I don’t have to tell you that knives can be dangerous if used incorrectly, but sometimes when people use knives in a not-so-smart way, you get some pretty cool tricks. If you’re reading this, you’re probably old enough to know that you should not try this at home. These are crazy people doing crazy things that are potentially harmful and have probably cut themselves countless times.

1. Double Butterfly Knives

This guy may not be the smoothest, especially when his friends butt into his video, but he sure knows how to yield butterfly knives.

2. The Home-Made Switchblade

This is less of a trick than it is an awesome creation. Since switchblades are illegal, this guy created his own device that opens a knife quickly.

3. The Old-Fashioned Knife Trick

There are many of these videos circulating the net, but most of them seen to be doctored in some way. This video of a very dangerous trick seems to be the real deal.

4. Freehand Knife Skills

Sure it looks a bit silly when he starts with a banana, but once he moves on to knives, you can’t be anything but thoroughly impressed.

5. Cook Shows Off Skills

If you’ve ever been to a Hibachi grill, you know the kinds of tricks these cooks can do with kitchen knives. Here is a small sample from this woman.


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