The Dragotac series from Bastinelli Creations has been popular over the years — both custom and factory versions. One of the most common requests submitted to Bastinelli Creations is for the Dragotac to be available in a non-locking version.

With the help of Fox Knives, Bastinelli Creations accomplished that feat in the Dragotac Slim Friction Folder called the Piemontes.

The friction folding version of the Dragotac is every bit as functional and sexy as its locking counterpart. The 3.1-inch blade features a modified Wharncliffe blade profile. Unlike the traditional Wharncliffe blade, the edge is slightly curved to provide better cutting ability; however, the blade retains the piercing power of the Wharncliffe.

The satin-finished blade is made with N690Co stainless steel, an alloy that holds a better edge and provides better stain resistance than comparable steels. Jimping along the spine gives a more reliable grip for finer tasks.

Instead of using springs or locks to keep the blade engaged, the knife uses the friction of the handle against the tang to keep it open. An extended tang portion also helps facilitate opening and keeps the blade from closing unexpectedly.

The black handle is simple and effective. The black FRN scales are durable and sleek while the design of the grip provides solid ergonomics. A lack of liners not only gives the knife a flow-through design but also helps cut the weight down to a mere 1.8 ounces.

It comes with a black quiver pouch made from antiqued hide for safe storage and carrying.

For more info on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the page for the Fox Dragotac Slim Piemontes.


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