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Why Engraved Knives Make the Best Gifts

Engraved knife

There’s nothing worse than trying to find the perfect gift.

You spend countless hours thinking about a gift only to see the recipient disappointed when opening it up.

But, there is one thing that has been my go-to gift with excellent results every time: engraved knives.

Here’s why.

1. The person will actually use it.

Let’s start with one of the best arguments for a knife as a gift: it’s functional!

How many times have you given or received a gift that ends up stuffed deep into a closet or tossed in a drawer?

Now think of all the times you’ve pulled out your pocket knife in the last hour alone. If you’re anything like me, it’s a fair amount. I have used my knife to open packaging from Knife Depot, cut a straw in half (a long story involving my son), and break down cardboard.

If you’re worried the gift recipient may not be familiar with all the uses of a knife, share my look at 101 uses for the pocket knife.

2. You can find the perfect engraved knife for any personality.

Since the knife has been around for millions of years, countless variations and designs exist. This means you can find a knife that matches up with the personality of the recipient.

If your dad is a lawyer, opt for a classy gentleman’s folder like this executive engraved knife. If your sister is going to college, get her a versatile pocket knife with a bottle opener. Need a gift for your buddy who is an avid outdoorsman? Get him the all-time classic Sharpfinger. If your mom wants a new hobby, grab her an engraved throwing knife. If your girlfriend likes fishing, get her an engraved filet knife.

There are thousands of knives to choose from, so it’s unlikely you won’t be able to find the perfect match.

3. An engraving makes the gift personal.

I’ve been extolling the virtues of getting a knife but haven’t yet talked about the kicker: a laser engraving.

A knife can admittedly feel impersonal and cold unless the recipient is already a knife fan. That’s why Knife Depot has given people the opportunity to engrave a knife with a phrase of your choosing.

By putting an engraving on the knife, it instantly becomes more personal and meaningful. It’s not just some piece of steel; it’s an extension of your thoughts and sentiments. The only difficult part is trying to figure out what you want the engraving to say.

4. You can spend the amount you’re comfortable with.

Next up is the cost factor. As stated before, there are thousands of knife models to choose from with prices ranging from under $25 to over $100. This means you can pick a knife that falls within the price range you’re aiming for.

If you have a Secret Santa budget of only $20, you can get a few good knives at or below that pricepoint, as I laid out in a recent post.

5. Engraved knives work as gifts for any event.

It’s tough having to think of a gift for every single holiday or celebration. You probably wouldn’t give a “world’s greatest dad” mug to your father on Christmas just like you wouldn’t give one of those tin jugs full of popcorn for someone’s graduation. You could, however, give an engraved knife on any of these occasions.

The reason goes back to the fact that there are thousands of knife designs. You can get a design that better matches the spirit of the celebration. On top of that, knives have different meanings. A knife given on Christmas could become an heirloom item while a knife given on a birthday could be seen as a rite of passage into adulthood.

If you’re shopping for a gift, check out some of the Quick Ship Engraved Knives at Knife Depot.


  1. Hello Tim! Engraved knives make the perfect gift for any occasion. I adored reading five reasons on why a personalized knife makes a good present. It may be my choice for my loved one to gift. Keep Posting.

  2. I enjoyed reading this! I definitely think that engraved knives make the best gifts. Can we buy a knife in your store and have it engraved as well?

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