcadia, LA, featured some of the finest knife and tomahawk throwers in the South.

Thirteen throwers entered the competition, with seven in the men’s professional division, one in the women’s professional division, two in the amateur men’s division, two in the amateur’s women’s division and one in the junior division.

The results were as follows:

Men’s Professional Division:
1st place- “Red Bear”- Jim Day with a score of 141
2nd place-“Gator Tooth”- Wade Tucker with a score of 137
3rd place- “Old Dog”- Bob Pyle with a score of 135
4th place- “Walking Eagle”- Chuck Weems with a score of 133

Women’s Professional Division:
1st place- “Fox Trot”:-Tiffany Ingram with a score of 89

Amateur Men’s Division:
1st place- “Udder Lover”- Jesse Batson with a score of 52
2nd place- “Red Legs”- Walter Bailey with a score of 47

Amateur Women’s Division:
1st place- “Wanda Vou”- Wanda Bailey with a score of 63
2nd place- “Land Owner’s Sister”- Suzy Little with a score of 56

Junior Division:
1st place-Trace Bearden with a score of 60

True to form, many of the participants wore traditional frontier garb while competing.  Check out  a few pics below.

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Pictures from inside the Swiss Army knife factory

In an age of outsourcing, it’s amazing (and truly commendable) that Swiss Army knives have been made in Switzerland for more than 100 years.

On his 2011 Road Trip, CNET reporter Daniel Terdiman was given the opportunity to visit the Victorinox factory in a small town in Switzerland.

His article features a thorough history of the Swiss Army knife, but what’s most impressive are the stunning pictures taken at the factory.

The following picture taken by Kathleen Craig is one of the original models from the late 1800s. Aside from the colors, you can see the general design of the knife hasn’t changed much.

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2011 Blade Show ‘Overall Knife of the Year’

And the 2011 Blade Show “Overall Knife Of The Year” is… the Zero Tolerance 0777.

In the first batch of major knife awards, which were doled out at the 2011 Blade Show and included categories like Most Innovative American Design and Imported Knife Of The Year, the Zero Tolerance 0777 took the cake.

The ZT 0777 is a modern looking and highly functional folding knife with a sleek design.

The knife has a 3.75 inch composite blade with a Bohler N360 cutting edge and a 3D machined carbon fiber handle. Although it has a Damascus blade, they made it fully functional and very practical with its titanium steel clip near the bottom of the handle. The knife also has an adjustable sub-frame lock.

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