Looking to connect with your inner caveman? Now you can.

The latest knife design from artists Ami Drach and Dov Ganchrow revisits some of the tools early man used long ago. These tools are made from stone and flint, but also use advanced technology to create custom handles made from plastic.

Here’s more from Designboom (beware of heaviness):

The set is a result of an experimental exploration of the realm of tool making. Where stone and flint tools have been the means of our ancestors’ survival for over a million years, they magnify our bodily (teeth, fingernails, fists etc.) capabilities of cutting and chopping,sawing and pounding. Through a method of three-dimensionally scanning and printing, the ancient artifacts are digitally outfitted with custom-designed handles, encapsulating the rugged forms in a perfectly enclosed case. By juxtaposing the polarities of the manufacturing processes in computer generated forms, an intersection of material technologies and functionality coincide on a tangible scale.

As you can tell from the heavy paragraph describing the inspiration and process, this is a fairly artistic project. While it’s novel to think people might use these as functioning tools, these will definitely not have the effectiveness of a razor sharp Cold Steel or strength of an Outdoor Edge ax.

Still, these are cool to look at.


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