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Hilarious Knife Video Hits Close to Home

If you’re like me, you always look for an opportunity to take out your knife to help when some other tool like scissors could work just as well. That’s why this hilarious video from YouTuber Gus Johnson hit so close to home.

Take a look.

While I’d like to think I’m not this extreme (and I would never ever storm over a couch with an open knife in my hand), my wife and kids would probably say otherwise.

This seems to be the first knife-related post from Johnson and company but the fact that it’s so accurate on so many levels makes me think that Johnson or at least someone from his inner circle is a knife person.

Fortunately, there are tons of uses for a knife other than opening boxes. If you want a bit of inspiration, I recommend checking out one of my favorite knife articles: 101 uses for a pocket knife.

You may look ridiculous carrying your grocery bags on your Swiss Army Knife (maybe less so with a parcel hook) but at least you’ll be comfortable.


  1. I worked in a police precinct of approximately 300. Whenever there was a party, a six foot hero, a sheet birthday cake, an un-sliced pizza, they reflexively came to me. When a new guy asked his co-workers for an idea of where to borrow a tent and camping equipment, they sent him to me. Initially, he thought it was a prank (as I was a bit older and female). When I worked in a hospital, and someone needed to open boxes of supplies, or split a scored medicine tablet…you get the picture.

  2. LOL. This video is so me.

  3. That is hilARIOUS

    Sad but true … I really have to be more conscious of my penchant for knives.

    Enough commenting, i’ll cut it here … SAY WHAT !!!

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