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The Sawblade Slingshot: Too far or not far enough?

From the man who brought you the utterly insane machete slingshot comes his next crazy creation: a slingshot that shoots circular sawblades.

Jörg Sprave, the self-proclaimed Mr. Slingshot, usually designs a bunch of wacky slingshots, including one that shoots wooden stakes in the event of a vampire invasion and the slingshot of mass destruction.

However, it seems he outdid himself with his newest creation. In Gizmodo, he was quoted describing the difficulties of shooting circular sawblades:

Circular sawblades are about as dangerous to be shot from a slingshot as it gets. Heavy. Sharp. Unpredictable in flight.

It turned out quickly that rotational speed is needed in order to stabilize the flight of the blade. Otherwise it will tumble and loose speed quickly, as shown in two slow motion scenes. So a special weapon was devised that adds this rotation to the saw blade, and the effect is quite impressive.

A shot of the blade into a watermelon demonstrates the destructional potential of this slingshot invention.

From the video below you can see the dangerous and potentially destructive nature of the weapon (for example, at 2:10 in the video I was sure his fingers were going to come flying off). This is something you wouldn’t want to get into the hands of the wrong person, not that this massive beast is practical for carrying on a hunting trip or for self-defense.

So, what’s your take on this crazy slingshot? Is this crazier than the machete slingshot or do you think it could go a lot farther?


  1. this has more potential as far as i’m concerned. once i get it scaled down….

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