Joerg Sprave

There are few people I admire more than Joerg Sprave. Not only is the dude always enjoying life but he comes up with and creates the most insanely cool weapons.

For those who don’t know, Joerg Sprave is the proprietor of The Slingshot Channel on YouTube. It’s there you can take a look at some of his uniquely original and highly functional creations. He’s basically Dennis the Menace on steroids. He uses wood and rubber bands in nearly all of his designs and often stretches the definition of a slingshot.

He’s made a machete slingshot, sawblade slingshot, and knife chainsaw, just to name a few.

His latest creation takes some of the uncertainty out of throwing knives by sticking them in a pump-action gun. Instead of using arrows or bolts, Sprave points out that kunai throwing knives like these are actually more cost effective.

The gun is actually very well made (like all of his creations). It catches the throwing knife and guides it out through the slot. You can load a few of these knives and shoot them pretty quickly. The issue is that it won’t work well for longer distances, but that doesn’t decrease its coolness factor.

Check it out:


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