Steak knife chain saw

From the man who brought you the pleasantly absurd machete slingshot comes his latest masterpiece of destruction: the chainsaw made of steak knives.

On his YouTube channel The Slingshot Channel, Jörg Sprave creates a variety of innovative devices, mostly slingshot-related, for fun. Like all of his creations, the steak knife saw is surprisingly simple. He took a power drill purchased through Amazon, attached it to a wheel, which is connected to yet another wheel, and affixed a slew of razor-sharp steak knives around the smaller wheel.

He got the idea for his homemade steak saw after someone suggested he find different ways to weaponize household products. So, he went through his cabinet, saw a steak knife and decided to make this unbelievable device.

Here’s some clever posturing from Gizmodo:

And even though Joerg laments the saw’s lack of power due to the cheap battery-powered drill he used, it’s still able to easily slash its way through fresh fruit, cans of beer, and probably the occasional over-grilled steak. As dangerous weapons go, this has to rank among the slingshot master’s finest creations. And we pity the poor sap who accidentally trespasses on this guy’s property.

The fact that some are saying this is his most destructive weapon yet is telling. This is the guy who created a slingshot gatling gun, slingshot cannon and (the horror!) a slingshot that launches iPhones.

Take a look at the video and tell us what you think.