The push dagger, also known as the fist knife, has a murky origin abroad, but it was thought to have been related to the katara punching sword of India. Regardless, the push dagger gained popularly in the 1800s and was utilized during the wars, due to its effective use in hand-to-hand combat.

While other knives, like folders and even most fixed blades, are considered useful tools, push daggers are widely deemed self-defense weapons. They were carried as defensive weapons because they are lightweight and easy to conceal. For that same reason, they are banned in certain localities. Still, if you’re an avid knife collector and want a solid push dagger, here are the best picks for sale at Knife Depot.

ShadowTech Knives Push Dagger, 2 in.

This 2-inch blade features a sharp cutting edge and is colored with black coating. You can buy it here.

United Cutlery Undercover Magnum Silver Push Dagger

Made from a solid piece of 420 stainless steel, this push dagger features a unique design. It also comes with a nylon sheath that attaches to your belt for quick access. It only costs $12.99.

Browning Knives Black Label Volatile Push Dagger

With a 4-inch blade, this push dagger from Browning features a comfortable G-10 laminate handle and a silver blade made from 154CM stainless steel. It also comes with a Blade-Tech molded polymer sheath. You can buy it here.

ShadowTech Knives Push Dagger, 3.5 in.

Another from ShadowTech knives, this push dagger is much longer and boasts a tanto edge. You can buy it here.

United Cutlery M48 Tactical Push Dagger

For a more versatile push dagger, the United Cutlery M48 is strong, durable and easy to carry. You won’t be disappointed.

United Cutlery Honshu Push Dagger Black Tanto Large

United Cutlery makes a range of large and small push daggers with various features. This dagger has a nearly 3-inch blade with a rubberized grip. You can buy it here.


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