If you follow the Badass Knife of the Week, you’ll notice that the knives trend toward the simple yet effective models without much fluff. The Damascus from Boker Plus eschews that trend, but with good reason.

This knife is highly functional but it’s also darn beautiful.

From our experience with this model, people love talking about and looking at this knife, so be prepared for gawking if you carry it around.

Boker Plus Damascus ClosedThe knife’s mesmerizing, 71-layer Damascus steel blade and bolsters look incredible in person, and the layers shine through like wood grain.

And just because it’s handsome doesn’t mean it’s not any less useful. The 3 1/8-inch, super-sharp blade is just as functional as Boker’s more rugged models.

The beauty doesn’t end there though.

An unexpected element of wildness is added to the knife through the genuine stag handle.

The handle also offers some ergonomic curves that fit the hand perfectly and the balance of the knife is great. At an overall length of 7 inches, the knife complete with a clip-point blade makes a solid EDC.

Whether you’re looking for a knife to carry around for everyday tasks or want a new blade for your collection, this folder is one badass knife that can successfully manage multiple personalities.

Find out more about this Badass Knife of the Week by visiting the Boker Plus Damascus Pocket Knife with Stag Handle product page.


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