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Should Boston convenience stores need a license to sell knives?

Want to buy a blade in Boston?

Well, doing so may soon be trickier, if two Boston city councilors get their way.

Michael P. Ross and Tito Jackson plan to propose an ordinance Thursday at a Boston City Council meeting that would require all merchants selling knives in the city to be licensed in order to do so.

The councilors say the ordinance is a response to the high number of stabbings in the city and a recent undercover sting operation that caught many convenience store owners selling knives to underage buyers.

“Clearly, these knives are dangerous weapons being sold casually in a convenience store, and they’re being sold to children,’’ said Ross. 

In an email, the knife advocacy group Knife Rights urged its members in the Boston area to express their opposition to the measure and adding the following.

There is no indication that there has been any factual connection made between violence committed with knives in the city and these retailers, or that licensing would actually help the situation any more than simply enforcing the existing law on the books. 

Check out the video of the councillors discussing the proposal below.  What do you think?  Is the city of Boston going too far?

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  1. You just have to wonder at what point people will stop trying to pass laws that achieve nothing but restrict freedom!

  2. Why ? Thought Law was gotta be over 18 ? . Sick of it all !!! Scratch the surface, connect the dots !!!

  3. put a number on every blade and register it for a $100 fee. Oh, yeah, golf clubs and baseball bats too.

  4. That’s the way………… pass a law the criminals will obey…..duh.

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