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New Swiss Army knife made from old nails

In collaboration with fashion designer Christopher Raeburn, Victorinox has launched a new collection called “Remade in Switzerland” that designed clothes and accessories completely out of vintage Swiss Army materials.

For example, they have a jacket made from old parachutes and another one made from army sleeping bags, according to Mariska Alexandra.

What’s interesting about this line is that it shows the possibilities of sustainable and eco-friendly clothing.

Since you probably don’t care much about fashion, the notable news from this collection is the release of a very limited edition Swiss Army knife made entirely from old horseshoe nails.

The Horseshoe Nail Knife, as it’s called, was crafted from a surplus of old horseshoe nails. The nails were melted down and recast as knife scales. According to the “Remade in Switzerland” site, the knives are being packaged in the “original coated paper box that held the nails.”

The body of the knife looks intentionally rugged, but the actual tools look smooth and clean.

Although no price tag has been set on these cool knives, expect to pay a hefty sum because only 100 have been made.

If you’re interested in seeing more of this collection, check out this fascinating stop motion video where you can also get a glimpse of the Horseshoe Nail Knife around the 1:19 mark.


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  1. Anyone know where these are for sale? It’s been a while, not sure what marketplace they would be sold on now.

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