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A collection of the best knives on the planet.

BnB Damascus Push Dagger – Knife of the Week

BnB Damascus Push Dagger

The push dagger is a unique design initially conceived as a self-defense tool. However, more people are beginning to use them for daily tasks.

The BnB Damascus Push Dagger is the perfect fixed blade for EDC.

This small yet capable knife is very attractive, thanks to its handsome 3.5-inch Damascus steel blade. Because the steel is made from 256 layers of 1095 and 15N20 steel folded over one another, each knife has a distinct look.

A polished bolster brings out that etched design of the steel that’s captivating and eye-catching

The handle boasts polished walnut scales that add to the charm of the knife.

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Old Timer 5OTG Bruin – Knife of the Week

Old Timer 5OTG Bruin

In 2004, production of Old Timer knives in the United States ceased and manufacturing moved overseas. While the foreign knives had great value, their quality and craftsmanship weren’t quite the same.

It took over 15 years, but select Old Timer models are once again made in the United States.

Old Timer brought some of its most popular models back to the United States under its Generational Series, including the latest Knife of the Week: the Bruin.

The Old Timer 5OTG Bruin is a lockback design with a traditional look and feel.

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CIVIVI Elementum II – Knife of the Week

CIVIVI Elementum II

Since it first came out, the CIVIVI Elementum has been widely praised as possibly the best EDC knife ever made.

When you factor in the streamlined design, lack of excessive branding, and unbeatable price, it is clear the Elementum was a masterpiece.

The success of the original led CIVIVI to release tons of variations, including a button lock version that almost hit the mark.

Now, the CIVIVI Button Lock Elementum II may be the pinnacle of the design. It’s definitely one of the best CIVIVI knives.

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BnB Tactical Cobra – Knife of the Week

BnB Tactical Cobra

If you need an outdoor companion for heavy-duty tasks or defensive applications, reach for the BnB Tactical Cobra.

This fixed blade is as wily and vicious as the serpent it’s named after. It starts with the long 6-inch blade made from D2 tool steel. This is an increasingly popular alloy for fixed blades due to its toughness and strength.

The drop-point blade features a partially serrated edge that offers additional versatility, while a thumb ramp with jimping on the spine provides greater control for finer tasks.

It also has a black coating to dampen the steel’s reflective properties and add extra protection.

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Benchmade Claymore – Knife of the Week

Benchmade Claymore

Since it was first released in 2021, the Benchmade Claymore has rocketed up the charts as one of the best hard-use automatic knives for workers and daily users alike. It even won a spot on our list of best knives of 2022.

The Benchmade Claymore doesn’t revolutionize the automatic, but it masterfully puts together a truly formidable folder that’s built to withstand the toughest of tasks.

It starts with the straightforward drop-point blade made of D2 steel, an alloy that’s tough with high wear resistance. The 3.6-inch blade is the perfect size for all types of tasks.

The highly textured handle is made from durable Grivory material that conforms nicely to the hand.

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CRKT Minimalist Katana – Knife of the Week

CRKT Minimalist Katana

Imagine a sword so small and nondescript it becomes your everyday carry. Well, your wildest dreams have come true with the CRKT Minimalist Katana.

The Minimalist series from Alan Folts is a mainstay of the CRKT lineup. The reason? All the knives are lightweight, low-profile, and pared down. But the largest of the Minimalist series may very well be its best.

Despite boasting a large blade that’s 3.56 inches long, this pocket sword is surprisingly small.

The blade itself is made from 8Cr13MoV, which is a stainless steel that’s easy to maintain and sharpen. It has a reinforced tip and jumping on the spine.

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Kershaw Heist – Knife of the Week

Kershaw Heist

Despite making some of the most iconic knives of all time and boasting a lineup of expertly crafted knives, Kershaw never rests on its laurels. The Kershaw Heist is the perfect example.

Released this year, the Heist was one of the first knives to use the DuraLock mechanism. It’s a crossbar lock that’s a joy to use and exceptionally strong. The lock makes the knife completely ambidextrous. It also keeps the fingers out of the path of the closing blade.

But the new lock isn’t the only thing that makes this knife one of the best of the year so far.

Like all Kershaw knives, the Heist features a carefully considered design. Its 3.2-inch drop-point blade is made from D2 steel. In addition, it opens with dual thumb studs.

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Cold Steel Mini Leatherneck – Knife of the Week

Cold Steel Mini Leatherneck

Cold Steel is best known for making some of the biggest and most intimidating knives ever. However, some of its most underrated knives are its smallest.

The Cold Steel Mini Leatherneck is the perfect example.

This immensely popular fixed blade is a miniaturized version of Cold Steel’s take on the classic fighting knife. Let’s just say there’s a reason this is among our top-selling Cold Steel knives.

The Mini Leatherneck has a cohesive design with a size that lends itself to its versatility. With an overall length of 6.75 inches, it works well as an EDC fixed blade, boot knife, or neck knife.

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KA-BAR Big Brother – Knife of the Week

KA-BAR Big Brother

The KA-BAR is one of the most iconic knives ever made. One look at the stacked leather handle and long clip-point blade and you know exactly what knife it is.

The knife has come in tons of variations and special editions over the years, but there is only one model that’s the biggest and baddest KA-BAR of them all: the Big Brother.

Boasting a long 9.375-inch blade, the Big Brother is essentially a supersized version of the original fighting utility knife.

Take a look of this hilarious review from one of our favorite knife YouTubers:

It retains the same clip-point profile but with an additional sawback spine on the epoxy powder-coated 1095 Cro-Van blade.

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BnB Damascus Black Panther – Knife of the Week

BnB Damascus Black Panther

Some people argue the best knives for EDC should be basic and nondescript. Those people have clearly never carried a knife like the BnB Damascus Black Panther.

This folder proves that a great EDC doesn’t have to be bland; instead, your EDC can be downright handsome.

The Damascus Black Panther features a 3.25-inch clip-point blade that opens via flipper or thumb notch in the blade. But the real beauty of the knife is found in the gorgeous raindrop VG-10 Damascus blade design. And yes, it’s real Damascus.

With a unique blade like that, you’ll be looking for any excuse to flip open the knife.

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