Gunny Fixed Blade

If you’re not familiar with The Gunny, you really don’t know knives. The Gunny, whose real name is R. Lee Ermy, is a retired Marine drill instructor and noted actor. He’s appeared in such films and shows as Apocalypse Now, Full Metal Jacket, Leaving Las Vegas, Toy Story, The Simpsons and many more.

So, what does this guy have to do with knives?

Well, not only is he the official spokesman of SOG Specialty Knives, but he’s also worked with knifemakers to design his own knife sets.

Earlier this summer, SOG Knives and Gunny released two amazing limited edition fixed blade and folding knife to create the “Gunny Series.”

The knives are limited to 1,000 pieces each, but that’s not the amazing part.

Gunny Folder

The handles are hand-crafted from Central American tropical hardwood and boasts a stingray hide inlay. The SOG knife features a curvacious VG-10 stainless steel blade that comes with a hand-made leather sheath.

I’d take it from the man who served 11 years of active duty in the military that these “Gunny Series” knives are more than ready for use in the most intense military situations.

Even though the knives are equipped for battle, the hefty price of $750 and $500 for the fixed blade and folding knife respectively will likely mean it’ll be a collector’s item rather than a functional tool. Still, these would be a great knives to have for everyday tasks.

Check out the video of Gunny talking about the knives below. Don’t they look amazing?