KA-BAR Turok

Jesse Jarosz has already made quite a name for himself in the knife community thanks to his fantastic designs and great craftsmanship. In his second production knife with KA-BAR, Jarosz proves that he knows a thing or two about making a badass knife.

The KA-BAR Jarosz Turok is a fixed blade you can bet your life on. Originally designed as a combat utility knife for a Marine, the Turok has evolved into a knife that can do pretty much any outdoor task you need.

The Turok features a 6.25-inch blade made from 1095 Cro-Van steel, which is a carbon steel that’s tough as nails and takes an edge like few others. Black coating on the blade provides some extra rust resistance.

A false edge along the spine of the blade increases the knife’s propensity for penetrating, which is why those hogs always turn and run when they see this fixed blade. The coating can also be easily removed from the spine, letting you make wood shavings or strike a ferro rod.

Its brown Ultramid handle scales are exceptionally durable and bear Jarosz’s logo, which conveniently adds a little texture to your grip. The scales are affixed to the full tang by two Allen key bolts with a notch in the back for a lanyard. Its grip design lets you hold it comfortably and naturally in different positions.

Whereas other knives come with a basic sheath, Jarosz put a lot of thought into the makeup and construction of the Turok’s sheath. Made from molded Celcon, the sheath has excellent retention with a thumb release for quick access.

Here’s what Jesse Jarosz has to say for the knife himself:

The fact that the knife is made proudly in the United States is just icing on the cake.

For more information on this Badass Knife of the Week, check out the product page for the KA-BAR Jarosz Turok.


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