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Watch Martial Artist Wield Nunchucks-with-Knives

Since man first started using knives, he’s been doing one of two things.

1) He’s been using knives for things they weren’t meant for, like throwing them at an oversized novelty playing card while an assistant holds it. 2) He’s been creating crazy creations with knives that shouldn’t exist, like the knife gun or the knife chainsaw.

Well, one guy managed to do both of those at once.

Nunchucks with knives

Before we get to the meat of the story, let’s once again preface this with a do-not-try-this-at-home disclaimer.

A Polish martial artist named Kacper Borowski decided to take his artful skill of twirling things to the next level by affixing knives to his nunchucks.

While we’ve seen this in games like Soulcalibur, it’s still crazy to watch someone do this, and I admittedly held my breath hoping he would come to his senses and stop.

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Knife Throwing Boy Uses Mom in Circus Act

(Picture: Adam Gerrard)

(Picture: Adam Gerrard)

Meet Edward Pinder. He’s a 10-year-old British boy who does his homework and invites his friends over to hang out. Oh, and he hurls knives at his mother.

No, Edward doesn’t throw knives at his mom out of malice. He’s actually a member of a traveling circus show in the UK and his mother is his assistant.

(Before we proceed with this story, we must give the obligatory don’t-try-this-at-home warning for those who are crazy enough to think it’s a good idea to throw knives at your mother.)

The young boy, who some claim is possibly the youngest knife thrower in Europe, is surprisingly precise at throwing knives dangerously close to his mother. He admits he’s never actually hit his mom but that he’s come close. His mom and dad are also part of the circus, so his developing abilities are not very shocking. But his mother must have a lot of trust in her son to allow him to throw sharp knives near her head.

Here’s an excerpt of his mother from an article:

Following last week’s performance, mother-of-two Mrs Pinder said: “I was a bit nervous, but Edward was really calm and everything was fine – and the audience really enjoyed it.

“It was really, really scary when I was waiting for him to throw his first knife at me.”

She added: “I had seen him practice and knew he could throw in a straight line, but my heart was jumping, I was terrified.”

Don’t think for one second that the boy is using training knives or throwing knives that won’t harm his mother because he uses razor-sharp, professional throwing knives.

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Knife Lost During Construction Returned 22 Years Later

We all know what it’s like to have a favorite a knife. That one piece of steel that conforms perfectly to your grip, never seems to lose its edge and gets you out of any bind. Chances are you also know what it’s like to lose your favorite knife.

That’s what happened to one construction worker 22 years ago, according to KCTV 5. While helping in the construction of St. Luke Hospital’s Heart Institute in Kansas City, Mo., Bill Wall dropped his knife into a wall and was unable to retrieve it. So, he made a sign saying he dropped his knife and would like it back. Then, he threw it in after the lost knife.

Twenty-two years later, that heart institute is being redone as a new neuroscience institute and one of the construction workers found the lost knife.

While construction worker Greg Dunwoodie sought out Bill Wall, he found his son Alan who explained that Bill had died three years ago.

Still, the fact that Dunwoodie went out of his way to return the knife to its original owner indicates a sort of kindness and appreciation for knives that’s hard to find in this world. By returning the knife, Dunwoodie allowed Alan Wall to reminisce about the humor and love for the absurd his dad embraced.

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Things Not To Do With a Knife: Laugh With One in Your Throat

The other day I found myself at the famed Coney Island, known for its hot dog eating contests, old rickety rides and the Coney Island Sideshow.

As I entered the freak show, I saw the typical display of talents: a man who can breath fire and hammer nails into his head, a woman who dances with a massive snake, a hilarious man who suffers from ectrodactylyl and, of course, Betty Bloomerz.

Betty Bloomerz, the beautiful female sword swallower, danced around the dim stage with these massive knives all the way down her throat. It was an amazingly impressive display that you should see in person at least once.

Except for Betty—a true professional who has performed around the world—swallowing knives is something you should never try to demonstrate at home.

Unfortunately, one 30-year-old woman from Atlanta didn’t get the memo.

Apparently, she had lost her gag reflex due to a battle with bulimia and was trying to demonstrate her lack of gag reflex to her friends with a butter knife. But, one of her friends made a hilarious comment that caused her to laugh and—gulp!—the knife slide down her esophagus.

She started feeling pain in her chest and vomiting blood, according to the New York Daily News.

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New cufflinks are perfect for the suave knife lover

True knife lovers always have a blade nearby, but sometimes those special events like weddings or black tie functions prevent you from carrying your favorite knife. Well, fear not.

According to Geekosystems, there are now cufflinks in the shape of small pocketknives with functioning blades. The small cufflinks are likely more ornamental and novel, akin to Boker’s awesome .44 magnum bullet knife, than practical.

The site that sells them says the blades are as sharp as real knives, and they can be used to slice those pesky loose threads on clothing. However, I can’t imagine possibly using the cufflinks in any way that’s helpful.

Still, these $56.95 miniature stainless steel knives are perfect gifts for the classy knife lover in your family.

Another idea instead of having these overt cufflinks is to make them hidden. That way when your date has some dirt under her nails or needs to cut off a wayward tag in a pinch, you can pull out the tiny blades like a debonair James Bond.

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Knife chainsaw: Does it top the machete slingshot?

Steak knife chain saw

From the man who brought you the pleasantly absurd machete slingshot comes his latest masterpiece of destruction: the chainsaw made of steak knives.

On his YouTube channel The Slingshot Channel, Jörg Sprave creates a variety of innovative devices, mostly slingshot-related, for fun. Like all of his creations, the steak knife saw is surprisingly simple. He took a power drill purchased through Amazon, attached it to a wheel, which is connected to yet another wheel, and affixed a slew of razor-sharp steak knives around the smaller wheel.

He got the idea for his homemade steak saw after someone suggested he find different ways to weaponize household products. So, he went through his cabinet, saw a steak knife and decided to make this unbelievable device.

Here’s some clever posturing from Gizmodo:

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Man Walks Into Diner and Orders Coffee…with a 5-inch Knife in Chest

Sometimes we like to take a walk back in time, traveling down the historical path of men who have simply proven themselves to be more badass than we are. Or could ever hope to be.

Today, we may have hit a dead end. We will never find someone more badass than this.

The story sounds like the beginning of a corny joke. “A man walks into a diner..”

But let’s finish the sentence.

“A man walks into a diner with a 5 inch knife in his chest. He orders a coffee and complains about the cold weather.”

On December 23, 2009, a 911 operator in Warren, Michigan received a phone call from an unidentified 52-year old man. He told the operator, “I’m gonna sit down at Bray’s ’cause they got a chair and it’s cold out here.”

A diner employee reported that the man was calm as he ordered his coffee.

The man had apparently been stabbed in an attempted robbery half a mile away. He, then, walked the distance to a pay phone that was located in the diner’s parking lot. Ambulances arrived at the diner and took him to the hospital, where he recovered.

Sure, we can understand that it was probably pretty chilly in Michigan in late December, and we definitely get the need to warm up in a diner with a hot cup of coffee. But really, shouldn’t you get that knife taken care of first? Guess we’re just not as badass as this guy…


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76-year-old sword swallower seeks Guinness record

When most people envision their golden years, Caribbean cruises, leisurely walks on the beach and golf come to mind. Not so for 76-year-old James “Lucky” Ball, a  former insurance salesman, who spends his spare time swallowing swords.

Ball,  who lives in Oakley,  Kansas, has been a prolific sword swallower for 64 years and still perfects the craft in his basement.

Ball  learned how to swallow swords from his parents, both of whom were entertainers in the circus.

 “I asked my mother when are you going to teach me to swallow swords?  And she said right now,'” he said.

Ball’s father  was also a talented sword swallower, who was featured in Robert Ripley’s Believe it or Not.

Ball  no longer works for  the carnival and said that his only performances now are in front of small groups of people.  However, that doesn’t mean he’s lost his sword swallowing ambition: the 76-year-old hopes to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the oldest sword swallower .

“Ok folks, at 76-years-old I can still do the act out of 7 billion people in the entire world. I am the only one who has been doing this for 64 years and I thank you very much,”  he said.

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Man buys $16,000 sword that doesn’t exist in reality

The man with a plaque showing his virtual sword.

What kind of sword would you be willing to dish out $16,000 for? Maybe a well-made katana from the 14th century or perhaps a ceremonial sword used by the heroes of the Revolutionary War?

One Chinese man decided to buy an epic sword called the “Hook of Departure” for that amount of money. The only catch is that it’s a virtual sword for a video game.

The sword is for a game called the Age of Wulin, which is a huge multiplayer online role-playing game like the World of Warcraft but set in ancient China.

We poked fun at Nicholas Cage a while back for buying a $2,000 knife made with mammoth ivory simply to cut his steak with. The difference between those who buy outrageously expensive things for trivial purposes and this man is that his sword doesn’t exist.

The kicker of the whole thing is that when he bought the sword back in December, the game wasn’t even out yet. It was set to release in China soon with an English version coming our way in spring.

I often fantasize about what I’d do if I won the lottery or acquired a couple thousand dollars. Sure that amount of money is nothing when you have a few million dollars, but it’s hard to imagine spending money on something that only exists in reality for a game that will be outdated in a few years.

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Guess what Nicolas Cage plans to do with his custom-made $2,000 knife

If you’ve ever seen the movies Ghost Rider, Vampire’s Kiss or the truly bizarre remake of Bad Lieutenant, you know actor Nicolas Cage is absolutely out of his mind.

He is known for his wild behavior, questionable antics, unbridled spending and now may even be a vampire as demonstrated by a picture found of him from the 1870s. (As a somewhat related aside, I was an extra in a movie starring Cage and I can honestly say the man is frighteningly insane.) So, what do knives and Nicolas Cage have in common?

According to the entertainment site TMZ, Cage was spotted at a custom knife store in Alaska called Northern Knives. The store sells some pretty awesome knives with handles made out of interesting materials. Check out the amazing blade with a stellar sea cow handle made by Bob Merry below. With these types of knives, it’s not surprising Cage would find himself in the shop.

However, he ended up spending about $2,000 on a great knife there. Here’s what TMZ wrote:

We’re told Cage fell in love with a Don Dezarn original — which featured MAMMOTH IVORY in the handle and a patriotic bald eagle engraved onto the 4-inch blade.

Although it’s not crazy for anyone to spend that much money on a great decorative knife (even though Cage owes millions to the government in taxes), he said he was going to use the knife to cut steak. It’s one thing to buy a great knife to put on display or even use for outdoor activities, but to take this great knife and use it to cut steak seems unnecessary and a disgrace to the knifemaker who put so much care into it.

I guess it’s not that surprising considering we’re talking about the man in these clips below.

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Sword swallower arrest in NYC is hard to swallow

If you weren’t already aware of New York City’s overly staunch dedication to ridding sharp objects from existence, this story of one entertainer’s experience will certainly make you familiar.

An acclaimed Australian sword swallower was arrested on the streets of New York City as he entertained crowds with his unique skills, according to the Northern Star.

The Space Cowboy, whose real name is Chayne Hultgren, was taken to the station for “brandishing a sword in public.”

The man, who holds the unofficial world record of swallowing 27 swords and the official world record of 18, was performing in front of a large crowd when a police officer approached him.

As someone who lives literally across the street from an NYPD station, I feel particularly incredulous at what the Space Cowboy claims the police said to him. He said an officer told him, “I don’t care if you are a sword swallower, you were holding a sword in public and I have every right to shoot you.”

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New emergency knife folds into a credit card

A design company has created an amazingly unique folding knife that’s the size of a credit card.

Known as the “Cardsharp” by the company Iain Sinclair, the new creation is billed as a superlight and supersharp utility knife.

When the knife is closed in its disengaged position, it’s the exact shape of a credit card, but when it’s opened, the knife features a sharp blade smaller than three inches long.

While the concept might sound a bit campy, the pictures make the whole thing look very cool.

The website lists some of its uses to include camping, fishing, utility, cooking, medical, emergency services, medical uses, self-defense and others.

There are many reasons why this knife is impressive, such as the fact it weighs less than 5 ounces, is made from surgical stainless steel and is waterproof.

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Things not to do with a knife: Remove your own hernia

There are a wide variety of things people know you should never do with a knife. For example, everyone knows you should never attach a knife to a rooster’s leg as one unfortunate man found out.

And, one California man reminded us of another thing you shouldn’t do: don’t plunge a butter knife into your stomach to remove a hernia.

Yes, a 63-year-old man from Glendale California was so fed up with his protruding hernia that he grabbed a butter knife in a futile attempt to remove it, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Not that I condone this type of behavior, but you’d think if he really wanted to remove it, he’d use something sharper than a butter knife (don’t try this at home!).

Police found the man lying naked on his front porch, and after he created the hole in his stomach, he shoved a lit cigarette in the wound.

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Excessive swordplay with katana lands man in jail

The next time you’re swinging your sword around your apartment, you might want to tone it down a bit.

According to The Capital Times, one man went a little overboard after his sword pierced the drywall and entered his neighbor’s apartment.

The 21-year-old man was using a sharpened Japanese sword as he recorded himself (I imagine in the same fashion as the Star Wars kid), but became a little too enthusiastic and plunged the sword through the wall.

He was taken down to the station on the charge of second-degree reckless endangerment because even though he was doing it in his apartment, it carried over into the neighbor’s apartment without warning.

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Sword-Wielding, Waterskiing Fish Hunters: Smart or Insane?

Every now and then there’s a video so utterly crazy that it starts to seem like a good idea… well, almost.

Two men, fed up with the invasive Asian Carp species heading toward the Great Lakes, took to the river armed with samurai swords, Wolverine-like steel claws and spiked body armor. And, what’s the best way to hunt Asian Carp with swords? On water skis of course.

According to the video, Asian Carps were brought to America and immediately invaded the waters. Now, the leaping fish are heading toward the Great Lakes and the government is trying to stop them with poison or genetic engineering. The two guys, who call themselves the Peoria Carp Hunters, are using their own ingenious ways to combat the large fish.

Keep in mind that these are “professionals” so you should definitely not strap spikes to your body, grab a sword and go waterskiing, not that you’d probably want to anyway.

Take a look at the video and let us know whether you think these guys are cool or off their rocker.

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Umbrella that looks like sword mistaken for gun

In very odd news, a mall in Boston was put on lockdown after a man carrying an umbrella that resembles the handle and sheath of a samurai sword was thought to actually be carrying a rifle.

Although this isn’t 100% knife-related news, it’s still fascinating to see how people react to weapons, whether it’s something that looks like a sword or perhaps looks like a gun. It also raises the question as to whether people should be allowed to carry objects that look like weapons.

One of the police officers who responded to the incident said that although it’s a free country and people should be able to buy what they please, people should not buy an item that looks like a weapon based on pure common sense.

This isn’t the first time these umbrellas caused controversy. Last summer, a SWAT team was called to an Atlanta university after students reported someone was carrying a samurai sword. Of course, the deadly sword turned out to be a harmless umbrella.

So, what do you think? Would you wear one of these cool-looking umbrellas knowing that people might mistake it for a sword or would you rather keep your real samurai sword safely at home?

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