At this point, pretty much everything has been turned into a knife.

There are the obvious found objects that can be turned into knives, such as old files and railroad spikes. In fact, you can watch these items along with 10 others be turned into 12 different knives in an old post.

Then, Kiwami Japan came along and upped the ante by turning unimaginable items into knives, such as gelatin, stone, and even underwear!

Another of our favorite YouTubers is back with some interesting experiments. This time knifemaker Steve Calvert aka Green Beetle attempted to make a knife from nickel wound guitar strings.

Check it out:

There’s so much to love about the videos from Green Beetle — from the experimental nature to the workshop sounds to the comedy.

It’s great seeing the whole process and the trial and error that comes with creating a knife out of different materials.

This video is not dissimilar to his others, including the time he forged a knife from drill shavings.

If you’re interested in watching more, I highly recommend giving Green Beetle a subscribe on YouTube. And if you haven’t seen it yet, you need to watch the Green Beetle video on the “Fast Food Knife” made with beer, bacon, fries, and Tums.