The importance of properly storing your kitchen knives cannot be understated. Simply throwing the knives in a drawer with other utensils can significantly decrease the life of a knife by making the blade dull and scratched.

The Knife Bag or Knife Roll

An article a few months ago in the New York Times profiled the knife storage bag of an executive chef who said that knife bags are the best for home cooks.

A knife bag, or knife roll, like the one he uses — but not quite so beat up — is a good choice for home cooks, he said. “The knives slip right in and the pockets keep them separate, so the edges don’t burr.”

The Wooden Block

Another popular knife storage method is the wooden block. These are blocks with slots to fit and store knives, but can be difficult to clean. Whenever you put the knives into the knife block, they should always be washed and dry.

magnetic knife holder

Magnetic Knife Holder

Magnetic Strips

This method of knife storage utilizes a magnetic strip installed on a wall to hold the knives in place. These should be installed in areas where people cannot bump them and children cannot reach them. Magnetic strips are among the most sanitary storage options because they can be easily wiped clean.

Drawer Knife Blocks

Similar to the wooden blocks, the these blocks fit into drawers and have slots available to keep the knives from scratching each other.

Knife Sheaths

Knife sheaths are a great alternative to the previous methods but can be time consuming since you have to put them on each knife. Sheaths that do not open up are also difficult to clean so only get guards that have hinges for them to open.