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Roundup of the Best 2019 April Fools Jokes

Another April Fools Day is behind us and so are a bunch of hilarious jokes companies and brands pulled.

Instead of moving on, we thought it’d be funny to take a look back at all the best knife-related jokes and pranks for April Fools Day 2019. Here are the main ones we saw and enjoyed. Let us know your favorites in the comments.

Victorinox Survival Rx Glasses


I admit that this one initially got me. First because it was sent out in an email on March 29 and second because it’s something I’d actually buy.

Victorinox teased special edition Survival Rx reading glasses with built-in tools like those found in a Swiss Army Knife. There were scissors, a bottle opener, tweezers, a toothpick, and a corkscrew that come off the frames of the glasses.

They even made a video in conjunction with Check it out:

As a glasses-wearer and daily carrier of a Swiss Army Knife, I was excited to see something like this. Sure, it’s crazy but then I saw the price tag starting at $129 and knew it was a fake.

Still, good idea and great execution. Well done Victorinox and

Blade Magazine Finds Original Bowie

Blade Magazine is not above having some fun on April Fools Day either.

On April 1, they tweeted this:

Anyone who follows the magazine knows that the original Bowie knife has been an elusive treasure that has yet to be found. Could this finally be it?

Read the article here:

(April Fools’ Day) Bowie Knife From 1827 Sandbar Fight Found

OK, so not exactly, but it was well-done and very funny to see that exclusive photograph, especially with how everything was presented.

SOG Sterminus XR

SOG came through with the next iteration of the Terminus series in the Sterminus XR.

The Sterminus XR is a knife with the bones of the Terminus XR that can come apart at the handle to form a stand for your phone. It’s a neat idea.

Here’s an excerpt from the “press release“:

Built on the frame of SOG’s award-winning Terminus XR, the Sterminus XR has removable, customizable handle scales that quickly and easily snap together to make a phone stand designed to fit iPhones and Galaxy phones. The handle scales are available in a wide array of colors and, thanks to input from consumers, each handle scale has several large, easily identifiable SOG logos on them.

Jonathan Wegner, SOG’s VP of Marketing, said the Sterminus XR is “a product really in line for outdoor or lifestyle situations.”

Wegner had more to say about the new direction SOG is taking with the Sterminus.

“We’re excited to announce that we’ve strategized a 30,000-foot view on our products that stays within our consumercentric lane,” Wegner said. “We could have boiled the ocean, or ran a dog’s breakfast up the flagpole, but the Sterminus XR allows us to stay within our core competencies.”

Here’s a concept of the thing:

While I’m sure SOG was trying to be jokey and clever, the joke is on them. Gerber came out with something somewhat similar a few years back in the Gerber Steady Tool. I had acquired one and took a few photos of it:

So maybe the joke is on Gerber.

KA-BAR Space-Bar

KA-BAR announced a partnership that was a little bit out there:

Partnering with a space organization to make a knife is not as far fetched as you might think. I recently wrote about all the knives sent to space that included some collaborations like this.

Obviously the Space Force is just a proposed branch of the military, but the culmination of the joke with the Space-Bar was just too good.

Blade Show Bans Sharp Knives

Blade Show got in on the action too.

After receiving comments about safety concerns, they announced that all knives presented at the upcoming Blade Show must be dull.

This one was just too ridiculous to be believable but it got me to chuckle a bit.

Olamic Pivots to Lures

Speaking of ridiculous, there was also this:

Although it seems crazy, Olamic went all out with this. They even created a website and separate Instagram page. The website seems to actually be selling these lures from $50 to $100.

If these sell well, I can picture Olamic actually keeping up with it — possibly.


What happens if you take the TOPS El Chete and make it even bigger?

You get the XXXXXEL Chete:

Very silly.

Spartan Blades Teams with B&T Industries

Spartan Blades apparently collaborated with B&T Industries to make the new Close Quarters Bipod (CQB).

Take a look:

OK, so it’s really just two CQB knives used to prop up a barrel.

Cold Steel Announces New Plastic Knives

Take a look at the new offerings from Cold Steel:

This actually wasn’t too unbelievable. Cold Steel has an FGX series that uses No-Met technology and are made of plastic. There’s the Cold Steel FGX Cat and Cold Steel FGX Chaos.

I almost fell for it, except for the fools hashtag in the post.

On the Cold Steel front, apparently the company is also creating an advanced program called Cold Steel Life. Seems legit:

Neve change, Pete.

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  1. Why the Swiss glasses an April fools joke. Was it because of the price?.I would certainly get myself a pair if they ever decided to manufacture them.Have fun guys.

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