Last month’s William Wallace sword giveaway was a big hit and yesterday I posted a picture and testimonial from our first winner, Eino Hill.   Feel free to our large collection of swords, we have a new Scottish Highlands Claymore Sword and it is over 56 inches! 

Here’s a picture of our second winner, William Gagliardi.  Gagliardi, 18, lives in Ohio where he attends high school and holds down three jobs as well.

Man with huge medieval sword
“The coolest thing about the sword is its size and weight,” he said.

Gagliardi said he has plans to mount the sword on a plaque in his bed room.

“Has my life changed?” he he said during a recent interview.  “Heck yeah!  I got a sword off Facebook, what more could I want or need.”

We’ll be holding a new product giveaway soon over at The Cutting Edge, so make sure to check the blog regularly for a chance to win great knife gear.

Want to buy a badass William Wallace sword for your bedroom?  We’re selling them for half off, so snap one up while you still can.

Daniel Lawton

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