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Win a Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Multi-Tool!

Bear GryllsBear Grylls is a survivalist stud.  He jumps out of planes, eats eyeballs, swims with alligators and hurls himself into freezing, ice water.  He does pretty much every badass thing possible and he does it all in style, which is why he needs badass equipment all the time.

The Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Multi-Tool

Enter the Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Multi-Tool, a 12-part multi-tool that’s as rugged as Bear.

This all-in-one offers 12 total components: needle nose pliers, both fine-edge and serrated knives, saw, Phillips screwdriver, small and medium flat drivers, lanyard ring, bottle opener, can opener, scissors and wire cutters.

So,  if necessary, you can pry open a can of tuna, remove a splinter, cut through wire, saw through a rope, unscrew something, unscrew something else, cut a bandage and then, to celebrate everything you accomplished, pop open a cold beer—all with one tool!

The multi-tool is also light, weighing under 9 ounces, and its spring-loaded jaw makes it easy for one-handed use. In addition, it comes with a sweet nylon sheath and a Bear Grylls’ pocket survival guide, which has survival basics designed to help keep you alive if you are stranded in the wilderness.

This last feature got me thinking: What happens when Bear Grylls needs survival advice?  Who does he call, the survival gods? Well, maybe he calls you, yeah that’s right, you.

How to Win a Bear Grylls’ Ultimate Multi-Tool

If you want to win this multi-tool all you have to do is advise Bear on how to use his multi-tool to get out of the following situation, which, considering his reputation, is totally realistic.

Bear is standing on a rock in the middle of the Amazon River wearing nothing but camouflage briefs. On one bank there is a nest full of anacondas. On the other, there is a vicious-looking jaguar that hasn’t eaten in weeks. The river is full of piranhas.

Bear has possession of the following things:  a coconut, a monkey, two 16-ounce Budweiser bottles and 10 palm leaves, in addition to his Ultimate Multi-Tool with 12 components. Give Bear advice on how to escape to safety by entering your answer in the comment field below.

You must submit your entry (and you can only submit one) prior to Friday 10 p.m. Central Time.  Then, we’ll pick our top three favorites and publish them on the blog for readers to vote on. Be creative.  Be imaginative.  Good luck!

Daniel Lawton

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  1. Tucker Stephenson

    April 26, 2011 at 6:09 pm

    Use the cocunut for water, use the multi tool to kill and eat some of the monkey,use the palm leaves as a camouflage, cut the bottles to use as a snorkel then throw the monkey carcass into the water and wait for piranas to descend once they do swim to the side with the jaguar come slightly above water and find the best place to hit the embankment the water will mask ur scent and with the good camouflage you should be able to slowly slip past him and continue your path to safty

  2. wrap up in palm leaves layering loosely. carve up the monkey. use coconut to obtain the cats attention with blood on the nut. fill bottles for water supply. attract the cat to jump for monkey meat and make it fall into the river. swim to jags side of the river. phirranah are eating cat for supper. Jump long and swim fast.

  3. Eat the monkey for the nutrition. Use the saw on the multi-tool to attack the piranhas, kill one to intimidate the rest of them. Make a flotation device by wrapping the coconut in palm leaves. Feed the jaguar the beers; Once it gets drunk, sprint past it.

  4. first drink the cocanut milk for energy.then toss monkey into water to distract the pirana while he swims to oppisite shore from the jaguar. once on shore defend against snake attacks with the multi tool making sure to kill a faw to toss over to the hungry jaguar. cleaWhile the jaguar eats the snack use the multi tool to fassion a primitive bow and arrow or spear for defence he can use the bottoms of the beer bottles to nap out arrow or spear heads just in case mr jagaur is still hungry. once clear of all danger again use multi tool to construct fire and shelter usuing palm leaves as roofing material for shelter and to collect rain water.once compleated he can kick back in a dry and warm shelter and have a nice annaconda for dinner.

  5. First id drink the 2 beers. While drinking the buds id debone the monkey. Ok now id stuff the monkey guts into the beer bottles and take the meat and wrap it in the palm leaves. The take the remains of the monkey. First take the beer bottles and throw in the water with the guts in them trailing behind. That takes care of the fish. Then throw the remains over to the cat. He’ll take it and run off up a tree then use the cocanut milk to wash the meat and yourself with. Jump in and swim like hell. Then get on shore on the cat side make a spear and be on my way.

  6. Better drink my own piss…

  7. 1. Learn to speak monkey
    2. Persuade monkey using sound logic that he should assist in your escape and that teamwork will be essential to your combined success. He will understand because monkeys are fantastic at teamwork.
    3. Remove camouflaged briefs: everyone else in the scenario is naked, why do they get to have all the fun? Plus it will help foster camaraderie with the monkey.
    4. Use your Bear Grylls Multi-Tool to shred the briefs, construct a makeshift sling (think David and Goliath) and cut the coconut in half.
    5. The coconut shall be fashioned into a helmet (that’s padded with a few palm leaves for safety) for your small monkey friend so that you can sling him over the piranha infested river to the side with the jaguar.
    6. Once across the monkey will use his amazing speed and agility to outmaneuver the jaguar and run for help. He will be driven to succeed because he has given his word and also because you promised to share the beer with him on his return. Everyone knows that monkeys love beer and adventure.

    To survive you need imagination, teamwork, and motivation. And a very cool monkey.

  8. Use leaves to make a raft, float monkey over to offer the jaguar a beer. Using the other bottle, blowing a soothing tune, lure the anacondas into the river to become bait for the pirahanas. Apologize to the monkey, haul behind to the clear bank with your cocount and multi tool and run like the wind.

  9. Take the coconut and eat the inside of it,fill the inside full of 1 of the beers, then throw the half with beer at the jaguar so u get it drunk, then take the other half and throw it at the anacondas so they go away, then you take the monkey and throw it at the jaguar so if the jaguar is still hungary it can eat it,then you drink the last beer and drink it, then he can take the leaves and tie them around your body then jump as far as possible knife in hand swimming across stabbing all the pirannas that come in front of him.

  10. use a few of the palm leaves, the fuz on the coco nut, and ur multi tool to start a fire. fill one of the beer bottles with water,pry off a monkey rib, connect rib to both bottles with sap from a remaining palm leaf let water boil and filter into the clean bottle. save coco nut for later it will be a good sorce of energy. use whats left of the monkey to distract all preditors. once on a shore use vines sap and fallen trees “or saw some down using ur multi tool” to create a raft and float home .

  11. OK guys, this is too easy. Using the multi-tool, pop open the Bud’s and give ’em to the monkey. After two beers, he’s not gonna give much of a rip about anything. While he’s drinkin’ the beer, tie all of the palm leaves together, making a makeshift rope. Tie one end around one of the monkey’s ankles. Yeah, you guessed it, sacrifices must be made when it comes to survival. Toss the monkey towards the jaguar, getting him as close to the shore as you can. The jaguar will see the monkey insanely splasing around as the piranha go to work on him, smell the drunken fresh monkey meat (easy pickings, he figures) and jump in the river after him. Oops, too late!! Cats are so stupid. Instant monkey and jaguar meat piranha feast. Grab the coconut, jump in and swim for shore right past the disappearing monkey and jaguar. Those piranha will be so overwhelmed by the fresh monkey and jaguar meat that they won’t even notice a skinny little guy in camo skivvies. Once you make it to shore, use the multi-tool to crack open the cococut for a refreshing and energy-building drink and then get outta there. Don’t even go NEAR the snakes! I HATE snakes!!! 🙂

  12. cut up the monkey throw some in the water for the pirannas then when they go over to it go across the water towards the jag. then throw the rest of the monkey toward him away for you then use the coconut to get water n continue on your journey. then use ur palm leaves as a shelter or camo.

  13. i would throw the coconut at the jaguar throw the monkey in to the peronnas and swim toward the jugaur

  14. First kill the monkey with the knife in the multi tool if it’s not already dead, then take the biggest bone out and cut a notch in the end with the saw, next knap a shard of glass from the bottle into a spear head with the heel of the multi tool, cut a strip of the leather from the monkey hide and tie the spear head into the notch in the bone. This will make a small spear that can be used to fend off the jaguar if he decides to attack. Next drink the coconut milk but keep the coconut as intact as possible by using the knife to punch a small hole in it to get the milk out, this will allow the coconut to be used as a float inside the monkey carcass. Use the monkey intestines wrapped inside a palm leaf with leather tied around it to keep its shape as a snorkel. Use the rest of the leaves on top of the water as camouflage from the jaguar. Now you are prepared to leave the rock, 1st check everything to make sure that the snorkel doesn’t leak and the leaves will stay over you as camouflage, check the spear is sturdy and ready, that the monkey floats. 2nd throw the monkey near the bank by the jaguar and while the piranhas are eating it, being that it is so buoyant it will be bobbing up and down splashing and attract the jaguar and it will jump in and get the monkey and get attacked by piranha.3rd while the piranha and jaguar are distracted jump in and sneak across with the leaves over your head and breathing out of the snorkel and the spear in one hand. Once to the other side slowly walk in to the jungle so that the jaguar will not chase you unless you run. Once you’re away from the jaguar build a shelter and fire and get plenty of rest for the day to come then go down river and you’ll eventually reach help.

  15. ( although gruse some, hang with me… use the multi tool to cut open the coconut, and drink/eat it for nourishment during the process of preparing your escape. stash the two beers in the elastic band of your briefs to keep for later. After eating the coconut, slit the monkeys neck, draining the blood into the opened coconut, and cutting the monkey carcass into two pieces. Then, using the monkeys hair, tie the ten palm leaves together to create a psuedo-flotation device. Although thin, this should provide you with a good amount of surface area to hold onto and help keep afloat on. also, it can be used as a last- ditch defense mechanism to diatract the jaguar and make it seem that you are larger than reality by swinging them back and forth in front of the jaguars face. then, Just before diving in, toss one piece of the monkey carcass, as well as the blood-filled cocnut ( piranas love blood) as far downstream as you can. the carcass will atract the flesh hungry fish away from you and your escape route, and the drifting blood will keep them at bay, as well as atract the anacondas as far down river from you as they can get. then you dive in and swim across towards the bank with the jaguar, and upon reaching water shallow enough to stand, throw the rest of the monkey carcass as far in the out of the way of your best land escape route as possible. When he seems good and distracted, make a brake for it. Dont worry, i havnt forgotten about the beers, yes it would have been useful to use tham as snorkels but cutting through thick glass bottles is just a dangerous task and the last thing youd want in this situation is more blood. Anyway, after reaching a safe place, pull the bottles that have been held securely by the elastic band of the briefs out, and celebrate having made it out alive with two cold budweisers!

  16. i could use this i have a colection of them and this would b a great new 1 so pick me

  17. i chuckled soo hard i gigled everywhere

  18. Kalem James Nehls

    April 29, 2011 at 1:56 am

    first make a rope out of the palm leaves then tie the palm leaves rope to the monkey then toss the rope and monkey towards the jaguar and see if he can lure the jaguar into the piranhas. then after he has lured the jaguar into the water have him use the multi-tool to hook it to a nearby tree and bein’s the piranha and jaguar are distracted use the rope to pull yourself to safety. then sit on the bank with the monkey and each drink a budwieser

  19. Cut the monkey, (not a lethal wound, just enough to bleed), let him bleed in the water to attract the piranha’s…then toss hin over near the jaguar….he’ll chase the monkey to eat, into the water, pirahas take care of him…wade to shore….then shake the two Buds vigorously ! ! ! When approaching the anaconda poke a small hole in the bottle cap and spray beer in the eyes of the snake…..then run like hell….watch out for cannibals ! ! !

  20. first use the multi tool to kill the monkey remove the guts and use them to distract the fish using the beer bottles throw them at the cat to scare him away then use the plam leaves and the coconut to make a float get across the river on the side that the cat was on pick the bottles back up and push farther down stream in hope of finding civiliztaion or a place to rest. staying close to the river will improve the chance of finding help.

  21. first use some of the leaves for camo. second drink the beers and break the end of the bottle..use the bottle as a weapon to kill the snakes along with your MULTI TOOL. take one of the leaves you didnt use and make a twine out of it and break your multi tool to make a hook (if possible) put some snake on the line and and catch the fish. eat the fish raw after gutting them then tread through the water and throw your monkey and fish and snake you have left over to the side and hold your milti tool with your knife out and the glass bottle in another hand. be ready if it strikes. run and get up hill to see what you can and find your way to civilization

  22. Due to the fact that Bear is in the Amazon he also has the use of natural products. As all know the Amazon is full of vines. Bear could use his multi-purpose tool to fashion vines into ropes. He could then take his trained monkey (I assume) and have the monkey climb across the river to the Anaconda side of the river using the jungle canopy and secure rope to the side of the river away from the Jag using the coconut as an anchor woven into the vines to be placed in between forks in the branches. he could swing over the nest of Anaconda’s to reletive safety. The two bottles can be used to store water for consumption. The coconut could be used for nutrition as well as the hust could be converted into kindling for starting fires. The ten palms can be used for shelter as well as make shift apparel to cover his body. With all the vines he could fashion hooks and lines to fish for the parana to cook and consume.

  23. Drink cocunut water to get hidrated, kill the monkey and eat some of it for proteins. Put the monkey’s blood into the beer bottles, and cut the monkey in to pieces. Throw one piece of the monkey’s meat to the jaguar and keep him occupied, another piece of meat and a bottle of blood to the anacondas and the piranhas for the same objective. Save two or three pieces of meat and bottles of blood to give to the piranhas during the crossing of the river and then sweam as fast as you can to the bank on the side of the anacondas, but of course away from them. Be safe and have fun.

  24. Take the knife and skin some string of one of the leaves and tie 5 together and the other 5 together separately, next wrap yourself with one set of 5 to help offer some protection from pirana bites. Now kill the monkey and split the coconut both with the tool, soak the monkey with one of the beers and drink the other to slow your nervous to help reduce the pain of pirana bites. Next throw the monkey in to the water down stream then throw the coconut upstream towards the jaguars then jump swimming towards the shore of anacondas with 5 of the tied leaves wrapped around you, and the other 5 held under you as a natural barrier once to the shore toss the 5 held as a barrier on the anacondas and run like crazy and if caught whip out the knife and start hacking.

  25. take the monkey and cut it up and throw it in the water then take the cocanut and throw it at the jaguar to get his attention to it then swim across the river and use the leaves as camo from the jaguar and there u have it your safe and back on shore

  26. say the hell with it, become a politician where you really need a survival knife

  27. William b Stauffer

    April 30, 2011 at 7:29 am

    Be realistic,your situation is dire! I know you are pretty good at what you do so let’s just use your deductive reasoning skills and first take the weapons,grenades,handguns, etc out of the pack on the monkeys back and do what you must!!.Then use the SAT phone witch was also in the pack and call in your position to a chopper to pick you up through the wondrous wide open canopy above you! Feed the coconuts to some hungry native kids , drink all the beer on the chopper because, hey that was dangerous for a time !!!’ Now, You might ask where The pack with all those goodies came from? My reply,the same place you got the snakes,Jag,killer fish, and the whole insane plot from!!!!! Oh, by the way ,keep that monkey because you really owe him!!!!!! Thanks for the fun!!!

  28. pop open the beers with the multitool. pour one into the river to get the pihrannas drunk enough for you to cross the river. give the coconut to the monkey to gain its trust. Tie the leaves into a skirt. put it on the monkey. give the other beer to the jaguar, enough so to get it drunk enough so that the monkey in the skirt looks hot. as the jaguar gets distracted by the monkeys erotic dance, cut off your shorts with your knife and tie them around the jaguar’s head, blinding it. You and the monkey sprint away into the jungle where you use the monkeys hunting/survival skills (it knows the jungle more than you) and a classic bear grylls survival technique of drinking your own urine long enough to make it to safety.

  29. throw the beer bottles across the river twords the jaguar for a distraction, then use the multi tool to get some coconut meat out of the coconut for energy because you will need it , throw the monkey over twords the snakes and let them have it then jump over while their eating him and kill them, after you have killed them make a rope out of them and throw the rest of the coconut at the jaguar for him to eat, put the knife in your hand from the multi tool and throw the rope over and secure it on something on the other side were the jaguar is, secure the other side on the rock, make your way down the rope to the other side, when over on the other side stab the jaguar in the neck five times, make your way to civalization.

  30. What you want to do is pop open the Budweiser bottles using your BG multi-tool and go ahead and enjoy them! After 20 minutes and you get a great buzz from the quality beer cut the coconut open with your BG multi-tool and let the monkey get a taste of the milk, then drink the rest for energy, you should be well hydrated by this point!… then throw the coconut as far as you can down stream so the dumb monkey will jump in a go after it to drawing the piranhas to the monkey. While the piranhas are busy shreading the monkey to peices swim quickly to the side of the nest of anacondas and once on shore throw the 10 palm leaves over the anacondas walking and jumping over them to escape! Then continue on your mission because your Bear Grylls and you always get out alive!

  31. Spencer Bushell

    May 2, 2011 at 3:54 am

    The first and most important step is to drink the beers: you don’t want em warm. After you crack open a beer, use the coconut to kill the monkey, because the monkey is a liability if he is alive (he might take the beer). Braid the palms into rope, and skin the monkey. Use the hide as one of them overpriced cat toys that have the tail, and set it aside. Cut up the monkey carcass, and use the parts tied to the rope to fish for the pirannhas. Let them bite and pull them in, quickly kill them and put them by the ride. Change out monkey parts as needed until all pirannhas have been brought in. Use the fish guts and leftover monkey guts and throw them downstream, to distract the possible left over pirannhas. Swim across, making sure to bring over every resource. Land by the jaguar, and throw the gutted pirannhas for it to eat. Tie the rope you made to the carcass, and distract the jaguar, once he is in range, smash an empty bottle over its head, now you got a dead jaguar. Drink the coconut milk if dehydrated, save leftovers. however, since you are Bear Grylls, you have to go over to the anacondas to. Use the jaguar carcass to distract the anacondas, and use the rope to lasso the biggest one. Swiftly leap on its back and ride it like a bull, and crush the head with the coconut shells. Eat it and smile for the cameras. Then catch all the anacondas, and weave them into a raft to go down river. Find a village, and charm a local with your accent and you are set with food, water, and an anaconda raft. Skin em and make them into boots. Look for more beer.

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