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Top 10 knives disguised as everyday objects

There’s nothing cooler than a knife that’s disguised as an everyday object. Although some of these items seem impractical and are illegal in certain states, there’s no denying just how fascinating these hidden blades are. Here are 10 of the most interesting disguised blades.

1. Pen Knife

Pen Knife

The pen knife is the classic disguised knife that looks like something straight out of a James Bond film. The great thing about this disguised knife is that it’s perfect for both the knife enthusiast and writer, because it’s actually functional. If you ever run out of ink for your pen knife, simply buy a new ink refill.

2. Lipstick Knife

Lipstick Knife

This is an item almost exclusively for women, as it would probably be pretty strange for a guy to carry this around. The lipstick knife comes in a variety of colors, so a woman looking to coordinate her disguised knife with her outfit will have no problems. To make the knife come out, all you have to do is take the cap off and twist it open. Unlike the pen knife, the lipstick knife doesn’t serve its original purpose.

3. Key Knife

Key Knife

If you’re the kind of person who loves to carry a bunch of keys on you at all times, this disguised knife is a great choice. The key knife looks like a regular key except a blade opens from the long end of the key. Considering the size of the key, the blade is extremely small, so it might only be useful for simple tasks like cleaning the dirt from underneath your nails.

4. Umbrella Sword

Umbrella Knife

We’ve already seen an umbrella that resembles a samurai sword, but this item is the opposite. It’s a sword disguised as an umbrella. The umbrella sword is a device The Penguin from Batman has been known to use on occasion. The item also works as an umbrella, so if you ever need to fight an army of zombie ninjas in the rain, you won’t get wet.

5. Belt Knife

Black Belt Knife

The belt knife resembles a fully functional belt for your pants, but the buckle detaches into a lockback folding blade knife. There’s also a clip in the back of the buckle/knife that holds money or slides into the top of the pants. Another variety of belt knife is a fixed blade knife that is pulled out of a built-in sheath on the belt.

6. Comb Knife


Comb Knife

The comb knife is much more substantial in size than other disguised knives. When you pull off the top of the comb with the teeth, it reveals a 3 1/2 inch stainless steel fixed blade. Although knife laws have changed, a 2006 police document revealed that these knives cannot be shipped to California, Massachusetts or New York.

7. Cane Sword

Cane Sword

Similar to the idea of the umbrella sword, the cane sword hides a long blade that is unsheathed by pulling the handle of the cane. There are actually many different types and designs of the cane sword, including those that hide a smaller dagger blade and those that hide a full-sized sword.

8. Dagger Necklace

Dagger Necklace

This disguised blade is less hidden than the others. At first glance, it looks like an interestingly designed necklace with a piece of shiny metal, but the metal is actually a sharp blade. When you pull the dagger out of the necklace, a spring loaded sheath falls back into the necklace, so it still looks normal. In fact, you could easily wear the necklace with or without the blade attached.

9. Carabiner Knife

Carabiner Knife

If you carry a lot of keys and like to attach them to the belt loop in your pants or if you’re planning on going rock climbing, a carabiner knife will make sure you’re never away from a blade. The blade opens out from the side and comes in straight-edged and serrated-edged types. They also come in different colors.

10. Bullet Knife

Bullet Knife

Bullet knives look like authentic bullets except they come with a built-in folding blade. With the bullet knife, you can champion your love for the Second Amendment by promoting guns and knives. The great thing about these is that they come in different styles and calibers. For example, you could pick up a bullet knife that looks like a shotgun shell or a 44 magnum.


  1. A knife is an everyday object. These things are cute, I guess, but most of them, I’ve seen, are cheaply made, can’t get or keep an edge on them, and are most dangerous to the person holding it. Some of them could be handy, but a lot of places ban caneswords, and they aren’t stout enough to use for real, as a rule.

  2. Here in Idaho, we conceal our knives by covering them with our guns, nobody cares..or if they do they’re too scared to aproach you lol

    • Annie Get Your Gun

      September 3, 2020 at 12:27 pm

      Yeah, we usually do the same in Arizona. One time I forgot that I had my knife in my purse, found it while putting my .38 in it! It’s best to carry openly (for strangers gazing,jealous eyes and for the statement). However, canceal carry keeps me hyper-aware of people around me, or do both at the same time(my preferred way). Either way, suddenly my knife seems less important or necessary, that’s probably why I forget it fell into the bottom of my purse.

    • Here in Texas we have to disguise knives (cuz all over 4 inches is a felony) but have open carry and concealed gun laws.I am 61 been carrying a knife since I was about 10.Still do Just stick it in my bra.No one is going in there without permission.😊

  3. anyone know where the necklace one could be bought? online or otherwise?

    • Did you find it?

      • Tim

        July 30, 2015 at 2:29 pm

        I tried searching for it once, but I believe it’s a custom-made necklace that was confiscated by the police, who then displayed it. I couldn’t find anything on the original maker.

        • There are many “knife necklaces” out there. Check out “ninja” websites, I’ve found many variants for concealed knives on them. As for usefulness, it depends on whether you’re in danger all the time and need a more durable blade (or maybe consider a gun?) or just need an emergency blade in case of instances like mugging or rape. Don’t forget there are knives that can be concealed as “stick” hair accessories, too, for those people who have shoulder length or longer hair. And I can’t stress enough that anyone who carries blades, but hasn’t taken classes in their use should also have emergency supplies nearby in case those blades accidentally end up cutting the user.

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  5. If you have a pocket, you can concele any knife.

  6. Its a nice collection of hidden blades but not every hidden blade is handy and it all depends on the situation.


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