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Guess what Nicolas Cage plans to do with his custom-made $2,000 knife

If you’ve ever seen the movies Ghost Rider, Vampire’s Kiss or the truly bizarre remake of Bad Lieutenant, you know actor Nicolas Cage is absolutely out of his mind.

He is known for his wild behavior, questionable antics, unbridled spending and now may even be a vampire as demonstrated by a picture found of him from the 1870s. (As a somewhat related aside, I was an extra in a movie starring Cage and I can honestly say the man is frighteningly insane.) So, what do knives and Nicolas Cage have in common?

According to the entertainment site TMZ, Cage was spotted at a custom knife store in Alaska called Northern Knives. The store sells some pretty awesome knives with handles made out of interesting materials. Check out the amazing blade with a stellar sea cow handle made by Bob Merry below. With these types of knives, it’s not surprising Cage would find himself in the shop.

However, he ended up spending about $2,000 on a great knife there. Here’s what TMZ wrote:

We’re told Cage fell in love with a Don Dezarn original — which featured MAMMOTH IVORY in the handle and a patriotic bald eagle engraved onto the 4-inch blade.

Although it’s not crazy for anyone to spend that much money on a great decorative knife (even though Cage owes millions to the government in taxes), he said he was going to use the knife to cut steak. It’s one thing to buy a great knife to put on display or even use for outdoor activities, but to take this great knife and use it to cut steak seems unnecessary and a disgrace to the knifemaker who put so much care into it.

I guess it’s not that surprising considering we’re talking about the man in these clips below.


  1. Whats wrong with using a high end knife to cut steak? I would wager most knife makers would be extremely happy that their knives are seeing some actual use!

  2. At least he’s using it.

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