When you want to try a Spyderco design without spending too much, you turn to Byrd Knives.

Byrd is a value-focused subbrand of Spyderco that features designs inspired by many of its iconic flagship models. The Hawkbill is a perfect example. Using the same handle shape and design of the Meadowlark 2, which itself is inspired by the handle of the Delica 4, this Byrd folder is an excellent entry option for a hawkbill blade folder.

The hawkbill profile has its roots in the commercial fishing industry where the curved tip and serrations help cut lines and fibrous materials in a pinch. The edge of this knife features the SpyderEdge, a two-step serration pattern that increases the edge’s surface area by 24 percent. The best part of the SpyderEdge is that it cuts and doesn’t just tear.

The 2.875-inch blade has the benefit of being great on the open waters but also providing a ferocious ally in life-threatening situations. It uses a variation of the Spyderco Round Hole that works in a similarly reliable fashion.

Complementing the multipurpose hawkbill blade is an FRN handle design that’s been improved upon for decades. The bidirectional scales are durable and will not warp in extreme situations. A back lock mechanism is easy to use and can withstand nearly anything you throw at it.

With thoughtful additions like a finger choil, four-position spoon pocket clip, Boye dent, and jimping, it’s hard to find a better design at a better pricepoint than the Byrd Hawkbill.

For more info on this Badass Knife of the Week, see the product page for the Byrd Hawkbill.