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15 Bright Green Knives

best green knives

It’s an old tradition to wear something green on St. Patrick’s Day. Some people wear green shoelaces or a green hat, but if you’re the kind of knife nut who’s reading this blog, you’re probably going to carry green knives.

In honor of St. Patrick’s Day, we’re looking at 15 great knives with green handles.

This article has been updated a few times since its first publication in 2014 to get rid of discontinued models and put some new ones.

Spyderco Pacific Salt 2, Green

We used to have the Dragonfly 2 in ZDP-189 in this spot, but that knife is no longer available. The Spyderco Pacific Salt 2 with modified drop point blade made from LC200N and bright green handle scales is the next best thing.

Kershaw Link, Olive

Olive is kind of a tamped down green color, so we decided to add it to this list. The Kershaw Link is one of the best US-made EDC folders, and Kershaw made it even better by making this version have premium 20CV steel with olive scales.

CobraTec Green Diablo

CobraTec has a number of excellent green knives, including the CobraTec Green Ryker. But the Green Diablo features a brighter green handle that complements the black-finished D2 blade.

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15 Bold Knives with Blue Handles

This post was originally published back in Jan 2016 but was updated in January 2024 to include newer models.

Not fond of all the black-handled knives out there? Well, we’ve got a series of posts for you.

We’re exploring some of the best knives in different handle colors. Knives with orange handles and knives with green handles are already in the bag, so we thought blue-handled knives were in order.

You can find other blue knives by searching at, but hopefully some of these will inspire your own blue period.

Kershaw Blur

Let’s kick things off with an iconic EDC from Kershaw. The Blur is available in all types of colors and materials.

This version with navy blue scales and black Trac-Tec inserts is quite a looker.

Hogue Ballista I

The Ballista is a real beauty and one of the best EDC automatics to come out in the past five years (it’s not surprise we named it one of the best new knives of 2022).

This version has blue aluminum scales with a drop point blade, but the Hogue Ballista I available in a few different iterations

Spyderco Resilience

Spyderco went through and upgraded some of the knives on its Value Series of folders named after admirable traits. The Resilience is one of our favorites because it’s much longer with a 4.2-inch blade. It uses S35VN steel and a dark blue FRN handle.

Cold Steel Tuff Lite

Cold Steel is best known for its huge folders, but the Tuff Lite may very well be the best EDC Cold Steel has to offer. This small Wharncliffe-bladed folder uses Demko’s Tri-Ad locking mechanism. This version has an eye-catching blue handle.

KA-BAR Dozier Folding Hunter

The Dozier Folding Hunter has been a mainstay of KA-BAR, so it’s no surprise this folding hunting knife continues to receive praise and varied colors.

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7 Striking Orange Knives

This article on orange knives was originally published in 2015 but has been updated to include newer models.

If you look at all the colors that knives and their handles come in, you’ll notice a trend. Yup, they’re pretty much all black. Black is a popular color for knives because of its lowkey appearance and versatility.

While the majority of people opt for those sexy black knives, it’s the other colors that don’t get enough love. So we decided to do a series of posts dedicated to those knives in different colors.

So today we’re looking at orange knives.

1. CIVIVI Elementum

The Elementum is one of the best EDC knives ever made due to its simple yet effective design and highly competitive price. This knife is available in tons of variations, but for this post, the Elementum with orange G-10 scales and a black blade is perfect.

It really gets into the spirit of the fall and Halloween, but it can be a great knife to carry year-round.

2. Colonial M-724 Paratrooper Auto

The Colonial Knife Company Paratrooper Auto is by far the oldest knife on this list. The M-724 is currently issued in all military aircraft ejection seat survival kits. It has everything you need for survival.

The blade is 2.78 inches long and opens with the press of a button. There’s also a manual-opening shroud cutter that can be used by parachutists and those in need of a seat-belt cutter.

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See Red With These 10 Fiery Red Knives

best red knives

This post was originally published in 2016 and updated in 2023.

Red is a color with tons of meaning. To some, it means energy. To others, it means strength. No matter what stock you put in the color red, there’s no denying it adds tons of personality and heart to a knife.

We wrote this post way back in 2016; unfortunately, all of those models have since been put out to pasture.

Not to fear though; we’ve updated our list to include 10 knives that are available for your enjoyment.

Take a look at our pick of some of the best knives with red handles.

1. Victorinox Tinker

Let’s start things off with an icon: the Swiss Army Knife.

To be honest, this list could have been nothing but different SAKs, but we thought it would only to be fair to include different models as well.

The model we’re picking for this list is the Tinker. This is what I like to call a “jack of all trades and a master of all” multi-tool, thanks to its screwdriver, blades, bottle opener, can opener, awl, and more.

It’s one of the best Swiss Army Knives.

2. Tactical Extreme Karambit

From a handy little multi-tool to a unique spring-assisted karambit.

The Tactical Extreme Karambit features a 3-inch black blade with an assisted-opening mechanism. But the real selling point of this knife is the red aluminum handle.

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10 Shamelessly Pink Knives

The color pink evokes a wave of emotions and feelings, including love, beauty, femininity, and tenderness. You may not think those sentiments match up with the rough-and-tumble world of knives, but you’re sorely mistaken.

Knives are tools for all types of people and personalities, from the stock trader and lumberjack to the fashion designer and plumber.

For all those who enjoy the look and temperament of the color pink, we assembled a list of 10 fetching pink-handled knives.

1. Ontario RAT I


We’re kicking things off with a highly renowned EDC. The Ontario RAT I was on our list of best EDC knives for those on a budget. With its 3.5-inch satin-finished blade, the knife is known for taking a beating and still performing.

This knife is great for everything, including the outdoors and around the house. The nylon handle is a delectable pink.

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2. Kershaw Chive, Pink


The Kershaw Chive is a nice little knife with an alluring shape. From the inventive mind of Ken Onion, this knife features a small 1.9-inch blade made of 420HC stainless steel with a bead-blasted finish.

It bursts to life using the Speedsafe assisted-opening mechanism. The 6061-T6 anodized aluminum handle is finished with a pink that won’t wear off.

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3. Spyderco Squeak

spyderco squeak 2

With a blade length just under 2 inches, the Spyderco Squeak is another knife that fits nonchalantly in a bag or pocket. The pink handle is FRN.

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Add Color To Your Collection With These Rainbow Knives

There’s no question black is the predominant color of knives these days. While a black knife is sleek, badass, and non-descript, it can get a little boring. That’s why we’ve been looking at knives in every color.

If you’re really looking to add some color to your EDC, these 10 rainbow knives will definitely do the trick. This is another addition to our series of posts looking at knives in different colors.

United Cutlery Honshu Karambit


The Honshu Karambit from United Cutlery was a previous Badass Knife of the Week because of its design and versatility. This popular karambit got the rainbow treatment on its 4-inch curved blade. It has a colorful titanium rainbow finish that gives it a nice sheen.


Jack Ripper Rainbow Throwing Knives


The throwing knife hobby is a naturally flashy sport. It features knives hurling through the air at an ornate bullseye. Adding a rainbow finish to the mix makes it colorful without looking gimmicky.

This three-piece Jack Ripper Throwing Knife Set is made from 440 stainless steel with an excellent balance.


Kershaw Rainbow Ken Onion Leek


If you want to talk about rainbow knives, the Kershaw Leek is the first thing that should come to mind. Back in 2002, Kershaw won the “Overall Knife of the Year” award at the BLADE Show for its revolutionary Rainbow Leek.

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10 Yellow Knives For Those Who Enjoy a Little Color in Their Tools

Yellow is the color of energy, optimism, and hope. That’s why it’s no surprise so many rescue knives feature yellow handles (well, that and yellow is highly visible).

We continue our look at knives in different colors with yellow. You can find some of the other colors we’ve done on the knife colors category page.

Spyderco Ladybug 3 Salt

Spyderco Ladybug 3 Salt

First up on the list of yellow knives is the Spyderco Ladybug 3 Salt. If you’re into knives with yellow handles, then Spyderco is your brand. Spyderco features dozens of knives with yellow handles. All the knives with H1 stainless steel in the Salt Series come in yellow handle scales.

This Ladybug 3 Salt has a 1.94-inch blade with the Round Hole. Made from truly stainless H1 steel, the Salt Series is designed to be used on the high seas or anywhere else you’d find moist and corrosive environments. The yellow handle is made from bi-directional FRN.

Old Timer 34OTY Middleman

Schrade Old Timer 34OTY Middleman Folding Pocket Knife

Next up is a classic slipjoint knife. This Old Timer Middleman is a traditional stockman model with a clip, sheepsfoot, and pen blade. The handle is yellow Delrin, making it a recognizable Old Timer. The nickel silver bolsters surrounding the handle material makes it pop even more.

Case Cutlery Yellow TrapperLock

Case Cutlery Yellow TrapperLock

Like Spyderco, Case has a ton of knives with yellow handles, but since we already had a traditional stockman on the list, we thought the Case TrapperLock was a great knife to highlight. This single-bladed folder features yellow handle scales with nickel silver bolsters and brass pins. An engraved thumb stud adds some extra awesomeness to the clip point blade.

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