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Add Color To Your Collection With These Rainbow Knives

There’s no question black is the predominant color of knives these days. While a black knife is sleek, badass, and non-descript, it can get a little boring. That’s why we’ve been looking at knives in every color.

If you’re really looking to add some color to your EDC, these 10 rainbow knives will definitely do the trick. This is another addition to our series of posts looking at knives in different colors.

United Cutlery Honshu Karambit


The Honshu Karambit from United Cutlery was a previous Badass Knife of the Week because of its design and versatility. This popular karambit got the rainbow treatment on its 4-inch curved blade. It has a colorful titanium rainbow finish that gives it a nice sheen.


Jack Ripper Rainbow Throwing Knives


The throwing knife hobby is a naturally flashy sport. It features knives hurling through the air at an ornate bullseye. Adding a rainbow finish to the mix makes it colorful without looking gimmicky.

This three-piece Jack Ripper Throwing Knife Set is made from 440 stainless steel with an excellent balance.


Kershaw Rainbow Ken Onion Leek


If you want to talk about rainbow knives, the Kershaw Leek is the first thing that should come to mind. Back in 2002, Kershaw won the “Overall Knife of the Year” award at the BLADE Show for its revolutionary Rainbow Leek.

This is the knife that really started the trend. The Leek is one of the most iconic knives ever so when Kershaw was able to use a high-tech process known as Physical Vapor Disposition to give it an ebullient rainbow finish, people went nuts. This knife undountedly inspired pretty much all the others on the list.


Smith & Wesson Bullseye Little Pal


The Little Pal in black is a best-seller at Knife Depot that also got the rainbow treatment. It’s a thin but reliable folder perfect EDC. This Rainbow Little Pal features a rainbow/spectrum finished blade.


Magnum by Boker Rainbow III


Magnum by Boker actually has a fair amount of knives with a rainbow finish. The Rainbow III is a small folder that weighs only 1.7 ounces. It has a 2.63-inch blade made from 440 stainless steel. Cutouts in the blade and handle help reduce the weight while increasing the grip and making it easy to open with one hand.


Kershaw Rainbow Chive


After the success of the Rainbow Leek, Kershaw decided to make a few other knives with the same type of revolutionary finish. Another Ken Onion design, the Rainbow Chive is an awesome little knife with the SpeedSafe opening mechanism. The finish is absolutely gorgeous on these Kershaw knives.


TAC Force Rainbow Stiletto


TAC Force is known for making some pretty inexpensive knives that look great and the Rainbow Stiletto is no different. This stiletto-styled knife features an assisted-opening mechanism and a rainbow sheen. Its spear-point blade is 3 inches and stays secure with a liner lock.

This is a fun folder to have in any collection.


Boker Magnum Pearl Rainbow Folder


Speaking of good-looking knives, take a look at the Boker Magnum Pearl Rainbow Folder. This is a handsome folder that’s visually striking. The description calls it eye candy essentially. Its 440 stainless steel blade has a rainbow finish, as well as the handle. Ornate flourishes on the handle and blade give it an elaborate look.

A mother of pearl inlay in the handle is just another classy embellishment.


Kershaw Rainbow Scallion


Is it cheating to include yet another Ken Onion rainbow knife from Kershaw? We don’t care. These knives are downright beautiful. This is the Rainbow Scallion, which is basically a larger version of the chive. The finish is as bright and colorful as ever. It has a 2.25-inch blade that engages with the SpeedSafe opening mechanism.


Rainbow Folding Knife


If you want a cheap knife to add just a little color to your collection, take a look at the Rainbow Folding Knife. It’s nothing spectacular, but it is colorful. The blade has a plain finish and opens via thumb studs or a flipper. Its rainbow handle has a blue overlay. it’s probably not something you’ll want to use on a daily basis, but it will look good in your collection.


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