The issue of gun rights and laws is becoming an increasingly hot topic with people on both sides of the aisle digging in for a long and contentious fight.

But what similar issue can get both sides of the political spectrum fighting together for a common cause? Knife rights and laws.

I’ve written about this dozens of times, but an old law banning “gravity knives” in New York City has been abused by law enforcement to apprehend and arrest thousands of New Yorkers.

This topic is intriguing and caught the interest of Vice, which shot a short video detailing the background of Doug Ritter of Knife Rights and the NYC knife laws.

Check it out:

For a six-minute clip, it does a good job capturing the story. It talks about Ritter’s interest in abolishing all knife laws, the Legal Aid Society working with Knife Rights to get the law repealed to keep innocent New Yorkers (mostly people of color) out of legal trouble, and those who have been affected.

The crazy thing about the issue is that it has bipartisan support and a repeal was passed by New York legislators twice! But Gov. Andrew Cuomo vetoed the bill twice.

I guess Vice didn’t really cover the police side of things, but to be honest, there’s not a compelling reason to keep the law on the books.

If you’re interested in learning more about Knife Rights or supporting them in their endeavors, visit the Knife Rights website to join or donate.