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A collection of the best knives on the planet.

CIVIVI Bo – Knife of the Week


When you need a simple, elegant, and high-quality knife, reach for the CIVIVI Bo Flipper.

Designed by Brad Zinker — a knifemaker known for his slim everyday carry knives — the Bo is an attractive design with details that will make you fall in love when the knife is in your hand.

The blade is a perfect EDC size at 2.92 inches with a gray stonewashed finish. It uses Nitro-V stainless steel, an alloy with exceptional toughness and good corrosion resistance that’s easy to sharpen.

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CRKT Squid XM – Knife of the Week


The CRKT Squid is often called the best “little big knife” available.

So what happens when you make it bigger and better? You get one of the best regular knives available.

The CRKT Squid XM is a larger version of the overbuilt Squid with a 2.95-inch blade and 7-inch overall length when opened.

Its strong drop point blade now features a black coating and tough D2 steel, making it great for demanding work tasks. The blade engages via flipper or thumb stud with the help of an IKBS ball-bearing pivot and assisted-opening mechanism.

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Old Timer Golden Bear – Knife of the Week

Old Timer Golden Bear

What’s better than a timeless knife with a classic design? A knife with a laser engraving.

The Old Timer 6OT Golden Bear is a knife that’s been around for a long time but still feels as fresh and useful as any knife available today.

The Golden Bear features a classic buck-knife design with a 3.5-inch clip-point blade and a back lock.

Its blade is made from high-carbon stainless steel and has a nail nick for easy opening.

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Kershaw Kapsule: Knife of the Week

Kershaw Kapsule

OTF (out-the-front) knives are all the rage these days. Unfortunately, the automatic versions are illegal in many places. So, Kershaw decided to team up with Jens Anso for this unique manual OTF called the Kershaw Kapsule.

The Kershaw Kapsule is a small but compelling everyday carry with an eccentric design you won’t want to put down.

Here’s how the knife works: you manually push upward on the blue actuator until the blade locks into place with a button lock. When you want to close it, you push the blue button and manually pull it back down. It’s as simple as that and a unique opening mechanism.

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Smith & Wesson Sideburn – Knife of the Week

Smith & Wesson Sideburn

Who says you can’t get a good budget knife for under $25? The Smith & Wesson Sideburn begs to differ.

The Sideburn is a solid, budget-friendly everyday carry with a unique design that works well.

It has a 3-inch modified Wharncliffe blade made from functional 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. The blade profile offers a strong, piercing point with a subtle curve in the blade’s edge.

A flipper tab allows the blade to spring open manually but reliably, while a cutout notch allows for a more controlled method of opening.

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Cold Steel SR1 Lite – Knife of the Week

Cold Steel SR1 Lite

The Cold Steel SRK (Survival Rescue Knife) is one of the best all-around survival fixed blades you can buy at an affordable price. So Cold Steel transferred much of what made it successful and made the premium SR1.

Now, you can get everything that the robust folder has to offer in a more affordable package with the Cold Steel SR1 Lite.

Take a look at this review from Pete (and Bricky) from Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors:

The SR1 Lite boasts a 4-inch blade with affordable and durable 8Cr13MoV stainless steel. This version has the same clip point blade found in the SRK, but you can also get the tanto SR1 Lite if you prefer.

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Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 – Knife of the Week

Spyderco Pacific Salt 2

Most knives are like Mogwai from Gremlins: if you get them wet, something terrible will happen.

Well, the latest Knife of the Week doesn’t just tolerate water, it excels in damp and briny conditions. (Plus, it’s already green!)

Behold the Spyderco Pacific Salt 2.

Here is a knife overview from one of the best knife YouTubers out there:

Spyderco’s Salt series has undergone a pretty impressive evolution from its first iteration with yellow scales and H-1 steel. But this new iteration of the Pacific Salt blows those out of the water.

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KA-BAR TDI Pocket Strike – Knife of the Week

KA-BAR TDI Pocket Strike

Concealable, reliable, and flexible.

Those are the three attributes that work well in a self-defense fixed blade. And the KA-BAR TDI Pocket Strike is all of those things and more.

Designed by John Benner of the Tactical Defense Institute, the Pocket Strike is a cross between Benner’s earlier Law Enforcement models and a karambit.

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Victorinox Compact – Knife of the Week

victorinox compact

There are Swiss Army Knives for every occasion, with some models featuring two tools and others boasting over 70 functions.

But there is only one knife you can arguably call the very best for everyday tasks: the Victorinox Compact.

The Victorinox Compact is a unique knife in that it has one of the highest functions-to-size ratios of any Victorinox, thanks to its two-layer construction and plus scales.

This is the only knife or multitool I’ve consistently carried with me on a daily basis the last 5 years. Folding knives comes and go, but the Compact has seen the most carry (and use) time in my personal EDC.

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ESEE Pinch – Knife of the Week

esee pinch

When you’re in a pinch, reach for the ESEE Pinch.

This tiny Wharncliffe blade may not seem like much, but it can mean the difference between life and death. Every survivalist will tell you the same thing: the best survival knife is the one you have on you.

Unfortunately, you might not always have one of the best survival knives on your person at all times, especially because some of them can be pretty big. That’s where the Pinch comes in handy.

The Pinch has an overall length of a mere 3 inches with a blade length of 1.3 inches. So how will the knife help you? Well, it’s small enough to carry easily concealed and the perfect size to stick in an Altoid Mint container for emergencies.

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