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5 Best-Selling Kershaw Knives at Knife Depot

Since 1974, Kershaw Knives has been making some of the best EDC pocket knives on the market. If you don’t believe me, just look at the numerous awards handed out to Kershaw every year at the BLADE Show.

If you’re not familiar with all the offerings of Kershaw Knives, we decided it’d be useful to serve up the five best-selling Kershaw Knives at Knife Depot. While this isn’t necessarily the all-time best-sellers, it is a good indication of some of the best knives they make.

5. Shuffle

Kershaw Shuffle

You might be curious as to why this little folder is one of our most popular… until you get it in your hands. The Kershaw Shuffle is a shapely knife that conforms to the hand and features a nice stubby 2.4-inch blade made of 8Cr13MoV steel. Part of what makes the Shuffle so appealing is its versatility and compactness. The ability to take this little guy anywhere and do nearly any everyday task you come across is huge.

As a bonus, the Shuffle also has a built-in screwdriver on the butt and a built-in bottle opener.

4. Clash

Kershaw Clash

Like the late Joe Strummer from The Clash, the Kershaw Clash is rebellious, influential, and working class. This assisted opener is a workhorse of a knife that’s known for being an affordable, all-purpose knife. With a blade length of 3.1 inches and a convenient flipper that opens the knife in a pinch, the Clash is a great knife to carry.

Although the model that specifically tops our best-selling list is the Kershaw Clash with a Plain Black Blade, it is also available in a plain satin finish and with serrated edges. You can click here to see the other models.

3. Amphibian

Kershaw Amphibian

When diving, fewer pieces of gear are more important than a good dive knife. Divers have been known to get tangled and without a knife to cut themselves loose, it could mean certain death.

The Kershaw Amphibian is the kind of dive knife you should always have by your side. It’s reliable, serrated on one side of the double-sided blade, and has a blade made of 420J2 steel. The great thing about the knife is that it’s versatile, so you could even attach it to your boot or leg when not diving as a backup knife.

2. Blur

Kershaw Blur

Coming in second place is the Kershaw Ken Onion Blur. If you take a look at the full page of best-selling Kershaw Knives at Knife Depot, you’ll notice several iterations of the Blur, but the one that claims the #2 spot is the Blur, Black, Serrated model. The mere fact that Kershaw has decided to make many different versions of the knife, from the Tanto Blur to the Blur with Red Handle, indicates it’s outrageously popular.

According to Kershaw, the Blur, Black, Serrated is one of the original Blurs. It has a slightly recurved blade that gives a versatility you should crave in a pocket knife. This version has DLC coating on the Sandvik 14C28N stainless steel blade that increases corrosion-resistance and hardness. The handle has Trac-Tec grip-tape handle inserts for a solid grip.

We could write a thousand words alone on this assisted opener, but we think you get the idea of what makes this knife so coveted.

1. Leek

Kershaw Leek

The top spot goes to the Kershaw Leek. Anyone who owns this knife is probably not surprised at the Leek being the current best-selling Kershaw at Knife Depot because it’s the perfect EDC. Not only is the Leek, another Ken Onion creation, highly respected by the knife community but it frequently graces the list of best pocket knives in respected pocket knife buying guides like the one over at Knife Den.

Similar to the way the Blur has many different models, the Leek boasts an array of iterations. However, the one that takes home our top spot is the classic Leek, which has a slim design and bead-blasted finish through the whole knife. The Sandvik 14C28N blade is 3 inches long and the 410 stainless steel handle comes with a reversible pocketclip. This USA-made knife also has Kershaw’s renowned SpeedSafe ambidextrous assisted opening system.

If you don’t have one yet, you need to get one.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is the community director for Knife Depot and the editor of The Cutting Edge. If you have any questions or ideas for The Cutting Edge, you can contact him at
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  1. Thanks for the Knife Den shout out! I’m a big fan of Kershaw blades, particularly the Blur and Leek.

  2. I like your review; the whole article provides me a clear concept of the particular knives.

  3. I’d love an updated list on best selling Kershaw knives (or all knife brands). The only one I own from this list is the Blur, and even though it only came second I’d highly recommend it.

    • That’s a good idea. I would still only be able to tell you the best-sellers at Knife Depot, but I’m planning to revisit these “Best Sellers” posts later this year hopefully. I can tell you now the Leek and Blur will still be the top two.

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