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A collection of the best knives on the planet.

Spyderco Military 2 | Knife of the Week

Spyderco Military 2

The original Spyderco Military was introduced in 1996 and quickly became one of the most iconic knives of all time. The knife came about after someone asked founder Sal Glesser what folding knife their son should take into the military.

For nearly three decades, the Military excelled as a lightweight yet hard-use folder you could bet your life on.

However, Spyderco is never a brand to rest on its laurels and finally updated the classic knife into something even better.

Take a look at the Spyderco Military 2.

The second iteration has the same general design with a few much-appreciated quality of life improvements.

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Cold Steel Ti-Lite Kris – Knife of the Week

Cold Steel Ti-Lite Kris

Knives often struggle finding a balance between offering something unique or eye-catching and something highly functional. The Cold Steel Ti-Lite Kris manages to perfectly blend the two extremes together.

Way back in 2019, the original Ti-Lite was a Knife of the Week because of its large size and slim design. However, the Kris version takes things to a whole other level.

This Ti-Lite has the same dimensions, including a 6-inch blade, Zytel handle, and impressive reach. What really sets it apart is the blade.

The blade takes inspiration from the asymmetrical Javanese dagger with a wavy edge. The daggers were mostly ceremonial, but they also excelled at self-defense.

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Benchmade Bugout – Knife of the Week

Benchmade Bugout

When it comes to best everyday carry knives of all time, only a few knives can stake the claim, including the Spyderco Paramilitary 2, CIVIVI Elementum, and the Kershaw Leek.

The latest Knife of the Week has quickly gained a spot on that coveted list.

The Benchmade Bugout is a lightweight folder with a simple yet effective design that disappears in your pocket until you need it.

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CRKT Razel – Knife of the Week

CRKT Razel

Some people say fixed blades don’t make good everyday carry knives. Those people have clearly never seen the CRKT Razel.

The Razel boasts the late great Jon Graham’s innovative blade shape that blends together elements from the chisel and the straight razor to create something strong and utilitarian.

The Razel has a 2.97-inch blade that can cut, scrape, pry, and more. With its D2 steel, you know it’ll be tough as nails. The Razel blade shape has long been one of our most unique blade shapes.

Along with the unique blade shape, the knife has Micarta handle scales that feel great in the hand.

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Gerber FlatIron – Knife of the Week

Gerber FlatIron

Some people think folding cleavers are simply gimmicks, nothing more than a cash grab by Big Knife. Those people have clearly never had one for an EDC.

The Gerber FlatIron is a perfect example.

The original FlatIron was a Knife of the Week back in 2020 because of its versatile design. But this upgraded version is worthy of a second look.

First, let’s extol the virtues of the cleaver design. The cleaver has a strong point that won’t break even in hard use. It’s also versatile for slicing, chopping, and finer tasks. On top of everything, its blade shape is much less aggressive than others with similar attributes (looking at you tanto!).

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Boker Plus Slike – Knife of the Week

Boker Plus Slike

The OTF is a fan-favorite design because it’s so unique with a rich history. Unfortunately, most out-the-front designs are exclusively automatics, which means they’re illegal in many places.

However, there’s an increasing amount of manual OTF knives that skirt the definition of an automatic knife.

One of the best manual OTF knives is the Boker Plus Slike.

This manual OTF is as light as a feather at just 1.27 ounces. Despite its light weight, it features a 2.99-inch dagger blade made from D2 steel.

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Spyderco UpTern – Knife of the Week

Spyderco UpTern

The first Spyderco was a revolutionary folder. It had a thumb hole for one-handed opening, a lockback mechanism for strength, and a durable stainless steel handle.

More than 40 years after that first Spyderco folder, Spyderco took many of the design cues from the original while adding quality-of-life improvements.

That resulted in a new yet instant classic called the Spyderco UpTern.

The UpTern actually has a unique backstory. It was inspired by a nonlocking model made specifically for Spyderco’s budget brand Byrd Knives in 2012 called the Tern. However, they upgraded almost everything and put in many of the classic Spyderco design elements.

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CRKT Taco Viper – Knife of the Week

CRKT Taco Viper

With Veteran’s Day this week, we thought it only made sense to pick a knife designed by a veteran as the latest Knife of the Week.

The CRKT Taco Viper was the obvious choice.

Designed by Antonio Rodriguez, a veteran of the 82nd Airborne and son of Michael Rodriguez, the Taco Viper was created as a reliable flipper for high-stakes situations like those paratroopers might find themselves.

The knife was made as part of the Forged by War program, which sees veterans team up with CRKT to bring their visions to life.

The first thing you probably noticed is not the design but the awesome name.

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BnB Damascus Push Dagger – Knife of the Week

BnB Damascus Push Dagger

The push dagger is a unique design initially conceived as a self-defense tool. However, more people are beginning to use them for daily tasks.

The BnB Damascus Push Dagger is the perfect fixed blade for EDC.

This small yet capable knife is very attractive, thanks to its handsome 3.5-inch Damascus steel blade. Because the steel is made from 256 layers of 1095 and 15N20 steel folded over one another, each knife has a distinct look.

A polished bolster brings out that etched design of the steel that’s captivating and eye-catching

The handle boasts polished walnut scales that add to the charm of the knife.

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Old Timer 5OTG Bruin – Knife of the Week

Old Timer 5OTG Bruin

In 2004, production of Old Timer knives in the United States ceased and manufacturing moved overseas. While the foreign knives had great value, their quality and craftsmanship weren’t quite the same.

It took over 15 years, but select Old Timer models are once again made in the United States.

Old Timer brought some of its most popular models back to the United States under its Generational Series, including the latest Knife of the Week: the Bruin.

The Old Timer 5OTG Bruin is a lockback design with a traditional look and feel.

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