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What Should I Engrave on a Knife? 10 Engraving Ideas

engraved knives

There are so many things that make laser-engraved knives the perfect gift (something we’ve written about extensively), but basically they are functional and meaningful.

But what exactly should you get engraved on a knife?

That’s the million dollar question that can make or break your gift.

Our engraved knife experts at Knife Depot have engraved thousands of knives over the years, so we know a thing or two about what looks good on an engraved knife.

If you’re having trouble deciding what to engrave on a knife, here are some tips and suggestions.


Out of the thousands of knives we’ve engraved, names are by far the most common.

It just makes sense. While it may seem counterintuitive to have your name on a knife, it just makes things more personal than a generic knife with no engraving.

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Why Engraved Knives Make the Best Gifts

Engraved knife

There’s nothing worse than trying to find the perfect gift.

You spend countless hours thinking about a gift only to see the recipient disappointed when opening it up.

But, there is one thing that has been my go-to gift with excellent results every time: engraved knives.

Here’s why.

1. The person will actually use it.

Let’s start with one of the best arguments for a knife as a gift: it’s functional!

How many times have you given or received a gift that ends up stuffed deep into a closet or tossed in a drawer?

Now think of all the times you’ve pulled out your pocket knife in the last hour alone. If you’re anything like me, it’s a fair amount. I have used my knife to open packaging from Knife Depot, cut a straw in half (a long story involving my son), and break down cardboard.

If you’re worried the gift recipient may not be familiar with all the uses of a knife, share my look at 101 uses for the pocket knife.

2. You can find the perfect engraved knife for any personality.

Since the knife has been around for millions of years, countless variations and designs exist. This means you can find a knife that matches up with the personality of the recipient.

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Behold the Ultra Premium Utility Knife from Hawk Knives

It’s no secret that Grant and Gavin Hawk are among my favorite knifemakers. Their designs aren’t always the most practical but they constantly push themselves to make truly innovative designs.

So I was excited when they announced a brand new design that’s sure to ruffle feathers.

Behold the Hawk Knives Shortcut.

The Shortcut is an ultra premium utility knife made with top-notch materials and a trailblazing design not normally reserved for simple utility knives.

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Do Knife Companies Lie About Their Steel?

It’s a common concern among knife collectors. You spend just over $150 (if you’re lucky) on a brand new knife with the latest steel, only to second guess whether it’s the steel you paid for.

It may be because the steel is starting to rust in some spots, dulls quicker than you expect, or isn’t as tough as you thought it should be.

That’s when you start to ask yourself: do knife companies mislabel or lie about the type of steel they’re using?

The truth is that sometimes they do.

Yes, Some Brands Intentionally Mislabel Steel

I decided to write this post after watching a video knifemaker and former Cold Steel collaborator Andrew Demko did on a YouTube channel in November 2020.

When the interviewer mentioned that people were ambivalent about the use of AUS10A steel in one of Cold Steel’s knives, Demko said that the reason certain steel gets a bad reputation is because some knife companies are intentionally passing off lower end steel like AUS6A for AUS8A.

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A History of the Spyderco Massad Ayoob

Spyderco Massad Ayoob

For more than a decade, people have been begging Spyderco to bring back one knife above all others. It’s a little knife called the Massad Ayoob.

And now, exactly 20 years after it was first released, the Spyderco Massad Ayoob is back for a limited time as a Sprint Run in a plain version and a serrated version.

So what makes the Massad Ayoob so special? Read on.

Who is Massad Ayoob?

If you’re not familiar with Massad Ayoob, he is a renowned designer and premier firearms expert. He’s been the handgun editor at Guns magazine and law enforcement columnist for American Handgunner for more than 50 years.

He’s run trainings for law enforcement personnel and was named the president of the Second Amendment Foundation in 2020.

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10 Best Tactical Knives

With 2020 behind us, sports enthusiasts, outdoorsmen (and women), and those interested in tactical gear set their sights on the best 2021 has to offer.

In this guide, we take you on a deep dive into the best tactical knives of 2021. From work to recreation and play to even self-defense, the right gear can make all the difference.

Find out why knife enthusiasts are raving about this year’s top picks.

In no particular order, let’s dig in…

1. Spyderco Yojimbo

Conceptualized by Michael Janich, the Spyderco Yojimbo was created with features engineered to make this knife a primary contender in the tactical combat knife category. From tip to heel, this blade delivers reliable and powerful performance, slicing through even the toughest of materials. The ergonomically designed grip enables the user to derive maximum leverage safely and effectively while also accommodating a range of tactical grip options for self-defense.

Notable Facts / Specs:

  • Ergonomic non-slip G-10 handle
  • Generous 3.125” CPM-S30 Wharncliffe Blade 
  • Lightweight, coming in at 4oz on the scale
  • Proudly made in the USA

2. Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K D2

The Kershaw Emerson CQC-6K D2 represents the best of a match made in blade-heaven. The love-child of a collaboration between Kershaw and Emerson Knives brings us a blade featuring some of the best each brand has to offer, all at an affordable price tag.

The blade boasts a classic clip-point reminiscent of a tanto blade, representing a classic and time-tested design that is highly capable and durable. This design offers plenty of edge, a capable tip point, and a good belly, all mated to a hollow grind.

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20 Knife Gift Ideas Under $100

This post was updated in 2021.

Our suggestions for gift ideas at certain price ranges continues with 20 knife gift ideas under $100.

This list only features knives in the $50 to $100 price range. If you’re interested in the $20 to $50 range, check out our 20 knife gift ideas under $50 post. For prices under that, check out our 20 knife gift ideas under $20.

These recommendations cover the full gamut of styles, designs, and functions, so if you can’t find something to your satisfaction, you’re trying too hard.

1. Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight

Spyderco Para 3 Lightweight

The first few iterations of this list featured the iconic Benchmade Mini Griptilian here. Unfortunately, rising prices have pushed this still great knife off the list. But the replacement may be a better overall knife.

The Para 3 Lightweight is a new offering from Spyderco with a great design, quality materials, and is made in the United States. The blade is under two inches and locks into place with the Compression Lock.

2. Spyderco Delica 4

Spyderco Delica 4

Spyderco makes a ton of great knives at a budget cost, but for a true representation of the quality and design elements of the brand (aside from the first knife on this list), there’s the Delica. This is a truly beloved knife from the knife community because of its versatile size, excellent construction, and interesting design.

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20 Knife Gift Ideas Under $50

Note: Post updated in 2021.

If you’re like me, trying to find a gift is the worst. Fortunately, for you, helping you find the perfect gift is part of my job.

I’ve written about 20 different knife-related gifts for under $20 with some great options. But, if your budget for a good friend or little brother is a little higher, we got you covered.

Here are 20 knife-related gift ideas for under $50. These include some of the best-sellers at Knife Depot and products people have been excited about recently.

1. Spyderco Efficient

Spyderco Efficient

When we first made this list a few years back, the Spyderco Tenacious was one of the top picks for knives under $50, but its price just recently went over the $50 mark.

However, there’s a knife dubbed the Tenacious killer that’s just as good (if not better) that comes in under $50: the Spyderco Efficient.

The Efficient has a smaller 3-inch blade but it feels just as big as the larger Tenacious thanks to a finger choil and excellent grip.

2. Kershaw Reverb

Kershaw Reverb

The Reverb is an interesting little knife. This futuristic-looking folder was named one of the top sellers of 2017 by Knife News, and it’s not hard to see why. The small 2.5-inch blade is versatile and its machined recess allows for easy, one-handed opening.

A combo G-10 and carbon fiber handle adds some texture to the grip while a carabiner in the back allows for versatile carry. The best part about this knife is you can really take it anywhere you go.

3. Schrade Old Timer 6OT Golden Bear

Schrade Old Timer 6OT Golden Bear

From the modern to the classic, the next item under $50 is the Old Timer 6OT Golden Bear from Schrade. I’ve always been a big fan of Old Timer knives — the saw cut Delrin handles and the brass bolsters/pins give this knife a look that harkens back to the days of old.

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20 Knife Gift Ideas For Under $20

Note: Post updated in 2021.

Finding a gift for someone is stress, whether it’s a small Christmas gift for a coworker, a graduation gift for your little brother, or a present for Father’s Day.

But don’t worry; we have your back with a good knife.

Here’s a look at 20 easy knife-related gift ideas that are sure to get some genuine smiles and thanks. The best part is that everything’s under $20.

1. HallMark Money Clip

HallMark Money Clip

We’ll start with an easy one—the HallMark Money Clip. This is one of our bestsellers at the moment. Why? This is an excellent all-around EDC tool with the dual purpose of being a money clip. That alone makes this gift a no-brainer.

It’s one of the least expensive knives on this list too.


2. Kershaw Shuffle

Kershaw Shuffle

Kershaw makes a darn good knife, and you can see its eye for design with the Kershaw Shuffle. This $19.99 knife is an excellent stocking stuffer thanks to its compact design. But this hugely popular knife isn’t just for show. It’s a tough utility knife with a built-in bottle opener and screwdriver/lanyard hole in the handle. The interesting K-texture is grippy and durable.

The Shuffle comes in a few different colors, but our favorite aside from the standard model featured here is the Black Shuffle.


3. Cold Steel Sure Balance

Cold Steel Sure Balance

With knife throwing becoming an increasingly popular hobby, it only made sense to put a great thrower on here from Cold Steel. The Sure Balance Thrower is 13.75 inches long and highly durable. Made of black-coated 1055 carbon steel, this thrower will hit the mark.


4. Case Mini Blackhorn

Case Mini Blackhorn

Think you can’t get a solid American knife for less than $20? Think again. The Case Mini Blackhorn is an excellent little knife that does its job and does it well. The drop point blade is stainless steel and the handle is made from black synthetic. It’s extremely lightweight—about an ounce—and oozes class. It’s the kind of knife you can give to anyone, from a lawyer to a rugged outdoorsman.


5. Lansky Blade Medic

Lansky Blade Medic

All knives need a touch-up at some point in their life, but the need always comes at the worst times. That’s what the Lansky Blade Medic is for. This pocket sharpening kit is billed as the first responder for field repairs because it’s an entire sharpening system that fits right in your pocket. It has tungsten carbide, ceramic sharpening rods, a serrated knife sharpener, and a diamond tapered rod.

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20 Best Rescue Knives You Can Buy in 2021

Disaster can strike anytime anywhere.

Your car might suddenly careen off the road before landing upside down in a creek or your clothing could get trapped in an escalator unexpectedly.

In either situation, only a knife can save you from certain doom. While any knife can save someone in a pinch, manufacturers have seized on the opportunity to create models specifically designed to aid in a rescue.

So we compiled a list of 20 of the best rescue knives. These come in all designs and styles, from small folders to massive fixed blades.

Take a look and let us know your favorites.

1. Kershaw Funxion

Kershaw Funxion

The Kershaw Funxion EMT is an updated version of the knife with a feature-rich design. The knife comes with a 3-inch partially serrated blade that deploys with the SpeedSafe assisted-opening mechanism.

Hidden within the K-texture GFN handle is a carabiner clip, hex wrench, cord cutter, glass breaker tip, and screwdriver tip. This is a nice multitool to carry that would come in handy in the event of an emergency. This knife is particularly useful for an EMT or medic.


2. Spyderco Assist

Spyderco Assist

Spyderco makes some bizarre knives, but there’s no denying they’re great at their job. The Assist is no exception.

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