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20 Knife Gift Ideas Under $20

Note: Post updated in 2023.

Finding a gift for someone is stressful, whether it’s a small Christmas gift for a coworker, a graduation gift for your little brother, or a present for Father’s Day.

But don’t worry; we have your back with a good knife.

We first wrote this post a few years ago, but due to prices creeping up, we had to give this list an overhaul. So here’s a look at 20 easy knife-related gift ideas that are sure to get some genuine smiles and thanks.

The best part is that everything’s under $20. Check out more gift ideas under a slightly elevated threshold of $25 at our gift ideas under $25 collections page.

1. Kershaw Cinder

The fantastic Kershaw Shuffle used to hold this spot, but it’s unfortunately a few dollars over our arbitrary $20 limit. But Kershaw has another small multifunctional pocket knife for under $20 — the Kershaw Cinder in copper.

This one makes an excellent gift. Why? This is a good all-around EDC tool with the dual purpose of being a bottle opener and pry bar. That alone makes this gift a no-brainer.

It’s small enough to fit in a keychain, but the locking blade is nothing to scoff at. The fact that this version comes in copper makes it even more special.


2. Smith & Wesson SW1101

Smith & Wesson is best known for its firearms, but the S&W knives are more than capable. The value on the SW1101 cannot be overstated.

This is a solid EDC with a 3-inch blade that opens via flipper or thumb stud and has a rubberized aluminum handle. You can’t beat this knife for the price.


3. Gerber Mini Paraframe

The Gerber Paraframe is a classic design that pretty much everyone has had in their life.

This mini version with a 2.22-inch blade keeps that same iconic skeletonized design but shrinks it down into a package that’s easier to carry and gift.


4. Tac-Force Knuckle Knife

Is this a novelty knife or unique EDC knife for around the house? Yes and yes!

The Tac-Force Tactical Knuckle Knife is an interesting folder with an assisted-opening blade that springs open via flipper. But you will probably immediately notice the built-in knuckle guard that’s reminiscent of old trench knives.

Just makes sure knuckle knives are legal in your area!


5. Lansky Blade Medic

All knives need a touch-up at some point in their life, but the need always comes at the worst times. That’s what the Lansky Blade Medic is for.

This pocket sharpening kit is billed as the first responder for field repairs because it’s an entire sharpening system that fits right in your pocket. It has tungsten carbide, ceramic sharpening rods, a serrated knife sharpener, and a diamond tapered rod.

This makes an excellent little gift for any knife lover.


6. Rite Edge Throwing Stars

These Rite Edge Throwing Stars have been a top seller recently because these make excellent gifts at a budget-friendly cost.

This set comes with four throwers, each with its own specific style. All four shurikens fit into the included nylon sheath.


7. Old Timer 18OT Mighty Mite

Old Timer 18OT Mighty Mite

The Old Timer 18OT Mighty Mite is another one of our bestsellers to make this list. It’s a small single-bladed folder with a truly classic look. It has Delrin handles with sawcut patterns and nickel silver bolsters.

This is a versatile gift at less than $20 because you can give it to anyone from a college student to a father-in-law.


8. SOG Key Knife

When it comes to stocking stuffers, the SOG Key Knife is king. It is a clever little design that looks exactly like a key when closed and it fits on a keychain perfectly.

This is perfect for those people who always forget their knives but not their keys.


9. Cold Steel Sure Balance

Cold Steel Sure Balance

With knife throwing becoming an increasingly popular hobby, it only made sense to put a great thrower on here from Cold Steel. The Sure Balance Thrower is 13.75 inches long and highly durable. Made of black-coated 1055 carbon steel, this thrower will hit the mark.


10. CRKT Nathan’s Knife Kit

This is a big seller every year at Christmas because it’s the perfect way to introduce to a child to knife safety and responsibility.

The kit comes as a set of different wooden pieces that the kid then has to construct. It teaches kids how knives work and some lessons in engineering.

It also allows for some creativity. Kids can then paint the finished knife or stain the wood.


11. Masters Collection Dual Bladed Knife

Sometimes you just a want gift that’s completely outrageous and unexpected. It doesn’t get any more over the top than this Masters Collection Spring Assisted Folder with dual blades.

The curved talon-like blades feature partial serrations and blue-accented dragons are emblazoned on the front of the handle.


12. KA-BAR Tactical Spork

Does the name Tactical Spork sound kind of silly? Yes. Is this one of the best eating tools around? Also, yes.

The KA-BAR Tactical Spork is a multifunctional utensil you can take with you anywhere you go. The best part is that it comes apart into two, giving you a knife and a spork.

The whole thing is made from food- and water-safe Grilamid.


13. Cold Steel FGX Wasp

You’d probably think that a non-metallic knife is nothing but a trainer, but this fixed blade — which is based off the steel version of the Wasp — is ferocious.

All of the FGX Wasp is made from Griv-Ex and features a fully serrated 7-inch blade. Even though it’s made from Griv-Ex, it can still pierce and glide through soft targets “like they were made of butter.”

Some people take this lightweight knife in situations where metal is inappropriate.



14. KA-BAR LDK (Last Ditch Knife)

The KA-BAR LDK is designed to be a last ditch knife that’s small enough to fit just about anywhere, but particularly a wallet.

This makes it an excellent backup tool for those times when you forget your knife at home or when you’re in desperate situations. It comes with a hard plastic friction sheath.


15. Cold Steel Delta Dart

Cold Steel Delta Dart

The Delta Dart is an interesting design. It is essentially a lightweight spike that can be used for everything from a defensive weapon of last resort to a letter opener. The tool itself is about 8 inches and comes with a metal ring to give you a few carrying options.

The 3-inch spear point blade has been optimized for piercing and has been tested on thick pieces of leather. The Zytel tool features a textured grip. This cool little tool comes in at under 2 ounces and under $6.



16. Old Timer 152OT Sharpfinger

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again but it’s the greatest compliment for a knife’s name to become a generic term. That’s exactly what happened with the legendary Sharpfinger from Old Timer. The Sharpfinger is a fixed blade with a 3.3-inch upswept blade designed for skinning. It’s been an indispensable part of any collection.

If someone you know doesn’t already have this iconic knife, it’s an easy buy at under $20.


17. Old Timer 1OT Small Lockback

The previous entry on this list is a larger iconic fixed blade, but the small lockback from Old Timer is just as great.

This small knife has a 1.6-inch blade that locks into place and opens via nail nick. It has that classic Old Timer design with a saw cut handle and bolster.


18. Electrifying CA-Legal OTF

This knife is one of our all-time best-selling knives because it’s small, inexpensive, and a great intro to the OTF.

Made to be legal in California with a 2-inch blade, the Electrifying Mini OTF makes a great utility knife around the house for opening boxes.

You wouldn’t think it’s the highest quality because it’s so inexpensive, but it’s surprisingly robust and well-made.


19. Knife Depot Sharpener

Sharpeners always make great gifts because they’re so versatile. Even if the recipient is not a big knife fan, a sharpener can take their old knives and make them sharp again.

We teamed up with Redi-Edge to bring a Knife Depot branded sharpener based off their top-selling model. It has a bottle opener as well.


20. Smith & Wesson Throwing Set

Throwing knives are always a popular gift, and there are plenty under the $20 price limit, such as the Master Cutlery Perfect Point Throwing Set and Jack Ripper 3-Piece Set. But Smith & Wesson makes some of the most popular throwers.

This Smith & Wesson Bullseye Three-Piece Throwing Set is among the most popular. It comes with three 8-inch throwers with black coating and a polyester sheath to hold them.





  1. That is a nice collection of knife Tim. If I had to gift one I would gift Kershaw Shuffle. I am not sure whether it is the right word to describe this knife, but I would use the word ‘elegant’ to describe this knife. Its my pick!

  2. I like the Cold Steel Canadian Belt Knife, too. Same price as the Finn Bear, last I looked.

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