wrecked mustang

Image of the wrecked Mustang courtesy of SOG Knives

This blog has always touted the importance of carrying a knife, whether a lockback clipped to your belt or a Swiss Army knife tucked into your pocket. Even though certain cities and organizations demonize knives as dangerous weapons, the functionality of a knife during harrowing situations should not be underestimated.

In our series Knives Save Lives, we thoroughly document how knives are used to help those in life or death situations. I stumbled upon this next example of knives saving lives on the SOG knives blog.  A customer named Zach S. submitted a story to SOG about how he used his knife to rescue someone.

The story begins when Zach, a volunteer Firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician for a New York fire department, was driving home from work on October 14, 2011. As these stories go, he found himself right in the middle of a terrible car crash. One car slammed into the other, but Zach was able to avoid hitting the out-of-control vehicles. Since he is a volunteer firefighter, it was instinctive of him to immediately pull over and help out at the scene of the accident.

Here’s an excerpt of what he wrote at the SOG blog:

As I assessed the scene I noticed that the driver of the Mustang was badly injured and needed to be extricated from the car.  Unable to gain any access to the car from the driver side I approached the passenger side of the car.  The windows were rolled up and the door was locked.

For anyone who has never witnessed or been in an accident, the scene is disorienting and frightening. The smell of destruction is strong in the air and fluids are leaking from the vehicle. Danger still seems imminent and it’s hard to tell just how injured someone really is.


Fortunately, Zach always carried his reliable SOG Trident. With the help of the Trident, he was able to break the window, stabilize the victim and cut her out of her seat belt.

It was his bravery and ability to enter the car that helped rescue the poor girl severely injured in the car accident. The SOG Trident, with its razor sharp blade and SOG Assisted Technology, is a tool no one should be without.


Timothy Martinez Jr. is the community director for Knife Depot and the editor of The Cutting Edge. If you have any questions or ideas for The Cutting Edge, you can contact him at Tim@knife-depot.com.
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