If you peruse You Tube, you’ll come across a number of videos of guys shaving with machetes and other gnarly blades.  However, few of them can compare with Murray Carter, who makes shaving with a straight-razor look like a walk in the park.

Carter’s made videos of himself shaving with neck knives, straight-razors, machettes and even a 21-inch sword.  However, in the video below, he takes a slightly different approach, shaving with a spoon that he forged out of hitachi white steel.

Carter, who grew up in Eastern Canada, traveled to Japan after he graduated from high school, where he became an apprentice to a 16th-generation Yoshimoto bladesmith.

After completing his apprenticeship, he was asked to take the position of number 17 in the Sakemoto family tradition of Yoshmoto bladesmithing, the only Caucasian to ever assume such a position.

Currently, Carter forges his own collection of knives, which you can check out on his website. He now lives in Hillsboro, Oregon, so if you’re ever in the neighborhood and in need of a shave, you know where  to go.

Scope out the video below and let us know what you think.

Daniel Lawton

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