ZK "Pestilence" ChopperTired of hearing and posturing about what you would do during a zombie invasion? I didn’t think so.

Earlier in the week, I posted about Gerber’s intense Apocalypse Survival Kit featuring some pretty badass tools like the awesome DMF folder that comes in handy when the undead are looking for fresh flesh. Knives, unlike guns that require ammunition, are perfect weapons for battling “walkers.”

So, offering their own solution to the eventual zombie invasion, KA-BAR has been marketing the ZK “Pestilence” Chopper knife as an ultimate zombie killer (hence ZK).

All these companies marketing their knives as safeguards against the undead is a genius idea. Although some people might perceive these tactics as demeaning and toy-like, the knives themselves boast pure craftsmanship.

The Pestilence has an overall length of nearly 16 inches with a 10.25-inch blade made from quality SK5 steel. It has an amazingly contoured handle that’s really comfortable despite the overall heaviness of the tool.

The main issue of the blade revolves around its versatility. It’s too big for everyday carry though not quite big enough to be a practical machete. Although its main trade is probably decapitating monsters, the Pestilence does do a fantastic job clearing brush and undergrowth out in the wilderness.

If you’re the kind of person who has to own every single blade designed for the apocalypse, this is another essential knife you shouldn’t go without.

Check out this video review of the ZK “Pestilence” from Desert Prepper.



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