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7 Striking Orange Knives

This article on orange knives was originally published in 2015 but has been updated to include newer models.

If you look at all the colors that knives and their handles come in, you’ll notice a trend. Yup, they’re pretty much all black. Black is a popular color for knives because of its lowkey appearance and versatility.

While the majority of people opt for those sexy black knives, it’s the other colors that don’t get enough love. So we decided to do a series of posts dedicated to those knives in different colors.

So today we’re looking at orange knives.

1. CIVIVI Elementum

The Elementum is one of the best EDC knives ever made due to its simple yet effective design and highly competitive price. This knife is available in tons of variations, but for this post, the Elementum with orange G-10 scales and a black blade is perfect.

It really gets into the spirit of the fall and Halloween, but it can be a great knife to carry year-round.

2. Colonial M-724 Paratrooper Auto

The Colonial Knife Company Paratrooper Auto is by far the oldest knife on this list. The M-724 is currently issued in all military aircraft ejection seat survival kits. It has everything you need for survival.

The blade is 2.78 inches long and opens with the press of a button. There’s also a manual-opening shroud cutter that can be used by parachutists and those in need of a seat-belt cutter.

Made in the United States, these automatics have a lot of history and functionality on their side.

3. Kershaw Leek

Is there any knife more iconic or beloved than the Kershaw Leek? We can’t think of any. Due to its resounding success, Kershaw made the Leek in a ton of iterations like this orange Leek. The anodized-aluminum handle is made brilliant orange with a fade-resistant, scratch-resistant dye, meaning it’ll stay just bright and clean for years to come. This is truly for the orange lovers out there.

4. BnB Tactical Tanto Tracker

If full orange handles don’t float your boat, the BnB Tactical Tanto Tracker has more subtle hints of orange in its maple burl handle.

The knife itself is a good ol’ Tom Brown tracker design with a unique 6-inch blade made from 440C stainless steel. It also comes with a leather sheath for easy carry.

5. Delta Force OTF Orange

The OTF or Out-The-Front automatic knife is a simple and intuitive design that’s popular and legal in many states. If your state happens to be one of the lucky few to allow the carry of OTFs, this Delta Force OTF is a great option.

Its high visibility orange handle contrasts with the satin blade while black accents give the knife an even stronger Halloween feel.

6. Perfect Point Throwing Knives

This one is cheating a bit because this set of three throwers from Perfect Point has three different colorations: red, orange, and yellow.

These 6.5-inch throwers are great because they’re higher visibility and boast that nice fall color scheme. They’re not necessarily orange knives, but they generally fit the bill.

7. Spyderco Assist Rescue

Finally, there’s this dedicated rescue knife from Spyderco. The famous spider brand doesn’t mess with assisted-opening mechanisms on any of its knives… except for its rescue series.

This rescue knife is thoroughly designed from its blunt tip to its high-visibility orange FRN handle. The 3.7-inch VG-10 assisted blade has a partially serrated blade with a Cobra Hood that allows for quick and easy deployment.

The ergonomic handle design is comfortable when open while the shape spine of the handle allows the user to squeeze the blade when closed to reveal a retractable carbide glass breaker.

It’s just a cool and thoughtful design that everyone should keep in their car.


  1. Donald Connner

    April 8, 2016 at 5:39 pm

    Check out Bark River Knives website. They have a little of every color. And on e-bay under “Randall Made Knives” you will find a number of orange scaled blades – not always but often. Colors are fun knives, but for serious business olive drab, dark brown, or digital camo make the least visible tools. Unless you are over in one of the sand boxes, Then I would think, having been in the Arizona, Utah, and Nevada deserts, that tans and light browns would be better. But what ever you do, don’t buy junk hopefully you’ll live to regret it if the time ever comes when you really need it. Another good site is Treeman Jim Behring he puts out some outstanding blades, and I’ve a number of orange ones there.

  2. Octavio Otamendi

    October 13, 2021 at 2:04 am

    Kiku Xr LTE ORANGE
    GiantMouse Biblio orange g10
    Fox suru orange CF

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