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Five Reasons to Pick Up Sword Fighting

This post is the first in a week-long series about swords in conjunction with our first Cutting Edge product give-away.  Place a comment responding to this post or any other between today and midnight on Sunday and you’ll be entered to win a 51-inch William Wallace replica sword ($119 value, pictured below).

William Wallace Replica Sword

Picture this:  It’s an ordinary Saturday afternoon around your house and your wife is about to leave for bridge club.

“Do you have any plans, honey,” she inquires in a condescending tone, expecting you to have none.

“Actually, I do,” you announce, pulling a 30-inch Katana sword from the sheath affixed to your belt. “I’m going to my sword fighting club.”

All around the world. ordinary dudes like yourself are living exciting lives by participating in sword fighting.  Don’t believe me? Here’s a huge list of sword fighting clubs across the U.S.

Not convinced that sword fighting is for you?  Here are a few reasons to give it a shot.

Sword Fighting is a Primal Right of Manhood

Have you ever felt like you’ve missed your destiny?  Have you ever considered that in a former life you were a swashbuckling pirate or a knight in shining armor who sliced through his foes?

If you have, then you may be completely delusional.  However, that doesn’t mean you can’t pick up a sword fighting hobby that’s exciting, healthy and just downright macho.

Sword fighting exhibitions are held every year in locations across the world and you can be a participant.  Why sit on the couch twiddling your thumbs when you could be donning armor and fighting it out on the field while living your medieval fantasy

Sword fighting makes you buff

As long as you don’t stabbed through the heart.  Have you ever seen a fat Samurai?  No, you haven’t, and that’s because there aren’t any.

Sword fighting sheds fat, burns calories and can chisel your body.  There are also numerous sword fighting classes available throughout the Hollywood and Manhattan areas, but if by some freakish reason you don’t live in these bastions of new-age exercise, there is no reason to worry.  I have a solution for you.

There are books on sword fighting

Seriously. Not only are there books, but there are sword fighting  E-books, which means that you can sit in your basement on your laptop and learn to sword fight better then William Wallace.

What could be better than reading an ordinary E-book? How about reading one on sword fighting!

Sword fighting helps you appreciate history

A history book?  Yeah, that sounds like a really great way to pass time.  But, what if medieval history, had, dare I say, a bit more of an edge to it?

It does.  From Lancelot to Miyamoto Musashi, sword fighters have been revered throughout history.  Oh, what’s that, you don’t know who Miyamato Musashi is?

He’s an ancient Japanese warrior who won hundreds of duels;  In the most infamous, he killed a man with a weapon that he constructed from an oar on the boat-ride over.

Sword fighting is steeped in the tradition and the history of Europe and Asia, which means that in order to fully appreciate it, you’ll want to digest some ancient manuals on the craft. By doing so, you will appear to be much more educated than you are.

Buying a sword is easy

Don’t worry, you don’t need to scour your local sporting goods store for a proper blade. Ninja swords and accessories are available from a number of online retailers and are quite affordable.

Don’t wait any longer.  The time has come for you to claim your destiny.  Buy a sword (and a sheath) and become the man you’ve always wanted to be.

Want to win a 51-inch William Wallace replica sword ($119 value)?  If so, leave a comment below with one reason (no matter how weird) why you’d be proud to own this sword. Everyone who leaves a comment on a Cutting Edge blog post through Sunday will be entered and a winner will be chosen at random.

Daniel Lawton

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  1. Sword fighting is for me. I would love to get the sword

  2. Nothing like William Wallace on your wall.

  3. i will use it to clean fish with.

  4. This sword embodies what it means to be a freedom fighter. It is a symbol that stands for freedom. I would love to own this sword.

  5. Im all about swords and knives and was nicknamed william wallace in school

  6. I will use it to clean my nails.

  7. I would display the sword in my man cave and if and intruder were to enter my dwelling I would use it to split them from stem to stern.

  8. i would put it on display and use in reenactments

  9. I will use it to gain… FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!

  10. I want to win a sword…….. Knife Depot, The Cuttin Edge is great and cool for giving a sword away. I want the SWORD.

  11. Always nice to have a great sword!

  12. give us FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. That would look great on my man-room wall

  14. that would look great on my man-room wall!

  15. I would use it in sword.fighting clubs. Nobody would touch it but me

  16. Can you shave with this sword? I have been looking for something a bit more badass than my Gillette Mach 3 razor.

  17. i shall dirve the sword deep into a stone & then withdraw it to claim the throne of England!

  18. I love the craftsmanship of fine swords!!

  19. I’m in the security business working patrol in Bel Air and Beverly Hills, and quite personally, I don’t like carrying a gun. I don’t want to use it. I don’t want it to be used on me. Now, if I had a sword! Whoa momma! No burglar is going mess with me! I just flash my blade from my patrol unit, and give him this look like, “Yeah, I know how to use it,” and he drops the safe and I get promoted to head Seargent. Encouraged to see these classes are offered in my neighborhood. I’m in!

  20. I would use it to defend my house

  21. the best sward that keep the English at bay and a important piece of my own heritage

  22. I really enjoy the era of medieval times and have participated in events involving swords and such and this one looks like a piece of work.

  23. There are so many reasons to own a cool sword! Just to hang it up with my other ones is one that comes to mind.

  24. FREEDOM!!!!!! This looks awesome!

  25. Omg I would love to have that sword! Love it!

  26. a mighty fine start to my new armament….when the three stooges (Obama, Clinton, Holder) finally get out more modern weapons

  27. Man! A William Wallace Sword would be a welcome display for my Scottish Heritage…

  28. THIS IS SPARTA!!!!…oh wait…THIS IS SCOTLAND!!!!

  29. I love that movie, I get goosebumps every time he yells “FREEDOM”!

  30. I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!
    I love IT

  31. It would be an honor to own this sword. Wiliam Wallace was a hero to his people as well as an inspiration to us all.

  32. If i win this sword i will use it to ward off the terrorista when they try to take the is over, i will f some terrorists up

  33. Use it to scare my college roommate when I hang it on the wall over my bed

  34. i would love to win this sword it will be a great addition to my collection. Right now i have the spartan sword from 300, the conan the barbarian sword and the punisher sword from the original comic book. i love all weapons and would do just about nething to get this sword

  35. “Is ete Cressingham’s broadstrip I see der for me baldrick? Ay, butte shooda we a had da swords at Loudin Hill in 1291 me bro’ and me fader mi a yet be alive and if I’d a had ’em at Falkirk, well ya knoe what hopeen dare, wee a wun en ay mite not haf latre ben drawn en quardered derin Lundun. Aye tis ritefully mine day r, no finer swords….” WW

  36. ……thought about what William Wallace himself might have said.

  37. i recently had my sword stolen while i was visiting my family and i would like to get back into training with an awsome sword such as this one

  38. Great sword and great quality work.

  39. i would like this sword because i only have eastern swords. a katana and a tanto knife would seem a little out of place in a fight against my brothers( who all own zweihandlers or battle axes)

  40. i love swordz and sword fightin im really good at it and if i had this sword 2 pratice it would help me be better at it so please pick me

  41. Maria Arellano

    April 5, 2011 at 8:39 pm

    i’d love to have a sword to start training with and scare a few people too

  42. I am currently learning the arts of the traditional Samurai warriors, and am Viking by decent. I live in the art of learning battle, and fight only in defense of others, myself, and what is right. I would greatly enjoy owning a sword at least remotely close to my ancestral weapon. The sword takes skill to use, and takes proper training. It is the most physically difficult most skill requiring weapon with which to fight. I sword is the extension of the heart of a warrior. It belongs in a warriors hands.

  43. Man..what a cool sword. William Wallace was freggin’ awesome.

  44. I have been teaching the basics of fencing and battle strategy for several years and tho it has been awhiole since my last spar i do intend upon teaching my children to underestand and master fighting with a sword b4 any weapon i would love this sword because of wat it represents, givin its a reproduction, william wallace was a freedom fighter he was one of the first few humanitarian radicals saying we are ppl just as any noble or englishman and tho he died in battle his fight has always lived on and i hope to pass this down to my children. the claymore still remain a very powerful and awe-striking weapon and i know it would look great in my house.

  45. would be awesome to win that sword its a nice piece

  46. yay this would be my first sword i just go knives

  47. i have wondered if something like this ever existed and its a bummer that there isnt a place around my area that i could go to and train with other people or professionals but swords have interested me since i was little and i currently have a bastard sword and a knock off Ninja sword. now that i am 18 i will be buying more once i get the money.

  48. i started practicing Kendo with my cousine when i was 8, im now 19 and am exceptionally skilled with a blade. i have been collecting for about 8 years now and could definately use another to go with my collection.

  49. After having a rather extensive collection stolen years ago, I have not been able to replace them since. This would be a great start to replenishing my aesthetic collection and well as getting by into the sport of fighting with several different styles of swords.

  50. Like it! Like it! Like it!

  51. What steel is this blade made from?

  52. Jonathan P. Recor

    April 6, 2011 at 1:38 am

    I have been collecting knives, of all types and even oun a ‘Real WWII Japanese sword, my gradfather killed an enemy Japanese and took the sword home with him. Am the proud owner of a few Indian Gurka knives and several survival and even a few throwing.
    This would help my collection.

  53. thomas stroder

    April 6, 2011 at 2:35 am

    Hello I may be young but swords run in my family and I love swords very much but sad to say I have very little money so please nice people grant me the sword so I can make my father proud of me …

  54. It would look awesome on my wall && it would also help me get rid of that stray cat in my back yard.

  55. Well this was enlightening, I always loved swords hopefuly I can get in to this sort of thing.
    Hears hopeing !

  56. I love cutlery of all kinds I even have a very good friend who makes custom knives and swords. I would be interested to see the one that you are speaking of. A beautifully made blade is a thing of true craftsmanship and beauty, nevermind the functionality of the sword. Just working a blade takes phenomenal skill.

  57. Long, shiny, pointy…sign me up!

  58. Sword fighting is great it helps build the mind the body a and the soul. i am gald i picked up. you can learn so much. and even if you think its to hard its not. you can train your body and mind while learning so much about the past. any one who like or even thinks they like med evil times or swords and blades to look it to in!!!!

  59. Nathan Kuhlmann

    April 6, 2011 at 6:35 am

    I need a real sword so my roommate and I can stop playing around with the junk we’ve been trying to sword fight with.

  60. Jaco van Schoor

    April 6, 2011 at 12:13 pm

    Why do you need 5 reasons…..just 1. IT’S FREAKIN SWORD FIGHTING!!!

  61. I’d definitely give it a go. Be a great laugh for haloween and the improving the usual run of the mill fort i make myself once a month. Could also use it as an outside the box chat up line to get women back to my apartment when i move out in june. Give it to a fellow lad, not the nerdy lads who’d be buying it anyway

  62. Please enter me in this contest!!! Seeing there is a multiple entry, such as those done by Monty Danger Hudson, does this increase chances to win, or is it “1 entry per IP address/name”? Please advise? Thanks! ~JP~

  63. It’s one entry per blog post, so you can enter more than once by posting on each blog post, but posting more than once on the same post like Monty does NOT increase your chances to win.

  64. I once was given a sword in a “men’s retreat” and the minister said. “I am giving you my sword, If you have my sword, I can never harm you or stab you in the back. I commit myslef to you and your success, I will never harm you.” That changed my life

  65. it’ll look great next to my families’ colors.

  66. Nathaniel Attix

    April 6, 2011 at 7:01 pm

    Did a bit of Katana work once I love to pick up broad sword

  67. Nathaniel Attix

    April 6, 2011 at 7:03 pm

    ment I would

  68. It matter’s not to me whether I win this sword or not as I already have a few swords in my collection,I’d just like to say that the sword is the weapon of a gentleman it has a certain Elegance that a gun lacks don’t get me wrong I collect guns as well as knives’s ,hawk’s & of course Sword’s and I LOVE my collection’s.And for anyone that would knock the use of a SWORD or any other Weapon DON’T KNOCK IT UNTIL YOU’VE TRIED IT YOU JUST MIGHT LEARN TO “LOVE IT” ..

  69. Joshua Griffith

    April 7, 2011 at 1:49 am

    Looks awesome!(:

  70. Anthony Dean Scott

    April 7, 2011 at 2:19 am

    Its a beautiful piece. I would love to center a collection around it and show it off

  71. i probably wont win but that sword is awesome and i would love to start my collection with it

  72. i have a collection and have a deep interest in sword fighting. i hope i win, because free is good. no one can deny that.though i know people think that knives are not a useful weapon. my saying is “if you bring a knife to a gunfight, stab them while they are laughing!” (or cut their head off with a sword :3).

  73. Why would I want this sword? Because it is awsome!Not only for the fun of being able to cut things,but for the astounding history behind swords.It is a piece of recently made history that would look great above my bed.But also remind me of the importance of history.

  74. This would be a dream come true!! Haha all my brothers would be so jealous and i would have the ultimate mideval weapon. What else could a guy ask for?

  75. I’ve heard about sword fighting before but never really knew how to get started would love a good blade to jump start me

  76. awesome that would really cool to have

  77. i collect knives and swords and would greatly appricate the sword

  78. my name is william, so I should deserve this sword, obviously.

  79. Freeeeeeeeeeddddddddddoooooooommmmmmm!!!!!!!

  80. i love to fight with knives and i dont have a sword in the home im in right now cuz its at my moms.Also im a collector of nives and only have 4 swords and 3 machetes

  81. heck yeah id like to have that i love collecting knives and swords

  82. i am just starting on collecting knives so this would be a nice start.

  83. Hell yeah!!!

  84. I have always wanted to get a sword but never have this would be an amazing opportunity to get an amazing sword.

  85. if i could hav a william wallace sword i could hold it while watching the william wallace episode of deadliest warrior….nothing would be cooler!!!

  86. I LOVE these types of swords!! William Wallace is AMAZING too!!

  87. I’ve been needing a new toothpick !

  88. I’ve only been fighting with foam swords, and would like to step it up a notch.

  89. If we be free me,.we need a sword like this to achieve freeeedom.

  90. I like turtles.

  91. Michael Whitmore

    April 10, 2011 at 11:46 pm

    It was an EPIC movie,and it’s also a fabulous sword.Who wouldn’t want to own it?

  92. I totally agree with your comment that sword fighting helps you appreciate history. I would add that having a medieval sword on display at one’s home will also make visitors appreciate history as it provides the perfect opportunity to share your knowledge when they ask a question. I would like to share my knowledge, so send one of em lovely William Wallace’s my way cos they are Battle Ready Swords and I’m ready for battle.

  93. i need that sord i will put it in a bullit proof case with my other sords it will make my family so happy to see me with that sord

  94. that sword to hang it up and say look honey i did do somethin after work


  96. I have a knife collection.But I dont have any swords and it woulg look nice hanging on the wall.

  97. I am verry interested in swords and sword fighting. I would love to get this sword.

  98. I am verry interested in swords and sword fighting. I would love to get this sword.

  99. man i want that sword

  100. i would like to have this because i live in the hood an no one would wanna try an break in if they seen you bring a 51 inch sword in my house. An plus its a amazing looking sword.

  101. Fernando Martinez

    April 18, 2011 at 4:36 am

    thats just such a beautiful sword

  102. I would love to walk around wearing this sword, mess with me. har har!

  103. I collect knives and a sword so I could use that fo my collection!!

  104. Okay so most of the people on here just want a sword when honestly not many of them would truly appreciate it. A sword is more than just a weapon of days past it was often a sons only heirloom from his father and a symbol of power and nobility. Since one of the reasons for picking up sword fighting is to learn history I feel obliged to say that in feudal Japan a commoner was not allowed to own a sword so they were a sign of nobility or high esteem. As I am sure is true with most of the people here I collect swords and knives and this would be a valuable addition to my collection.

  105. gilbert carpenter

    April 25, 2011 at 4:51 am

    love to own sir walace’s sword. he is one of my heros

  106. thank god i need a new back scratcher

  107. my great great grand father comes frome the highlands of scotland and i think it would be a great piece to show my heritage,

  108. I think it would be a great chance 2 try sword fighting!

  109. I’ve always loved the medival times, and sometimes wished we were still in that era. I hate the fact you go to war and press a button an kill a lot of people. If wars were fought face to face like back then, theyd be a lot less killing. hopefully anyway, but i understand the modern technology an whatnot. Sword! lol.

  110. Hey thats a pretty Cool Hope i get Lucky

  111. sweet lookin sword. itd be somethin cool to impress my brothers wit

  112. I have been wanting on of those swords ever since i saw the movie. Its awesome 😀

  113. Charles J Owens

    June 2, 2011 at 10:58 pm

    I would love to own a claymore! It is the sword of my ancestors.

  114. I’m already freaking my neighbors out with my chen style tai chi broadsword routine. I’d love to add a routine with the Wallace sword.

  115. It will piss my wife off to hang this on my wall.

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