Every man should carry a pocket knife.  It’s a primal right of manhood, up there with NFL football, beer and buffalo wings. Yet, picking out a pocket knife is harder than all three of these fundamental man-skills.

Why is picking out a pocket knife so tough?

Because the pocket-knife market is filled with thousands of different models in a dizzying array of shapes, sizes, blades and brands.

There are clip-point blades, tanto blades and drop-point blades, stainless-steel blades and carbon steel blades, serrated blades and non-serrated blades, not to mention Swiss Army knives with enough tools and attachments to aid your escape from a maximum security prison.

What’s a knife lover to do?

Well, aside from buying every knife you see (not a bad idea if you have the dough), the best approach to finding the right pocket knife is to know A TON about them. Since you don’t have time to do that research, we did it for you.

Below, you’ll find the link to Knife Depot’s “Official Guide to Buying a Pocket Knife, which includes a wealth of information on pocket knives, including chapters on:

  • pocket knife blade materials
  • pocket knife models
  • pocket knife blade shapes
  • pocket knife locks
  • pocket knife handle materials

We’ll be publishing excerpts from the guide on the blog over the upcoming week, but click the image below to check out the whole thing.

Daniel Lawton

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