True knife lovers always have a blade nearby, but sometimes those special events like weddings or black tie functions prevent you from carrying your favorite knife. Well, fear not.

According to Geekosystems, there are now cufflinks in the shape of small pocketknives with functioning blades. The small cufflinks are likely more ornamental and novel, akin to Boker’s awesome .44 magnum bullet knife, than practical.

The site that sells them says the blades are as sharp as real knives, and they can be used to slice those pesky loose threads on clothing. However, I can’t imagine possibly using the cufflinks in any way that’s helpful.

Still, these $56.95 miniature stainless steel knives are perfect gifts for the classy knife lover in your family.

Another idea instead of having these overt cufflinks is to make them hidden. That way when your date has some dirt under her nails or needs to cut off a wayward tag in a pinch, you can pull out the tiny blades like a debonair James Bond.

Although these aren’t hidden, they can easily fall under the category of everyday objects that can have knives in them, which includes canes, combs, belt buckles and keys.

Where do you think they will put a blade next?


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