The Swiss Army knife, which is no stranger to redesigns, will be getting an Asian twist in the latest incarnation of the iconic multi-function pocket knife.

According to Reuters, the new model is designed by Japanese designer Kazuma Yamaguchi and will be rectangular-shaped as opposed to the traditional elongated oval shape.

Manufacturer Victorinox will release the model named Tomo (meaning “friends” in Japanese) in July.

The article also says that the knife will come in a range of bright colors from capri blue to lemon yellow (which resemble the second generation iPod nano), and “will target fashion-conscious customers and will be sold in places like the Museum of Modern Arts in New York.”

There are currently more than 300 different types of Swiss Army knife models that range in prices from cheap to extremely expensive, like this $70,000 Diamond Platinum version.

Victorinox is always looking to stay ahead of the curve and adapt to changes in technology and the knife industry. For example, when the company first started, they were in jeopardy of falling behind when a German company began selling a less expensive version of their knife (which was essentially just a plain pocket knife), but the company invented a new spring system that enabled them to add more tools.

More recently, Victorinox added a USB tool to the knife and has been focusing more on technology in their knives and company.

As culture and technology continue to progress, it’ll be interesting to see how the Swiss Army knife grows with the trends.


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