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Best Knives to Give to Your Dad on Father’s Day

When you think back to your first knife, it’s likely that your dad was the person who gave it to you. So, to honor your dad with the same special gift he bestowed upon you, consider getting him a brand new knife for Father’s Day this weekend.

This post originally appeared way back in 2012, but we’re updating it to add even more knives and replace some older models.

Victorinox One-Hand Trekker


The Swiss Army knife is usually the first knife a father gives his son. Add a twist to the classic dynamic by giving your dad a brand new model with some advancements from the model he is probably used to. The One-Hand Trekker has many of the same features as the classic models, but it comes with an ergonomic handle, a more modern look, and a blade that locks open.

Buck 110 Hunting Pocket Knife


Fewer brands exhibit class and quality like Buck Knives. Show your dad that you’re no slouch when it comes to picking character over value by giving him Buck’s signature knife the Folding Hunter. The knife features a woodgrain handle and a classic lockback system and is widely recognized as one of the most iconic knives of all time.

Benchmade 940-1 Osborne

If you want to splurge a little on your dad and get him something that’s known for quality and craftsmanship, opt for the Benchmade 940-1. This is the premium version of the renowned 940, with some upgrades like S90V steel and carbon fiber handle scales. Other little flourishes like blue anodized titanium back spacers set this quintessential EDC apart from the rest.

Yes, this is a pretty pricey knife but sometimes you get what you pay for.

Schrade Old Timer 104OT Minuteman


An Old Timer for an old timer. It’s a joke almost too good not tell. While the Old Timer 104OT Minuteman  makes for a good laugh, it also makes for a good knife. This is the quintessential pocketknife that shows some personality perfectly blended with functionality. Another great aspect of this knife is that you can add a personal touch by getting your dad’s name engraved on the blade in a font of your choice.

Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Tanto Pocket Knife


Even if your father isn’t the biggest knife guy, this knife makes the perfect gift because it’s something to keep in the car for emergencies. Offer the Smith & Wesson Extreme Ops Tanto as security for your father in case he finds himself needing to cut a seat belt in a hurry or break a window to save someone’s life. Make your dad an even bigger hero.

Schrade SCHF51 Frontier

Not all dads are the same. Some are more apt to attend formal balls while others tend to spend their days outside. For the latter, the Schrade SCHF51 Frontier Fixed Blade is a great gift. I originally had the SCHF36 on this list, but Schrade came back with an even better updated version in the SCHF51.

The SCHF51 helps navigate everything from the barren wilderness to the backyard thanks to its tweaked design, such as an extended handle with less aggressive jimping. It comes with a Ferro Rod and Sharpening Stone in case he finds himself in a survival situation.

Parker River “Classic” Folding Knife


When it comes to great presents for Father’s Day, few knives are as ready to be gifted as the Parker River Classic. This liner-locking knife comes with a 3.75-inch partially serrated blade and a wood handle. You can get the wood handle engraved with a name or saying too.

On top of all that, the knife comes in a burlap gift back and includes a penny to gift along with the knife.

Mercer Genesis Collection 8″ Forged Knife


Even if your dad isn’t big on the pocket knife, it’s likely he still uses a knife in the kitchen every day. Show him what a good kitchen knife cuts and feels like with the Mercer Genesis Collection 8″ Forged Knife. It features a hand-polished edge, balancing bolster, and confident grip.

Kershaw Shuffle

The Shuffle is a great little EDC with a compact and versatile design. The 2.38-inch blade uses a liner lock to stay engaged and the handle features a bottle open and small pry bar. One of the best parts about this little folder is that it’s inexpensive and comes from one of the most reliable companies around. Your dad would really appreciate it, especially if he’s the kind of guy who likes to be prepared for barbecues.

CRKT M4-02 Carson Pocket Knife


Late knifemaker Kit Carson was known for his M16 series with CRKT, but the M4-02 is just as amazing. Using the Outburst assisted opening mechanism, the knife boasts a 3.25-inch drop point blade that engages quickly and smoothly. The M4-02 comes in three handle finishes: white bone scales with black G10 bolsters, stag scales with silver bolsters, and burled wood scales with stainless steel bolsters. Each of these knives has its own look and will match any father’s personality.

Hibben Hall of Fame Competition Throwing Knife Set


If your pop already has a nice pocket knife, try giving him something that get him off his butt. A set of throwing knives will get him outside and help him develop a new skill. Throwing knives are a fun hobby to take up because of its competitive nature and social aspect. The Hibben Hall of Fame Competition Throwing Knife Set is great for beginners and experts.

Opt For a Custom Knife

Finally, instead of factory-made knives, try giving your dad something even more special by buying him a custom knife. While these knives are usually much costlier, they are more original and can better conform to the style and personality of your father. Custom knifemakers like Stewart J. Light, Hunter’s Creek Handmade Knives, Jerry Moen Knives, and others offer unique designs your dad will appreciate.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is the community director for Knife Depot and the editor of The Cutting Edge. If you have any questions or ideas for The Cutting Edge, you can contact him at
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  1. That Wenger Swiss Army Knife is just missing the toothpick! Knice list! Little mix of everything!

    • it has a toothpick if you read

      • Tim

        June 12, 2015 at 10:36 am

        This article was updated from its previous incarnation written in 2012. Scott was referring to a knife that’s since been replaced with a different SAK because it’s no longer being made.

  2. I can see that most of your list occupied by pocket or folding knife. I would have included Fallkniven A1 as it is a badass fixed blade survival knife in the expensive side.

    Great list btw.

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