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10 Best Benchmade Knives


We’re continuing our trek through the best knives from each brand. This time we take on the formidable butterfly brand.

What’s interesting about Benchmade is that this list is populated by a lot of newer models, which is somewhat surprising from such a storied brand. That’s partly due to the fact that Benchmade has been going on quite a tear recently with some excellent new knives.

As always, these lists are highly subjective, so let us know which models you think are the best in the comments.

Benchmade Griptilian

Benchmade Griptilian

We’ll start with a no-brainer: the Griptilian. Despite being around for such a long time, the Grip family remains one of Benchmade’s best offerings — both because it’s an excellent design and because it’s almost become a budget option from the brand.

At this point, the Griptilian has undergone a lot of changes and you can get the knife in different blade steels, blade profiles, handle colors, and handle materials. The standard is now S30V steel and nylon scales.

Because we want to keep this list somewhat clean, we’re including Mini Grips here too. I still carry my Mini Grip frequently.

If I had to pick the best Grip, it would be the 555-1.

Benchmade Freek

Benchmade Freek

The Freek was talked about as a Griptilian killer when it was introduced a few years ago. While the Freek did not kick the Grip to the curb, it did prove itself to be one of Benchmade’s best. In 2019, Benchmade released a premium version of the Freek with M4 steel and G-10 handles.

The blade is reminiscent of the Doug Ritter designs and the knife just feels so refined.

Benchmade Bugout

Benchmade Bugout

The Bugout is yet another newer model that quickly captured the hearts of knife nuts everywhere. It is a lightweight knife that makes an excellent backpacking knife or everyday carry. It has a 3.24-inch S30V blade, blue grivory handles, and a deep-carry clip. All this comes in at under 2 ounces.

When you combine the look with the design you get a definite winner in the Bugout.

Benchmade Adamas

Benchmade Adamas

From the lightweight to the heavy duty — next up is the Benchmade Adamas. The 275 Adamas is a workhorse of a folder and often touted as one of the best working knives around. With the 3.82-inch thick D2 blade, G-10 scales, and thick liners, this thing is a tank.

The Adamas has since been made into an automatic version and a fixed blade. Designer Shane Sibert really hit it out of the park with this one. His other Benchmade — the Bushcrafter — also deserves a quick mention.

Benchmade Crooked River

Benchmade Crooked River

Is the Crooked River family the best looking from Benchmade? I say yes.

This large folding hunting knife has a great 4-inch clip point blade made from S30V complemented by stabilized wood scales and aluminum bolsters. The orange pivot collar is another added touch that transforms a classic design into something more modern.

For many people, the large 4-inch blade was a dealbreaker but the Mini Crooked River somewhat remedied that with a 3.4-inch blade.

It does look a bit crazy for city folk to be carrying around what looks like a large hunting knife, but it’s hard to deny the beauty of this knife.

Benchmade 940

Benchmade 940

The Benchmade 940 no longer has the newness factor or charm of many of the knives coming out these days, but the knife remains so darn good. It’s just a lightweight knife that gets the job done without much ado.

The original has green aluminum handles and a great reverse tanto blade profile. I haven’t mentioned the AXIS lock yet, but it’s just a great locking mechanism that’s fun to use and keeps the hand away from the blade. It helps keep knives like the 940 slim and essential.

It’s no wonder this is frequently called one of the best EDC knives ever.

There are also a bunch of variations, including the 940-1 (which I think is the best despite the price).

Benchmade Barrage

Benchmade Barrage

The Barrage is a family of knives that use the AXIS Assist mechanism to spring the blades to life. At this point, you can get this knife in a ton of variations, but the base is a 3.6-inch 154CM steel blade with black Valox handles.

If you wanted to upgrade to the 586 Mini Barrage, you get M390 steel and G-10/aluminum handles. It’s a sleek and sexy design from Warren Osborne that remains a staple of Benchmade to this day.

Benchmade Proper

Benchmade Proper

Another recent release that found its way onto this list is the Proper. Who would have thought a gentleman’s slipjoint could have become one of Benchmade’s best?

But the Proper fills such an underrated niche — the modern gentleman’s folder. It has a small 2.86-inch blade that opens with a nail nick. The blade itself is a bit different and is almost a Wharncliffe-like design. You can get the handle in Micarta or G-10. (You have to hand it to Benchmade that it frequently goes away from black knives.)

The charm factor on this knife is very high.

Benchmade Contego

Benchmade Contego

I like going from extremes and there is no better contrast from the Proper than the Contego. Designed by the late Warren Osborne, the Contego is all black (if you get the black-coated version) and all aggression.

The nearly 4-inch blade has a reverse tanto profile with some jagged humps on the spine. Combine that with textured G-10 handle and you get something fierce. Still, with the use of the popular M4 steel and the overall tactical design, you get a classic Benchmade knife.

Benchmade North Fork

Benchmade North Fork

I had trouble filling this last slot. It was either this, the Infidel, or the 87 Bali-Song. While latter two may be technically better, they are far more expensive and far less practical, especially in places where they’re illegal. That’s why the North Fork gets the nod.

This is an excellent EDC knife with a smaller 2.97-inch S30V blade and either wood handles or G-10 handles. The wood version is almost like the Crooked River except more practical for EDC and can be carried anywhere without turning heads — from the outdoors to the office. The North Fork is part of the Benchmade HUNT line.


  1. You must not have seen the current uproar over benchmade helping the police destroy firearms. I cannot forgive this destruction. I won’t destroy or dump the benchmade knives I own but will not carry them or buy another for as long as I live. I expect some to disagree but I feel the need to vote with my wallet.

    • Tim

      February 27, 2019 at 9:20 am

      I did see the uproar over Benchmade. This post was published a few days before all that happened. You’re more than welcome to vote with your wallet and boycott. That’s your right as an American.

    • First off, I am a gun owner. With that out of the way.

      I don’t get it?

      Are you upset that Benchmade assisted law enforcement?

      If not that; are you upset that law enforcement destroys weapons that were illegally obtained, used in crimes, no longer functioning to the needed standards, or turned in by the public to be destroyed? Can old crappy guns, a murder weapon, or a weapon someone wants destroyed, never be destroyed and should instead be put in a monument somewhere to live on for eternity?

      It seems to me that Benchmade donated time and resources to help out law enforcement and should be commended for their actions?

      Not sure if I am missing something, and should be upset?

    • shut up pussy

  2. excepting the 940 those are not the best Benchmade knives and in reality not even very good knives. Mostly impractical to use and poor designs from handle to blade shape. But, you gotta get rid of the bad ones so you can stock a few good ones I suppose.

    • Tim

      February 27, 2019 at 9:23 am

      I think many people would disagree with you, Roger. Sure, there are some that are highly subjective like the North Fork but others like the Bugout and Griptilian are pretty widely respected. We haven’t stocked Benchmade knives at Knife Depot for a while so this isn’t just to sell knives either.

  3. I think the Grizzly Ridge & Foray should be on the top of this list

  4. How is the 707 Sequel not on this list?? It’s got EDC size, 154cm steel, and a budget price of just over $100… The North Fork is good but the Sequel is/was better and definitely one Benchmade discontinued that should be brought back.

    • Tim

      February 27, 2019 at 9:21 am

      These lists are knives only currently in production — I should have specified that again. The Sequel did get a mention in my post on discontinued knives we’d like to see brought back.

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