Spyderco Pacific Salt

With its vast amounts of salt and water, the ocean has destroyed countless knives with rust and ruin. But no knife can brave the elements of the sea like the latest Badass Knife of the Week: the Spyderco Pacific Salt.

The Spyderco Pacific Salt is not only the ultimate diving knife but it is also perfectly designed for everyday carry.

Featuring a 3.812-inch blade with a straight or serrated edge, the knife is quick and versatile enough for nearly anything you encounter in your daily life or on the ocean floor.

But what really sets apart the knives in the Salt Series is the steel. Using 0.10% nitrogen to harden the steel instead of carbon, H1 steel will virtually never rust. However, unlike other corrosion-resistant steels, this one performs extremely well and retains an edge.

The textured FRN handle, which comes in yellow or black, is very grippy and easy to hold while underwater or wearing a glove. Similarly, the trademarked round hole makes opening the knife easy in any condition. A reversible pocket clip lets the knife match your needs even better.

Although diving knives often feature a fixed blade, all the components on the Pacific Salt are impervious to salt water. Where other knives will fail and rust, this badass knife will continue performing.

Find out more details about the current Badass Knife of the Week by checking out the Spyderco Pacific Salt product page.