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Is there such a thing as an ugly knife?

I’m faced with a question: is beauty in the eye of the knife holder?

Let me explain how I arrived at this very philosophical question. While strolling the Internet for interesting tools, I came across the knife you see to the right. As you probably notice, it is a custom-made knife with a really “unique” design. There were some debates on a forum over how it looks.

This is my opinion alone, but I think the knife is absolutely ugly. I’m sure the knifemaker, whom I believe is Rich Derespina, put a lot of thought and care into it, but I still think it’s hideous (to be fair, Rich has also created a bunch of cool knives).

I’ve looked at a lot of knives in my day, and though I’ve never said it out loud, there are some knives I think are flat out grotesque. However, I’m sure there are people out there that think all knives (whether designed for practical uses or art) are a labor of craftsmanship. Each knife is a matter of taste and there will always be someone out there who thinks a knife is beautiful (even if it’s only the knifemaker).

So what side are you on? Is there such a thing as an ugly knife or are they all beautiful in their own right? (Here’s another “artistic” knife below to help you with your decision.)

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  1. Yes it is..whr can I buy it!!!

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