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Top 7 Best-Selling Fallkniven Knives at Knife Depot

Anyone who has read this blog knows just how big a fan I am of Fallkniven.

There’s so much to love about the company. The craftsmanship is nearly unparalleled, the designs eschew all the unnecessary bells and whistles of modern knives, and the company is still a family-owned business.

One of the major downsides of Fallkniven products is the price, but that hasn’t stopped countless people from taking the plunge. However, the company says the longevity of their knives are more cost effective and better for the environment than cheap knives you may have to buy a dozen times over a lifetime.

If you’ve never owned a Fallkniven, here’s a look at some of the top-selling models at Knife Depot over the past few years. As always, these can change over time.

7. Fallkniven F1

Number 7 on the list is the first and one of the most iconic knives from Fallkniven: the F1. I can’t describe it more succinctly than Fallkniven itself:

A new world standard was set with the F1 through attention to important details including technical design, ergonomics and economy. The Fallkniven F1 surpasses international standards for strength, personal security capabilities, and value for money.

Development started in 1987 when founder Peter Hjortberger received a request from the Swedish defense department to make a survival knife for the Swedish Air force. Since 1995, the Fallkniven F1 has been the official survival knife of Swedish Air Force pilots.

The knife wasn’t specifically designed for combat but more for survival or use in the wet climates of Scandinavia. It has a reasonable blade length of 3.81 inches made from laminated VG-10 steel, which has some of the edge qualities of carbon steel with excellent corrosion resistance. A reader over at The Truth About Knives gushed over the steel, if you’re interested.

The Thermorun handle is exceptionally durable and grippy in all types of weather conditions.

You can even pick this up in different coatings and blade materials if you choose. You can also get it with a leather or Zytel sheath.

6. Fallkniven A1

Thanks to the success of the Fallkniven F1, the company decided to make a line of the knives in different sizes. The A1 is on the larger end of a survival knife with a 6.3-inch blade and 11-inch overall design. The blade is made from VG-10 without the option for other steels.

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Top 7 Best-Selling Throwing Knives at Knife Depot

Few things are more satisfying than throwing a knife at a target several feet away. The weight of the knife, the feeling of your energy transferring into the piece of steel, the sound it makes sticking into the wood.

I contend that knife throwing has become an increasingly popular hobby just from the interest I’ve seen around the subject and because throwers typically top the lists of best-sellers here at Knife Depot.

So to continue our trend of revealing some of the best-selling knives in each category, we turn to throwing knives. These seven throwing knife sets reveal what types of throwers people are gravitating to the most.

7. United Cutlery Hibben Competition 3-Piece Set

Coming in at seven on the list is a set of throwers designed by the great Gil Hibben for United Cutlery. The three-piece throwing knife set is on the large side with the knives boasting an overall length of just over a foot. We’ve gotten a lot of feedback that these knives are durable, well-balanced, and comfortable.

It’s hard to ask for anything more in a good throwing knife.

6. Magnum by Boker Mini Bo-Kri Set

Next up is the curvaceous Mini Bo-Kri set from Magnum by Boker. These throwers are designed by the great John Bailey, who won first place in the World Quick Draw Knife Throwing Competition and designs knives. Here’s a quick video showing him in action:

The knives have a wavy appearance with a 10.75-inch overall length. Made from 420J2 stainless steel, the knives are made to stick deep in their targets thanks to their clip points.

5. Japanese Shinobi 12-Piece Set

One of the best pieces of advice I heard someone give to knife throwing beginners is to get a set with a lot of pieces. Not only is it a hassle to stop what you’re doing every three throws to go retrieve the throwers (which are likely strewn about pretty far) but you also mess up your flow.

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Top 8 Best-Selling Cold Steel Knives at Knife Depot

Every now and again, we delve into our analytics to see which models have been selling the best. Because we know people are always interested in what others are buying, we like to share this information with our readers.

Next up is Cold Steel.

Cold Steel is as polarizing as politics — people pick sides for or against the brand and stick to their guns. Nevertheless, Cold Steel is pretty popular around these parts with a pretty eclectic array of designs making this list of best-sellers at Knife Depot.

As usual, if you’re reading this in the future, this may not be entirely accurate as it tends to change over time.

8. Cold Steel Finn Bear

Coming in at number eight on the list is the Cold Steel Finn Bear. This simple fixed blade is an underrated knife from the typically flashy brand. This workhorse tool features a 4-inch blade and a design inspired by the Finnish puukko. It’s also a great option for this who want a reliable and tough EDC fixed blade to carry around.

Thanks to its affordable price (and recent naming as a BKOTW), it’s not hard to see why the Finn Bear is such a popular knife around here.

7. Cold Steel Recon 1

The Recon 1 is Cold Steel’s flagship knife and gave the brand a clearer identity as a maker of tough-as-nails knives with a tactical focus. Since there are so many iterations, along with a recent change in blade steel, the numbers are tougher to track. However, when you add up the numbers of the Recon 1, you see it’s no slouch.

The Recon 1 with a clip point and partially serrated blade is one of the most popular iterations at Knife Depot. The 4-inch blade is now made with U.S.-made Carpenter CTS XHP steel and uses the same grippy G-10 handle scales. This is a hard-use knife that makes an excellent EDC.

6. Cold Steel FGX Grivory Karambit

Karambits frequently top the list of best-sellers because they’re simply awesome. They make great self-defense tools and you can even use some of the folding karambits as everyday carry knives. That makes the Cold Steel FGX Karambit an obvious addition to this list.

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Top 5 Best-Selling Benchmade Knives at Knife Depot


It’s hard to find a more respected brand over the years than Benchmade. From its customer service to its quality knives, Benchmade is frequently among our best-sellers here at Knife Depot.

Although our top sellers often change, I took a look at the data over the past few years to find out which Benchmade models are most popular among our customers.

While the data is liable to change and doesn’t take newer knives into account (since they haven’t had the time to build up numbers), this is a good indicator on what types of knives people like the most from Benchmade.

5. Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter


The fifth best-selling Benchmade here is probably surprising. The butterfly brand isn’t instantly known for its fixed blades, but the Benchmade 162 Bushcrafter is a force to be reckoned with. A quick look at reviews around the web and you’ll notice one common denominator: they’re all 5-star reviews.

The Bushcrafter is an outdoor knife that’s well-balanced, durable, and reliable. Its 4.43-inch blade is made from premium S30V stainless steel, which is highly resistant to corrosion, keeps an edge well, and holds up to a beating. Those are all qualities you want in a fixed blade outdoor knife.

Aside from that, it has contoured green G-10 handles with a red vulcanized spacer and comes with a leather sheath.


4. Benchmade 710


The fact that the 710 is so low on this list is probably another surprise (though it has been out for two decades). This McHenry and Williams design is frequently viewed as a flagship model for Benchmade, and it’s not hard to see why. Not only was it the first Benchmade to feature the AXIS lock but it’s also one of the best EDC knives around.

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7 Best-Selling Buck Knives at Knife Depot

It’s hard to find a brand more popular than Buck Knives. Since its origins way back in 1902, Buck has sold countless knives to millions of people around the world.

Everyone trusts a Buck—thanks to its reliable designs, quality workmanship, and great warranties. But which Bucks are the most popular?

In this post, we take a look at the seven best-selling Buck knives here at Knife Depot. As always, these could change in the future, but this takes into account aggregate data over the last decade.

7. Buck 325 Colleague


When you hear people talk about the most popular Buck knives, you rarely hear the Buck Colleague mentioned. However, the knife has quietly traveled up the ranks of Buck best-sellers here at Knife Depot. This imported knife has a contemporary look that’s unlike the other, more classic knives on this list.

The Colleague has a sub-2-inch blade with a stainless steel handle. The whole thing is mirror polished. It’s simple yet effective.


6. Buck 112 Ranger


The Buck 112 Ranger is a small version of the iconic Buck 110 Hunter (spoiler alert: the 110 appears higher on this list). One of the biggest complaints of the 110 is that it was a little too big for everyday carry. So Buck created the smaller 112 Ranger.

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