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15 Bright Green Knives

best green knives

It’s an old tradition to wear something green on St. Patrick’s Day. Some people wear green shoelaces or a green hat, but if you’re the kind of knife nut who’s reading this blog, you’re probably going to carry green knives.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re looking at 15 great knives with green handles.

This article has been updated a few times since its first publication in 2014 to get rid of discontinued models and put some new ones.

Spyderco Pacific Salt 2, Green

We used to have the Dragonfly 2 in ZDP-189 in this spot, but that knife is no longer available. The Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 with modified drop point blade made from LC200N and bright green handle scales is the next best thing.

Kershaw Link, Olive

Olive is kind of a tamped down green color, so we decided to add it to this list. The Kershaw Link is one of the best US-made EDC folders, and Kershaw made it even better by making this version have premium 20CV steel with olive scales.

CobraTec Green Diablo

CobraTec has a number of excellent green knives, including the CobraTec Green Ryker. But the Green Diablo features a brighter green handle that complements the black-finished D2 blade.

Overall, this is a great EDC automatic that won’t break the bank.

Benchmade 9400 Osborne

When it comes to best green knives, the 940 Osborne has always been at the top. However, the newer automatic version of that iconic knife takes all the was lacking from the original and made it even better.

The green anodized aluminum scales are further boosted by the purple backspacer.

Electrifying California OTF

California legal OTF knives are becoming increasingly popular. These little out the front automatic knives have blades under two inches. Even though it’s small, it still works like a charm for most EDC tasks.

This inexpensive OTF has a dual action blade and bright green handle and is one of the cheapest green knives you can get.


The Tuna is based on the bluefin tuna fish, and while tuna is not normally green, designer Lucas Burnley probably thought it would stand out from the bunch better.

This knife has a forward momentum with a 3.22-inch blade and green G-10 front scale.

Tactical Extreme Karambit

This Tactical Extreme Karambit with assisted-opening blade and bright green handle is an excellent carry for those who love green.

The handle is eye-catching and perfectly overdone with a finger ring, cutouts, pivot collar, and more.

CRKT Minimalist

CRKT Minimalist Wharncliffe Blade

The Minimalist is such a versatile knife. It’s an all-around great fixed blade you can EDC with a minimalist design. Oh, and it has lovely hints of green in its almost nonexistent handle. The green comes out in different lights and angles.

Gerber 06 Auto 10th Anniversary

When the Gerber 06 Auto was first released, it only came in all-black variations. In 2016, Gerber celebrated the knife’s 10th anniversary with an OD green version that has a stonewashed finish. Needless to say, this model has essentially supplanted the original as the go-to choice.

The green aluminum handle is very understated and forgoes the heavy tactical look of the original for something that’s better equipped for EDC.

BnB Bodice Dagger

There’s something sleek and eye-catching about a Damascus blade that makes every other aspect of a knife really pop. That’s what happens with the BnB Bodice Dagger. The blade layering brings out the green Micarta sandwiched between polished steel bolsters.

Smith & Wesson M-9 Bayonet 

This is another popular knife that’s available in an all-black version. However, this green handled version is just as popular.

The knife itself is a classic M-9 bayonet design with a sawback blade and green rubber handle.

Condor Terrasaur

The Condor Terrasaur, which is designed by Joe Flowers, comes in a few variations, including a high-visibility orange model and all-black version. But the green remains the most popular of the bunch.

This is a no-nonsense survival knife with a scandi grind on the 4.2-inch blade and high impact polypropylene handle. It’s one of the best smaller survival knives out there.

Delta Force Legacy OTF

Delta Force Legacy OTF knives come in a ton of variations, including black, camouflage, blue, red, pink, and more. This green version is perfect for our list though.

It comes with a 2.75-inch spear-point two-tone blade that fires out of the handle with the push of the thumb actuator. The bright green handle features excellent texturing and subtle ergonomics.

Z-Hunter Throwing Set

We had to put at least one zombie-themed knife on this list because even though they’re not as popular as they were a few years ago, zombie knives are still pretty popular. Instead of the Z-Hunter Machete, we decided to put this Z-Hunter Throwing Knife Set on here.

The throwers themselves are pretty straightforward with a skeletonized handle. But the zombie green paracord around the handle gives it the color that we desire. The set comes with a target as well.

Benchmade Claymore, Ranger Green

Finally, we have the Benchmade Claymore. The Claymore is one of the most popular knife families at Knife Depot, and it unsurprisingly comes in different variations.

This one was a bit of a stretch because even though Benchmade calls these ranger green (and sometimes foliage green), they are very much on the verge of being brown. Still, if you carried this knife on St. Patrick’s Day, you could probably get out of being pinched.


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  5. Janice Dougherty

    March 13, 2024 at 8:13 pm

    My accumulation of green knives includes: Al Mar zipper pull, Izula Rowen, Swiss army, Swiss Army SD
    key chain size, Ka-Bar Dozier, Boker Plus, CRKT Minimalist, Spyderco Pacific Salt 2, + 2 1/2, & 3 inch glow in dark handle Spyderco, 2 1/2″ Rough Rider, Boker Plus Key chain, 3 bladed Boker plus, Farm&Field 2 1/2″. The pale green material holds the light energy longer than the darker pigment.

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