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Knives Save Lives: Chanda Davis

This is the sixth post in a series that explores cases around the world in which a knife is used to save someone’s life or prevent serious injury.

You never know when something bad is going to happen. Chanda Davis was in one of these unexpected situations in her usually safe South Carolina backyard.

Earlier this month, she was outside her home with her 2-year-old daughter getting a grill ready when all of a sudden two pit bulls skulked into her backyard.

According to an interview, Davis’ daughter shouted “mommy” and when she turned around the two pit bulls were making a move toward her.

Davis instantly picked up her little girl and tossed her on the hood of the car so the pit bulls couldn’t reach.

That’s when the dogs turned on her. Luckily, Davis’ English bulldog came running to her side and the three dogs began viciously fighting one another, so Davis sprung into action.

As the battling dogs stumbled into her house, her initial thought was to grab the gun, but she was afraid of using it around her daughter and feared she might accidentally shoot her own dog.

The best thing within reach was a giant kitchen knife (pictured above). While the dogs were still fighting, she repeatedly stabbed the pit bulls with the knife until one died and the other ran away.

For Chanda Davis, it was a scarring act to stab a dog to death, but her quick thinking to get a knife no doubt saved herself and her daughter from receiving injuries. As for the heroic bulldog that valiantly fought the dogs off until Davis could get a knife, she suffered significant injuries but was expected to make a recovery.

It’s hard to say what would have happened had Davis not had a knife handy. Perhaps she would have got her gun, which potentially would have led to a scarier and more dangerous situation with bullets flying. Maybe the pit bulls would have killed the dog and went for Davis and her daughter next.

Regardless of what-ifs, Chanda Davis was able to prevent a potentially deadly and harmful situation with two vicious pit bulls thanks to the use of a knife.


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  1. Who dont love a good knife

  2. That just proves my point that knives save more lives than take them.

  3. Yeah, I was walking my two 10 lb. Shih Tzu when a pit bull suddenly apeared. I picked up my two dogs. The pit bull jumped up and pulled one out of my arms biting her on the hind quarters. He was over her about to bite her. I pulled out my Kershaw folding knife and stabbed the pit bull twice in the side. It turned and ran off.

  4. knives can also take lives for example my cousin was stabed twelve times he never got to see thirteen…

  5. I always have at 3 or 4 knives with me. They’re the most useful tool you can carry-every blade has a different use. Leatherman’s been on my belt nearly 15 years, 3 different versions. If I have my pants on, the knives are there.

  6. ah shit happens. death happens all the time,it just some times hits home but thats,cant change…ironicly im an avid knife colector

  7. That’s a shame about your cousin. Too many people think a knife makes them ‘bad’, and don’t realize the movie stabs are fake, and they’re really serious. They’re a tool, and people get stupid with them just like everything else. You don’t hear as much abouit it as you do gun attacks, though. But I have to empty my pockets everytime I go into a Government office, since 9-11, and that’s ridicilous-gaurds tell me it’s for my safety as well. That’s bull, cause now I don’t have a weapon if some dummie goes nuts.

  8. I’m so happy to hear a positive outcome for a change. Quite often, this isn’t the case. Thank God you were able to get to it in time.

  9. Further proof that Pit Bulls should not be pets. Glad she had a knife on hand to make short work of one of those beasts.

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