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A collection of the best knives on the planet.

CRKT Minimalist Katana – Knife of the Week

CRKT Minimalist Katana

Imagine a sword so small and nondescript it becomes your everyday carry. Well, your wildest dreams have come true with the CRKT Minimalist Katana.

The Minimalist series from Alan Folts is a mainstay of the CRKT lineup. The reason? All the knives are lightweight, low-profile, and pared down. But the largest of the Minimalist series may very well be its best.

Despite boasting a large blade that’s 3.56 inches long, this pocket sword is surprisingly small.

The blade itself is made from 8Cr13MoV, which is a stainless steel that’s easy to maintain and sharpen. It has a reinforced tip and jumping on the spine.

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Kershaw Heist – Knife of the Week

Kershaw Heist

Despite making some of the most iconic knives of all time and boasting a lineup of expertly crafted knives, Kershaw never rests on its laurels. The Kershaw Heist is the perfect example.

Released this year, the Heist was one of the first knives to use the DuraLock mechanism. It’s a crossbar lock that’s a joy to use and exceptionally strong. The lock makes the knife completely ambidextrous. It also keeps the fingers out of the path of the closing blade.

But the new lock isn’t the only thing that makes this knife one of the best of the year so far.

Like all Kershaw knives, the Heist features a carefully considered design. Its 3.2-inch drop-point blade is made from D2 steel. In addition, it opens with dual thumb studs.

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Cold Steel Mini Leatherneck – Knife of the Week

Cold Steel Mini Leatherneck

Cold Steel is best known for making some of the biggest and most intimidating knives ever. However, some of its most underrated knives are its smallest.

The Cold Steel Mini Leatherneck is the perfect example.

This immensely popular fixed blade is a miniaturized version of Cold Steel’s take on the classic fighting knife. Let’s just say there’s a reason this is among our top-selling Cold Steel knives.

The Mini Leatherneck has a cohesive design with a size that lends itself to its versatility. With an overall length of 6.75 inches, it works well as an EDC fixed blade, boot knife, or neck knife.

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KA-BAR Big Brother – Knife of the Week

KA-BAR Big Brother

The KA-BAR is one of the most iconic knives ever made. One look at the stacked leather handle and long clip-point blade and you know exactly what knife it is.

The knife has come in tons of variations and special editions over the years, but there is only one model that’s the biggest and baddest KA-BAR of them all: the Big Brother.

Boasting a long 9.375-inch blade, the Big Brother is essentially a supersized version of the original fighting utility knife.

Take a look of this hilarious review from one of our favorite knife YouTubers:

It retains the same clip-point profile but with an additional sawback spine on the epoxy powder-coated 1095 Cro-Van blade.

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BnB Damascus Black Panther – Knife of the Week

BnB Damascus Black Panther

Some people argue the best knives for EDC should be basic and nondescript. Those people have clearly never carried a knife like the BnB Damascus Black Panther.

This folder proves that a great EDC doesn’t have to be bland; instead, your EDC can be downright handsome.

The Damascus Black Panther features a 3.25-inch clip-point blade that opens via flipper or thumb notch in the blade. But the real beauty of the knife is found in the gorgeous raindrop VG-10 Damascus blade design. And yes, it’s real Damascus.

With a unique blade like that, you’ll be looking for any excuse to flip open the knife.

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Electrifying Black OTF – Knife of the Week

Electrifying Black OTF

If you think a knife has to be massive to be useful, you’ve never used the ultimate EDC desk companion: the Electrifying Black OTF.

There’s a reason why this little knife is Knife Depot’s top-selling knife over the past year.

This small but very capable out-the-front pocket knife is designed to be compliant with the arbitrary law in California that says OTF knives under 2 inches are perfectly legal.

That means its handsome two-tone blade made from 440 stainless steel is just a smidge under 2 inches long.

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Perfect Point Rainbow Throwers – Knife of the Week

This summer, get into knife throwing with the perfect set from Perfect Point.

The Perfect Point Multi-Color Set is a fantastic set for beginners and experts alike. The best part about this set is that it comes with six throwing knives made from stainless steel, so you’ll have everything you need to get started.

Each thrower is 5.5 inches long with cutouts in the handle to provide a better grip and help balance the knife even further.

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Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Folder – Knife of the Week

Sometimes you just need a knife you can beat down, a knife you don’t have to worry about babying, a knife that’s simultaneously dependable and disposable.

That knife is the Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops.

This liner locking folder is part of Smith & Wesson’s Extreme Ops series of well-built yet inexpensive EDC knives. This model has a 3.22-inch drop-point blade made from 7Cr17MoV high carbon stainless steel. It’s an alloy that’s easy to sharpen when it becomes dull.

The blade opens easily via dual thumb studs and locks into place with a liner lock.

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Benchmade Mediator – Knife of the Week

What do you get when you combine the best parts of Benchmade’s best knives to create one super auto?

You get the Benchmade Mediator.

The Benchmade Mediator is a knife we affectionately refer to as a Frankenstein folder (or Frankenstein’s monster folder for you sticklers).

The Mediator features a 3.3-inch black-coated blade made from premium S90V stainless steel. It uses a reverse tanto blade shape that takes cues from the iconic 940 Osborne. The shape is versatile and unique.

Benchmade also wanted to capture the speed and force of the Infidel’s opening mechanism in the knife, so they made this a side-firing automatic that’s lightning fast.

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Cold Steel Kiridashi – Knife of the Week

The kiridashi is a centuries-old fixed blade with an angular design from Japan. Almost resembling an Xacto knife, the kiridashi was essentially the EDC of the Japanese people, being used for everything from carving to opening boxes.

Cold Steel took the concept of the fixed-blade utility knife and turned it into something more modern and carryable.

The result is the Cold Steel Kiridashi.

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